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The Burning Swing Festival through the eyes of Code Zero

I wasn't even sure if I wanted to go, I have a fear of people not liking me, or making fun of me, I am a large guy after all. I kicked around the idea of not going and weighted it off of whether or not my piercer mwm416 and his girlfriend tatjanaturtle were going to go. I am beyond glad that my wife talked me into going. This was going to be our first BME event, our first time seeing a suspension in person and our first time mingling with some highly modified people.

Friday, August 29th 2003. I dropped my kids off with my mother, packed up the truck, double checked my directions and my supplies. I picked my wife up from work at midnight. We were underway by 15 past. I had checked weather.com beforehand, so I was ready for the weather we were going to run into. 3 hours into our drive, we hit the rain. It was easy at first, light fog, light ran, nothing that would slow me down. Then out of absolutely nowhere this massive downpour unleashed on us, slowing me from 80 to 10, I couldn't see a thing! 5 minutes later, just as fast as it came, the rain was gone, it was crazy. 4am rolled around and we were pulling into jenr8r's driveway, or what would be called a driveway, it was more like a packed dirt road with what had to be hundreds of rain filled holes large enough to sink half a tire in. Being from the city and suburbs, I was not ready for the darkness that engulfed us when the lights we nt out. We were not the first to arrive, however everyone was sleeping. We stumbled around looking for a spot to pitch camp and after just plain not being able to see, we drove back to the nearest gas station to hang out until daybreak.

6:30am came and we drove back to Jen's place. It was MUCH less scary being able to see. No one was awake yet, so we decided to start prep the marinated cherries that I brought. Marinated cherries are alcoholic cherries also known as "Rack Cherries". Since we had them packed in individual packs of 2, we needed to put rip notches in the packs. A few moments later Jen came out to greet us. Along with her were her 2 dogs "Joyce" and "Wednesday". We talked a few and during our conversation femgoddess69 and her boyfriend riskypictures came out to join us. This was when Jen showed us Joyce's amazing "skill". With no more than "look Joyce a rock", Joyce began going crazy trying to dig a 5lb rock that was 3 / 4's buried in the driveway, which she was actually able to dig up!

We grabbed our camp site and met a few more people that lived with Jen. Most notably for me was Jason – cork, I have always admired his mods and meeting him had lingered in my head and scared me. I've always sort of felt that the highly modded folk were almost superstar status, I was pleasantly relaxed at his easy going demeanor and laid back attitude. Along with the first wave of people we met, we also met serpenttitties and her girlfriend Sarah. Jess needed some cloves, so we made a trip out to Burlington for some smokes, when we returned, the population of Jen's yard had tripled.

The next few hours I met and hung out with some of the coolest people, far too many to mention them all.

M.O.M. did one hell of a job with finding what turned out to be the absolute perfect location for the suspensions. A large tree in the bottom of a ravine with almost amphitheater like hill structure surrounding. This provided not only a very secluded environment but also allowed onlookers an unobstructed view of the events. Once night fell and the tiki torches were lit the resulting ambiance was second to none. Couple this with tribal and drum and bass sounds emanating from the DJ's booth, I don't feel it could have been a better setting. Much love to the M.O.M. crew!

Mingling continued as the M.O.M. crew kept putting people into the air, I was awe struck watching these events and seeing the changes in people faces as they were slowly raised into the air. You could just see the fear and doubt erase from their faces. It was an amazing ordeal to watch and I can only wait to be able to be lifted off the ground myself.

With a loud WOOSH the swing, doused in gas and lit by fireworks, went up into a blaze of glory! Many gathered around the fire to slow their days out and relax. Even with the fire blazing high, there were an uncountable number of stars in the sky, more than I had seen in a very long time. You miss things like this in the fast pace city living lifestyle. It was beyond nice to sit back and enjoy nature and the earth. But there was going to be a price to pay for that enjoyment. As the night moved on, the DJ packed up for the night and things started to grind down.

It was now maybe midnight and it was at most 50 degrees out. Not only was it cold as hell, but it was damp to boot! So it was almost unbearable. I must have managed to fall asleep somehow because I was awoken to the sound of a female sounding out one amazing orgasm, at the time I had no clue who it was. I woke Jess and encouraged her into our own little enjoyment, we have 2 kids so we have perfected the silent sex, no one knew what we were doing, not that anyone would have heard over the 3rd and 4th orgasms that sounded into the night's sky.

The next morning, to our surprise, everyone thought it was Jess and I. But it turned out to be steelhawk and [iam]tranquility/iam]. GO JEFF! When they woke, those of us that were around gave them a nice round of applause. We mingled a bit more and tried to delay the inevitable. There was more events planned for later that day, but we had to get home. We made one last stop in Burlington to visit Jen's shop Counter Culture www.counterculturevt.com and to grab something to eat.

I am very sad that we had to leave, not early, at all. I really enjoyed the events and the people there so much that it was sad having to leave. Everything could not have gone any better and I cannot give enough thanks to Jen and Jason for putting this event on. I started this stating that I was afraid of people and of being mad fun of. After going to this event, I know that no matter what BME event I attend, I will be accepted without ridicule or any level of un-acceptance. This has been an amazing experience for me, even thought I did not suspend or pull, being around such an accepting and amazing group of people makes me wish the world would open their eyes to what the body modification movement is really all about.

Again, I would like to express my deepest gratitude to everyone involved in this event, those that came and made it what it was and most of all to Jen and Jason for opening their home to all of us.

Thank you.


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on: 03 Sept. 2003
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