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Small needles, big thrills.

I left work one Saturday afternoon and hopped on the bus to go and see my friends Julien, Ella, and Nick at their apartment. We had made plans to see Ella perform a fireshow at a local fetish club called Funhouse that night, and I was quite excited for the show.

When I arrived at their apartment, Nick was sitting on a couch with a box of 25g play piercing needles in front of him. I laughed a bit, because I remembered when he first moved in with Ella and Julien a couple of weeks before, he literally shuddered at the thought of doing play-piercings on himself. But sure enough, he picked up a needle and popped it through the skin on his forearm, and then back out half an inch further along the surface. I had never done a play piercing, and I was somewhat interested, so I picked up a needle, removed it from its plastic tubing, and, after a bit of hesitation, pushed it into the skin of my forearm. It hurt for a split second, but nothing unbearable. As I slid it along under my skin, I could barely feel it at all. It wasn't until I tried to push it back out that I felt another twinge of pain. But I had done it. I had put a needle through my arm. I did two more, disposed of them into a sharps container, and then we went to Funhouse.

When we returned to their home, after seeing so many of our friends at the club, we all sat down around in the living room. By now, our friends Steph and Niomi had joined us as well. We were sitting around talking, when I decided to get the box of play-piercing needles and the sharps container again. I put them down on the coffee table in the middle of the room and smiled. Nick grabbed a couple and did a few arm piercings, so I decided to join in too, and here's where my first real play-piercing session started.

I picked up one needle, and put it through my forearm, perpendicular to the direction of my arm. I remember feeling nervous again, as if I was doing it for the first time all over again. I guess I still needed to do it more to become accustomed. I took a second needle and placed it in my other forearm, mirroring the first. Nick had done several by this point, and didn't just want a line up his arm, so I suggested he take off his shirt. He'd never done any off his arms, but he was willing. So we both took off our shirts, and got back to work. I put one to my chest, about 2 inches above my right nipple. That one hurt much less going in, I felt it a little more as it slid through, and it hurt a bit more coming out than the ones on my arm had hurt. I went for the left side of my chest, but in order to keep symmetry, I had to pierce it with my left arm to get the needle to point towards my sternum. I was able to, and it slid right through. I now had four needles in me. I grabbed a fifth and pierced through the skin above my sternum, and slid it downwards, and back out. It was a little diagonal, but it was done. Five piercings. This would be the first time I had ever done more than four piercings in a sitting, and I announced that fact to the room. But of course, the four piercings I had done in a previous sitting were for my four-point suicide suspension, and those needles had been 10g, so this wasn't quite the same.

At this point, Niomi and I were both at 5 piercings each, and Nick was close to 10. Niomi turned to us and asked if we felt high. I thought about it. Yes, I answered, because I definitely did. It was a really mellow high, but powerful as well, and as an added bonus, it was all natural, and much cheaper than any drug I have ever encountered. The box of 100 needles cost about $10, and I only had 5 in me, so that would be a 50-cent high. Not bad at all.

I picked up a row of five sealed needles, and put one through the outer upper part of each of my arms. Those ones stung quite a bit, but the endorphins in my system were keeping me strong. I then put another needle through my left forearm, right above the first one. I liked the way that it looked, so I put in a third above the second. Then I repeated the process on my right forearm. That made eleven piercings. Not bad at all, but there were plenty of needles left, and I wasn't feeling like I needed to stop yet. I put a second needle in my right upper arm, that one went more smoothly than the first one there, and just as I was about to match it on my left arm, Julien suggested that instead of just putting it through, that I try to weave it over and under the lines in a section of my music staff tattoo. I took the needle and poked it through the skin just below the staff. I slowly slid it about 2 millimeters up, and then tried to poke it back out, but it wasn't working. I kept trying for several seconds, but finally I realized it wouldn't work, so instead I just slid it under the whole staff, and popped it back out on the other side of the staff bar. Still pretty cool, in my opinion.

I was at thirteen needles now, and everyone else had stopped a while before. I decided I wanted to get to fifteen, just for a nice number, so I took another needle, debated for a minute, and decided to cross it under the first crooked piercing in my sternum, to give it more symmetry. It broke the surface, and I slid it very carefully, to make sure I didn't strike the first needle and dull the blade of this second needle, which would make the exit much more painful. Luckily I avoided it, and slid it right through. It was a bit of a challenge to turn it upwards and get it out the other end, but I managed.

For the fifteenth needle, I wanted to do something different. Ella suggested that I pierce my face somewhere. That seemed like a good idea. So I contemplated it for a minute or so, and decided on my eyebrow. I tried to do it while still sitting on the couch, but I couldn't see my face, of course, and that made it a little more difficult. I got up, and went into the bathroom. I looked in the mirror, lifted the needle to my face, and punctured the skin. I was really nervous on this one. Not that there's anything physically more demanding about piercing your face, but it just seems that way psychologically. So even though it felt like I was straining to push the needle through, I now think that I was just afraid to push hard enough at first to move it at all. In the end, I got it through, the exit wasn't all that painful, and I walked out to show it off.

It made me really happy to experience that event, especially with such great friends, all of whom I met through IAM.BME (directly, or indirectly), except for Nick. It was a great event, and it feels like I got to share something with them all. I can't wait to do it again, whether with them, or maybe with a whole new group of friends.

This is not a 100% safe activity. You should never do anything like this without the supervision of people who have already done it and know what they are doing. Be sure to use only fresh, sterile needles, and to have either anti-bacterial soap or rubbing alcohol to sterilize the wounds after removing the needles. Never share your needles. Also, make sure you have a bio-hazardous waste receptacle (sharps container) to put the used needles in after you are done.

Feel free to email me with any questions or comments.


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on: 23 Sept. 2003
in Ritual

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