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Getting high...a second suicide.

"Oh man! I can see the fucking sea!"

It wasn't supposed to be that funny, just a statement, but the people crashed out at the third Metal Fatigue Suspension Convention seemed pretty amused. That cherry picker was a fantastic idea! I was handed a camera to try get a picture.

As I dangled a good few meters off the floor, with four reasonable sized hooks protruding through my skin and attached to a towering crane, an old couple came into view on the little patch of pavement I could see out onto.

I waved. You know, like you do. One half of me expected them to run, the other was secretly hoping for puke.

Maybe they were blind. They were wearing glasses. On the other hand, maybe they were just open-minded. Whatever, they waved back! "You all right?" "Yeah!" I conversed. "Come on round, its a fiver to get in and then they do this to you," gesturing at the crane. "It's fucked up!" I'm not sure if they couldn't hear properly, or if what I was doing finally dawned on them, but they continued to wave politely, before hurrying off.

Sniggering to myself, I managed to turn round to face the crowd. "I'll just bring you down a bit Wormy..." chuckled Sarge. The face on Lee-roy was a picture. Somewhere between amusement and terror! At least it wasn't one of those open top tour busses that apparently drove past every half-hour.

This was my second suspension, a four-point suicide. Unlike my first time where I wanted the whole thing to be quite private with only the core members of my IAM family around me, this time I decided to go up with a few more people around. There was no real reason for this other than I was simply more confident about the whole thing having gone through it the last time.

The hooks went in fine, although stung a little, as a stretch from the 3.2mm blades to the 4mm hooks was required. Lift off felt good too. I opted for the yank me into the air approach this time. It works well. I felt the slow burn of the clawing hooks as they pulled at my flesh. There was a brief moment of discomfort as my feet floated away from the floor, and then it was gone, replaced by the stupid grin that was splitting my face in two.

Apparently, because the hooks were of larger gauge, they spread the pressure better. I was certainly comfortable in the air. Comfortable enough to chat to the locals at any rate! Anyway, I was lowered out of the publics view.

Still a fair way off the floor, I had a little swing around, a big old spin, which made me gip a little, and posed for some pictures. I also managed to speak to net of twonorfolk, (now underling) on the phone, as she unfortunately couldn't be with us at the weekend. John, (the other half for those who don't know) after I came down, said that I'd made her cry, but assured me she always cries at suspension meets, so as not to worry!

About half an hour passed. I could see the smoke rising off the barbecue at the far end of the garden. My stomach decided to mark its awakening with a rumble. I looked down at Nuff, my rope man. By the glazed expression, fingers turning a lovely shade of blue due to the rope wrapped tightly around his fore arm, and the almost empty can of Carling in his other hand, I guessed it was about time to come down, although I really didn't want to.

I gently touched down to the tinkle of applause, a can of coke thrust in my general direction, and the promise of a massage! I made my way to the tent to be de-hooked, and have the bubbles burped and farted from under my skin. Expecting at least a couple of the myriad pretty ladies that adorned the meet, I was a tad disappointed to be greeted by Nuff and Diddy brandishing rubber gloves. Bugger.

I did get my own back by spurting blood pretty much everywhere though! Bwahahaha!

And that was it more or less over with. My beautiful hooks had been taken away, at least till the day after when I was planning to go up again. All that was left to do was hang around (yeah very funny, no pun intended!) and marvel at the amazing sights that would no doubt unfold over the course of the day.

I had another amazing experience and just want to say a huge thank you to every single person involved with the meet. Special thanks though to Vampy and Sarge for their organisation skills, and Lee-roy for the amazing venue. Can't wait till the next meet!


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on: 03 Sept. 2003
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