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A world of your own is your only escape

In the eight years I have been into body modification I hadn't realized the different things that branch off of scarification, piercing and tattooing. For a good part of those years I didn't really know anyone into it. Piercing will always be my main interest in body modification. I felt I was missing something but I didn't know what. I came across a book on "ball dancing". Interesting but wasn't what I was looking for. I remember I was sitting watching Ripley's Believe It Or Not a few years back. Just before the commercial they gave a preview on what was coming up and it was TSD's eight person (I think it was eight) mobile suspension. The second I saw this it clicked to what I was looking for but hadn't known it at the time. I remember sitting watching those commercials cursing them because they were taking too long. The footage then played and I was in aw of it. The second I saw what they were doing I knew I had to try it.

I spent a lot of time trying to come about this but had no clue how to. A new studio had opened up in town and I talked to the owner about it. She was apparently friends with Shannon Larrett and had called him to ask if he could set it up with me. I was very excited thinking this was actually going to become a reality. When she called him and told him my age, I think I was about fifteen or sixteen at the time, I guess he got upset that she would even try to get him to suspend a person of such a young age. Well that was very disappointing but I can understand it. It's like asking someone to pierce minors genitals in a way. I contacted Shannon myself and he told me that to wait until I was eighteen and if I still want to do it he would set it up. Great! I can wait for that, I didn't want to but I would. When I had turned eighteen I didn't ask him though. I honestly don't know why, maybe intimidation since I do become intimidated by some people easy.

I then found out about Suscon. I didn't really want to do my suspension in such a public event as I said I become intimidated and shy very easy. I let the two Suscon's pass and had no luck finding anyone who could do a private suspension for me. So I finally gave up and went for it. I didn't have a credit card so my friend Jess had paid for it on hers. What was even better about this years Suscon was it was going to be held on my birthday. What more could you ask?

I had moved up north though by this time. I had made arrangements to be picked up and driven down to Toronto for the event. I had been having a very bad time up north and couldn't wait for the suspension. As we're heading through Barrie on the 400 the car starts to overheat! Great. I'm freaking out at this point because I had already put money into this and wasn't sure if I would make it. After many attempts of cooling the car down it still was overheating. So I call CAA and get a tow truck. The problem was they can only take two people and there was three in the car. We had to wait for a tow truck that could take more then two people. He shows up and we ask if he can drop us off in Toronto on his way to Guelph. At first he wasn't going to until we begged and pleaded. Telling him I had an event to attend in Toronto and it's my birthday. He finally agreed. This big storm had come in though. Lucky we JUST missed it. Then as we're driving along I see his engine light come on! Great! He then goes on to tell us that the tow truck might break down! I am at the highest stress levels I could be at this point. The truck made it though luckily.

I arrive at Suscon very nervous. Mostly because of all the people I don't know around me. Frank, who I had been talking to previously about my suspension talked about how this was going to be done. I had an odd request. I wanted to do a "superman" only to hook my nape and the back of my head. I honestly don't know why I wanted to do this. It's just what I felt when I pictured being suspended. It just seemed to be more relaxing then having to hold my head up. I was to be the third or fourth person to go up. I had heard that the first four people would receive free stuff so that was a plus.

The Suspension: I striped down to my boxers and laid down on the table. They began to prep my skin for the hooks. I remember when they did the marking it felt really weird. Little toothpicks dragging across my skin in various areas of my body. They choose to throw six hooks at one time and the other four after. First they hooked my legs, upper left shoulder and my head at the same time. I remember right before they were going to throw the hooks Emry saying? "this is cool! I've never done this before!" then hearing someone laugh and tell him? "well I don't think you should have told him that!". I didn't care though. I've seen him throw many times and was confident that he could do it. We went on the first breath. I breath in? and out. Just the six hooks going through me at the same was an experience on it's own. It felt amazing! I focused on the head hook the most, it didn't hurt as much as I would have though. I just felt a ripping sensation in the back of my he ad. I sat for a bit and absorbed this wonderful feeling. Then on my ready the other four were placed. The nape was the worst out of all of them. It got stuck and didn't want to go through so it took an extra little push.

They rigged everything up but left my head and nape out to rig it secondary in case it became too much and we could cut them out without compromising the suspension. Going up was intense, just a major burning sensation. It went away quickly and I felt myself slip into my own little world. I remember seeing some feet and a bunch of flashes. My music playing I just focused on it and enjoyed my time away from reality. Frank then asked me if I wanted to swing a bit. I figured why not. Grabbed his hands and he pushed me backwards. The pushing hurt most in my left shoulder and thighs. The second the push was over it went away though. Every time I went back I would lift my head and slam in down to get more pull on it. The head hook felt the best. Every time I suspend horizontally I will be hooking my head. It made the experience so intense. I remember some people trying to talk to me but I didn't really realize it. I had no clue that so many people were watching until I saw the pictures afterwards. I think if someone came within a three foot radius of me I would know they were there. The only person I acknowledged was Frank since my head was hooked and he had to know if I was still conscious. I just kept my eyes closed most of the time. I wanted to stay up all day but realized that I couldn't, sadly. We agreed I would come down after two more songs. I just wanted to hang and enjoy. No more swinging. I closed my eyes, focused on the music and enjoyed the little time I had left. I was up for about 45 minutes.

Coming down was another experience on it's own. The second your weight comes off those hooks you feel like your 500 lbs. You feel like your sinking into the table and there's nothing you can do about it. Like something is pulling you down. It takes so much strength to even lift your head. They pulled all the hooks out and the second that nape hook came out I could feel the blood running down my neck and forming a huge puddle under me. I smiled to myself when it started to pour out of me. They massaged most of the air out of me. The massage hurt at parts but then was just really relaxing. It was like: "awww that's ni..OUCH!..ce". I remember I had air pockets wrapping around my body into my chest so it was too much to get all of it out. I played with the air afterwards. It was like you have rice crispies in your body and you could feel them snap, crackle and pop when you pushed on them. I had fun with that.

Anyone who is thinking about a suspension I say go for it. It was the best experience of my life and I can't wait to do another one. I think I'll be doing a coma and hooking my forehead. I would like to stay up for a few hours next time though. Will this be my new addiction? I mean it has the element of piercing and so much more. Special thanks go out to Frank and Emry for making me feel so comfortable with it. As well as to everyone else who helped make this event happen.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Aug. 2003
in Ritual

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