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first time for everything

The first time I ever heard anything of suspensions, I was fascinated. Though I always thought that it was something I would never do. It just seemed too painful. The more I read about it, the more intrigued I became. And once I saw my first flesh pull at a bbq this past summer I became obsessed, talking to everyone I knew who had experienced it. The more I talked to others about their experiences the more I felt it was something I had to do. Something that would make me feel complete.

A couple weeks ago I received a message on bme about an upcoming event called the virgin sacrifices being held by the ihung suspension group. This was my chance. It was perfect, a bunch of other people, like me, who had never experienced this before. The only problem was I thought I was going to have to drive up to Michigan by myself, which would end up with me, most likely, chickening out. Luckily a few days before, my friend Dustin found out he was able to come along with me.

The morning of my first suspension started with me feeling extremely nervous, anxious, and excited all at the same time. All I had to do was survive a short day of work. After work I picked Dustin up and we were on our way. My nervousness came and went throughout the 3-hour ride. But as soon as we arrived at the shop, my nerves kicked in full throttle. We walked into the back room where someone was already hanging. This was the point where I would have turned around and left if I had gone alone. My stomach was doing flip-flops. I was then greeted by some of the other people there and made a bit more comfortable. After a few hours of watching others hang and pull I decided it was now or never and asked Jason from ihung if I could go up next.

It was now time for me to get the hooks. I was so frightened at this point. I just didn't see how four 8g hooks being pierced through my back wasn't going to hurt. Jason played with a few different spots on my back to see what felt more comfortable for me. After the placement was decided I laid down and was ready. Both Jason and mike were so nice about my nervousness and explained that I would feel more pressure than pain. I started my breathing and BAM two 8g needles in my back. And you know what? It didn't hurt. I got two more hooks and I was ready to suspend.

This is the point where my nerves went out of control. I couldn't stop shaking. I drank some water to try to calm me down while they were setting everything up. After I was all hooked up the slowly pulled me up a bit to put some tension on the hooks so that they could make a few last minute adjustments. It was time. Jason held my hands as they slowly pulled more and more on the ropes. He had me walk back and forth while I was slowly raised. One minute I was on my toes the next I was off the ground and everyone was clapping. I couldn't believe how overwhelming of a feeling it was. Not painful, just overwhelmingly intense. I tried to move my arms but couldn't, not an ideal feeling for me, I had no control over my upper body's movement. All of a sudden everything started to go slow motion and I felt as though I was about to pass out. I told Jason I needed to come down and they slowly lowered me. I was quickly given a glucose tab and some water. According to Dustin I turned whit e. They kept tension on the rope so that is I wanted to go back up it wouldn't be as bad. Jason was wonderful about everything while I was sitting there. Telling me about his first time, telling me I was doing a good job and so forth. After about 5 minutes of leaning over having only my upper body hanging while I was sitting in a stool I was ready to go back up. So slowly I was raised again. Jason was still holding my hands as I slowly swung back and forth. It was so calming and amazing. I can't even explain it. The only word I can use is overwhelming. Then after about maybe 1-½ minutes I was ready to come down for good. Though I didn't stay up very long, I accomplished soo much. I was more proud of myself then I have ever been. Even after almost passing out I went back up.

I felt nothing but relaxation throughout my body for the next hour or so. All and all it was quite a different experience. But defiantly something I look forward to doing again soon. Thanx to the guys from ihung for everything.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Oct. 2003
in Ritual

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Artist: ihung
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