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Getting Straightened Out

July 1st 2001, I went to my first BME BBQ in Toronto and saw my very first live suspensions and pullings. The moment I saw the first person lift off the ground with a few hooks in their back, I knew it was something I wanted to do. Just watching it made my skin tingle with excitement. Over the next year I saw many more suspensions and pullings, and each fueled my desire to do it even more.

May 19th 2002, I attended a Suscon in Toronto. I hadn't planned on going that weekend, and really hadn't planned to suspend. Several people asked me that day if I wanted to hang, but I was nervous, unsure and hungry. The last reason was probably the biggest reason I did not suspend that day. As soon as we left that night, I was kicking myself for not doing it.

June 30th 2002, I got another chance at another Suscon in Toronto. This time I knew before I even headed up to Canada, that I was definitely going to hang that weekend. I was having such a great time in Toronto, partying with friends, that I literally got no sleep the night before Suscon. While I still really wanted to hang, I secretly hoped they would forget about me. Considering I was dating a member of iwascured, I should have known there was no way I would be forgotten that day.

Marty told me to sit in a chair and relax my arms. Kilean sat in front of me to hold my hands and give me a little emotional support. Orbax cleaned off my back, which felt like a really nice massage, then he went to mark me for hook placement. Unfortunately, I have scoliosis, and my spine is not in the center of my upper back. That confused everyone for a moment and they discussed how they should place the hooks. They decided to mark from the center of my back, ignoring my spine placement. Once I was all marked, Marty and Orbax pushed the needles and hooks through my back. They both pierce so fast; I hardly had any time to even feel it.

A few moments later, they called me over to get rigged up. Jon hooked me up to the rig and adjusted the rope tension, then asked me how I felt. I had never had hooks in my skin before, so I wasn't sure how it was supposed to feel. None of them seemed to hurt more than the others, no matter how they adjusted them. So it was time for me to go up. Jon held the ropes while Marty held my hands and walked me back and forth. When the hooks pulled tight, all I could feel was pressure on my back, but nothing I would call pain. Even though I didn't think it hurt, I had a really hard time letting go of the ground. I've always had issues with heights and jumping off things, so maybe that was part of my resistance. Finally Marty grabbed me and pretty much threw me, and I was off the ground. Jon pulled me into the air as Marty and Marc pu shed me around like a piñata. I kept waiting for the immense pain that so many people had warned me about, but it never came.

It was such an odd sensation to be swinging around from four nine-gauge hooks in my back. I have no idea how long I was up. My perception of everything around me changed. Though there were quite a few people in the room, I only noticed a few of them. It was only people that I felt were important to have there, or contributed to my experience in some way, that existed in my mind while I was hanging. After a while, my lower back began to ache. I believe hanging and swinging around, forced my spine to straighten, which caused the ache I was feeling. I got to the point where I couldn't take the ache in my back anymore, and I asked to come down.

The moment my feet touched the ground, I got dizzy. Someone put a chair down in front of me, and I sat down. At that point my hearing became distorted, everything sounded very far away. Marty asked if I was ok, and I tried to tell him I couldn't hear very well. Then someone handed me my juice and water; after a few sips, I felt a lot better. The dizziness went away and my hearing returned to normal. There is no doubt I was on my way to passing out. I'm not sure why I came so close to fainting after I came down, as opposed to while I was hanging.

After I sat for a few minutes and my coloring returned to normal, Marty quickly removed the hooks from my back and sent me over to Jenny to bleed me out. I've pushed air out of people's backs before, but it was a really neat sensation to feel and hear the air crackling out of my own back.

I went back to Marc's apartment afterward and fell fast asleep on his couch for a long time. Every time I rolled over onto my back, it felt like some one was putting the perfect amount of pressure on my back. I don't think I've ever slept so soundly.

Over the next week I did notice an increase in my emotions. I thought this may have been just a coincidence, but I've hung twice since then, and both times I experienced the same sort of emotional-ness afterward.

Originally I wanted my first suspension to be outside with just a few important people present, but I don't think I could have had a better first suspension. I was surrounded by people who really cared about me, and that was the most important thing.


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on: 24 Oct. 2003
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Artist: iwascured
Studio: Suscon
Location: Toronto

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