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Clavicle Pull

It was 2:00pm on Sunday afternoon. The sun was slightly hiding behind the clouds. That kind of felt what my stomach was doing in my body hiding. Today is the day that was where to try something new.

Something I had no idea what I may have gotten myself into with. That's to be a 100% honest also. A good friend of mine Mr. Duncan had talked me into a Clavicle Pull between myself and Tracias, a friend of his also.

The idea seemed to be a dead knock out from the get go. I mean the way it was explained made it seem not so bad, but I swear when the day came it was a whole different story. Nothing out of the ordinary went wrong. It was simply a trial on my nerves.

Duncan pulled up to the shop around 2:15pm, and me being the ass I am I had to announce he was late. I yelled at him laughingly, boy, you sure do keep on time with everything you do, are you sure I can trust you for this. He smirked and simply said, remember bro I am putting the pain on you today, and want to push it? That was a nice cue for me to keep my yap trap shut, and you know what it worked.

Himself, and Tracias brought in this harness of sorts that they had build for this pull. Duncan said that he has never seen anything like this done before, therefore he wanted a harness built for the pull rather then it being open cord like most. He was trying to ensure the safety of both myself and Tracias. To be honest that thing scared me worse then the idea of the piercing, it just looked so overpowering. Best way I can describe it would be somewhat medieval.

We got everything into the shop, and set up. Duncan placed out two huge plastic tarps to cover most of the floor in the tattoo studio. He explained the plastic would help not letting either me or Tracias get great footing therefore would restrict the power of our legs making the pull less likely to hurt us. Once the plastic was set to his agreement we where off to the piercing section on the shop.

We both where instructed to remove our shirts and shave around our lower necks and clavicles. Once the areas where shaved he then swabbed us down with Iodine. Next came the fun part. He took a moment to mark the areas on our clavicles where the hooks would be placed.

When he was explaining the whole process to us I then realized I had gotten myself into something that was way over my head. I was under the impression the clavicle hooks where to be placed right on top of the clavicle bone.

I was way wrong these hook where to be placed below the bone, or to be more to the point. They go in above the bone wrap behind it and exit below the bone. 1 on either side. This made the whole thing seem so unrealistic and unattainable to me in my opion. Duncan took the time to reassure me and Tracias that he would take care of us and anything seeming to go wrong with either one of us, the pull would be stopped. Hearing these words and expressions of emotion reassured me everything would be fine, and that I was in good hands.

Duncan decided to start off on Tracias. I was told to sit back and relax and not take too much info in at that moment, because our experiences would both be different. Watching the 1st curved needle go in and come out below Tracias left clavicle was something, I really can't explain how I felt when I saw it. I think I was in some state of shock. It looked so painful, yet somewhat tranquil. When I asked Tracias if he was okay, the only thing he said was it was a sharp pain then it was over. Duncan quickly moved to the right clavicle, and soon enough he was finished with Tracias, and was getting the area cleaned and prepped for me.

Cleaning the table off and moving the contaminated tools out of the immediate area impressed me. I have seen tapings of some pulls, where tools etc where left in the way when the pierce would go to pierce the 2nd or third person. Not saying anything against those people, but that method worries me, because no matter what you do not know what the other person has running thru his/her veins.

Now after all that was said and done, he instructed me to lie down on the table and relax. He one more time cleaned the area, and told me to be still that it would be over soon. I felt my whole body become chilled and lifeless. My skin felt like it became like stone. I remember him laying his hands on me and me almost not being able to feel what he was doing.

Then the moment came. He asked me if I was ready, and we began. I started to feel a strong pressure on the left side of my chest. Then a sharp shooting pain came out nowhere, only to leave as soon as it had found its way to me. Next I felt a hot burning feeling coming from deep within my chest, and then a loud pop rang out in my left ear. I opened my eyes, as it seemed I had gone to a different place for a small time and Tracias was standing over me grinning. I remember the 1st words he asked me at that time. He said, you need a smoke?

I didn't know if I should laugh or not. All I know is that it was painful to breath at that moment, but I was so happy. I knew that there was only one more side to go. I will be honest. It took about 2 mins to get the curved needle and hook thru and around the clavicle. I would not tell someone else to do this unless they are ready for it. Duncan looked at me one more time and asked if I was ready for the other side to be done. I simple shook my head yes and let the man go to work. This side felt a world different from the left side. As soon as he started to push the curved needle thru and under my clavicle I became light headed and unsure of my location. It was almost like my body was telling me to fuck off for what I was putting it thru. For some strange reason the left side did very little bleeding, and the right side was draining blood onto my chest like it was a small river looking for a new home.

At this time I became worried and I believe Duncan could see it in my eyes. I asked is everything okay, etc... He assures me nothing was hit and that it was just my body reacting to the pain. He then instructed me to calm down and take some deep breaths and allow the pain to leave my body with the release of my breath. I followed his advice and fell into a deep trance getting lost in the sound of his voice. The side was being a little bit sterner I could tell, but as time went by once again the loud pop came and Duncan's voice cracked as he said we're done.

You do not know how good it felt to hear those words. Somehow laying there those word where the only thing I wanted to hear. I felt those two words saved me. I know it's silly, but they really did make my day. I stayed laying there still for a few more seconds. I began to get up off the table and when my eyes glanced upon the huge hooks sticking out from below my clavicles I almost fainted. Then an overwhelming feeling of success came over me.

Tracias, Duncan, and myself then made our way to the front of the studio where the plastic was laid out. Upon arriving there the harness where placed on us. These where a bit heavy and awkward. The harness rested on our shoulders and flared to a rounded state in front of us. They where then strung to the hooks like a suspension harness would be strung. The outer edge of the harness had two circle eyes they where then strung with cord between both of us.

Roughly about seven to eight feet of cord lay between us. Duncan then got behind myself and his assistant Michael behind Tracias. We where then instructed to walk away from each other until Duncan told us to stop. When we told to stop we had about a foot to a foot and a half between us.

Duncan then had us slowly lean backward into their arms, when there was little to no slack left between us Duncan and Michael removed their hand from our backs. Tracias and myself where left holding each other up by our clavicles in a leaning pull. This had to be the best feeling that I had in a long time. We held this position for about twenty mins before my body became weakened.

I can't even begin to describe the feelings that I had during this time. Feelings of being alone, or somewhat alone. I seriously feel like during the pull no one else was there. It was just me inside of myself. I'm not too sure this makes any reason at all, but it's the best way I can describe the way I felt during the pull. Duncan and Michael then stepped behind us again and slowly gave us support until we where back to an upright stand.

They then in a hurried fashion unstrung the harnesses, and removed them off us. Which took another load off us? Duncan then instructed us to slowly taking some deep breaths that the hardest part was about to come, which was removing the hooks. Tracias elected to go last on this part.

Duncan called me to the back of the shop again, where his assistant Michael had prepped the table again. He instructed me to lay flat and to continue the deep breathing, and to at no time hold my breath on the removal of the hooks. He then began to lean over my right shoulder and wiggle the right hook. If you remember this was the side that gave me trouble when he placed it in.

The pain was so intense. I mean just wiggling the hook made my skin crawl. He then asked me if I was okay and I simple responded, lets get this thing outa me cause I was about to piss myself. He slightly laughed and said okay. He then placed his hand firmly upon my right clavicle, and began to pull the hook out of my body. The pain was almost a burning feeling. I must say they went in a lot easier then they came out.

The last inch of the hook was the worst, because somehow it must have hit a nerve or the bone something. My whole right arm went numb for about ten seconds. It felt like someone hit my funny bone with a shovel. When the hook came out the blood came on. Not too long after the hook was out I had a puddle of blood forming on my chest. He then simple cleaned me off. Placed a small amount of pressure on the holes and instructed Michael to come and take over on that part.

Michael made his way over and Placed 2 new gloves on and took over for Duncan holding pressure on my right clavicle. Duncan then moved on the left side. When he got over there he asked me if I was okay and I responded with, man I got to piss again. He looked and me and laughed again then he began.

Once again starting with the wiggling of the hooks. I had to asking him if he was trying to hurt me or see me in pain by doing that. He then told me that the purpose of that was to make sure no blood was dried on either side of the hook setting on my skin, because he didn't want to pull a pile of dried platelets thru my skin. I then thanked him for his concern and he began to remove the left clavicle hook, the same way as before placing pressure on the clavicle and all. This hook came out a lot easier, and I had no burring pain. He then held pressure on it the same way as the right side was done. The bleeding stopped fairly fast.

Duncan and Michael cleaned and covered the wounds with a non-adhesive bandage, and told me to take the damn thing off before too long because it needed time to breath. They then got me off the table so I could go piss. When I was coming out of the bathroom Michael and Duncan had just finished cleaning the table and setting it up for Tracias. They removed the hooks from his in the same fashion they had removed them from myself.

After all was said and done Duncan explains to us how to take care of the deep healing that was going to take place over the next few weeks. He also explained to us that we where going to burse and may have some pain for a few days to come. I think over all this was a great trial for me. I mean getting tattooed is almost nothing to me, and I have always wanted to go thru something like this just never had the right feelings on the right person to guide me thru it. Now that we had done this, I would have no problems doing something like it, or the same thing again. I guess only time will tell what I have inshore for me next.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 17 Nov. 2003
in Ritual

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Artist: Max+Duncan
Studio: Primal+Instinct+Tattoo
Location: 3610+N.+Laurent+Victoria+Texas

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