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Virgin Meat For Hooks

My experience starts long before I actually followed through. I started several years ago when I saw a documentary on the Discovery Channel about body modification. It showed several acts of suspension, which at the time was something I had never heard of, let alone seen. My first reaction was a resounding, "Wow! Cool!" Followed by a deep wondering of why would someone do this to his or her self. It looked horribly painful, especially when they showed a man doing a suspension from two hooks in his chest. The pain was so great he had to be put down very soon after the ascended. The program also showed a woman doing a suspension for the first time. When she finished she was all smiles. She spoke of how pleasant it felt to be held in the air by the hooks in her body. Could that possibly feel good?

Several years and several mods later I hit a slump in life. Everything was going wrong. I felt like my life was digressing back to my childhood. I felt and urge to do something. I couldn't figure it out though. I didn't realize what that urge was for another year. I had to do something primitive. Something to help me move past the slump I had hit. Something to push me into the next phase of my life. After being introduced the BME by a coworker I came across suspensions again. With a more mature and open-minded head on my shoulders I started to understand the reasoning behind the act. Suspensions became intriguing to me. I had to experience this first had. Not by watching but by actually doing. I sent a question to the Qod and got a quick response. There was a BBQ coming up soon and it was close enough to attend. Being and introvert and going alone, it took a lot of guts, for me anyway, to go. The BBQ was at Sean Phillips' house.  

In April I made my way down to Maryland to be suspended. After a few hours of mingling, the woman at the table collecting money for admission and giving out nametags announced that all those who wished to pull or suspend should sign up. So I did, and upon deciding on a six-point suicide suspension and agreeing on a price I was on my way. After some more mingling they called a guy back to get his hooks in. When he came back out he had four hooks in him, two in each knee. I flashed back to my piercer. She had warned me not to do a knee suspension as my first. The guy laid on his back as they hooked him up to the ropes and pulleys. When they pulled him off the ground he was silent but the pain was written all over his face. In seconds the pain in his face disappeared. Once down he was quickly questioned about how it felt. He described it almost as an out of body experience. Moments later Sean approached me and asked if I was ready. Surprisingly I felt no nervousness. I was pre pared. 

I followed Sean into a room in his house he had set up to be a sterile environment. A guy named Dave was helping him. I removed my shirt and Dave marked my back with a black marker. He commented on how much easier it was because the tattoo on my back was centered. After I was finished being marked I was told to lie down on the table face down. They did a brief deep tissue massage on the area the hooks would be going into. They then sterilized the area and got the hooks ready. Sean lined the hook up and told me to take a deep breath. I did and he inserted the hook part of the way. Then he told me to exhale and he pushed the hook the rest of the way through. Dave then told Sean that I was suspending, not pulling and he had put the hook in upside down. Sean then removed the hook and reinserted it through the same whole the correct way. He proceeded to put the other five hooks in, all correctly this time. Sean commented on how tough my skin was and how difficult it was to push  the hooks through. I briefly worried about damage to my tattoo as the hooks were going through it. The suspension was something much more important to me. The tattoo being black could easily be touched up. I walked out of the house and out into the back yard. Two guys were pulling in front of the tower. I watched them for a while before being called over to the tower. (side note – One of the guys pulling, pulled against another person for 45 minutes, then proceeded to pull against a tree for over another two hours. I mean DAMN! Almost three hours.) 

The guy hooking me up to the ropes and pulleys asked me how I felt. I told him I felt "good". He told me I was about to do something 99% of the world wouldn't do, and that made me feel very good. I like being different. When I was all attached Dave manned the rope and asked if I was ready. I told him I was. He pulled the rope taught so I could feel how it felt and get used to it before I went up. I loosened my back and leaned forward a little to put on more pressure, and when I was ready I gave him the signal. All of a sudden I'm flying into the air. Dave was pulling on the rope damn fast. When I neared the top of the tower and felt comfortable I told Dave to stop.  

There I hung. My feet were above most of the heads of the people below me. I would not describe the experience as painful at all. I mean, there was pain. That's part of the reason I did it in the first place. Healing through pain, but it was an awesome experience. Not dumb surfer awesome, but just awesome. I don't really know how to put it into words. It was empowering. I can't say I had an out of body experience, cause, well, I didn't. But I felt amazing things. I looked down at the people below me and they were all looking at me. Dave asked me if I wanted him to give me a push so I could swing around. I declined. Next time I would be sure to do it. I told Dave I was ready to come down. I was slowly lowered to the ground. They unhooked me and gave me a soda so I would pass out. After guzzling to sodas I went inside with Dave to have the hooks pulled out. 

Dave pulled all the hooks out and began the push on the skin on my back to get out all the air that had been sucked into the holes when I went up. When Dave pushed the air out of the first hole I squirted blood at him. Like a squirt gun squirted. The air escaping through the holes and blood made a wet fart kind of sound. Dave said that sound never gets old and too this day I laugh ever time I think about it. Performing my first suspension sent me home from the BBQ with an overwhelming sense of well-being and a positive attitude. It helped me to move into a more successful, optimistic point in my life and I look forward to doing it again as soon as possible.

Like the dumbass I so often am I neglected to bring a camera so I got no pictures. Fortunately, other people did. A picture of my suspension can be found here:



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Aug. 2003
in Ritual

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Artist: Sean+Phillips
Studio: Sean+Phillips%27+House
Location: Maryland

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