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I had traveled to Oklahoma city to go to a BME  BBQ there. I had heard read that they were going to do some suspensions and figured this would be a good time to try it out if everything felt right. So off I went on the 3 hour drive. The drive itself was thankfully uneventful and I arrived in the city around dusk. I ventured around a bit and found the place. It was a decent sized apartment complex and there was a courtyard type area with buildings surrounding it. Off to one side was a tree and they were doing the suspensions off of one of the branches. I went inside and talked for a bit and then signed a list to get hung up.

Later in the evening we went inside and my back was marked. The table was sprayed down and wiped clean and I laid down. There were two people putting in the hooks at the same time, so it went rather quickly. They put on gloves and set the needle on the hook, lubed them up and set them in position on my back, just a dull prick to warn of the pinch to come. We breathed a couple times as I sat my head down and they were pushed through on the third exhale. The next pair were done the same way and it went rather swiftly. I stood up, grabbed my juice, and they moved onto the next person to set hooks in.

I walked outside and sat down on the soft green grass, little tiki torches were burning in a half circle around the tree to keep the bugs away. I sipped on my juice and relaxed while watching others swing around in front of me. Big grins on their faces as they frolicked through the air. The night was calm and energetic all at the same time. It was a relaxing atmosphere for me.

The person that was hanging came down and it was my turn. I walked up as they were spraying off the rigging and wiping it down. I turned around and they ran the nylon cord through the hooks and through the rigging getting it all balanced out so that no one hook was pulling more than the other. I bent my knees to get a feel for the weight and it felt a bit odd actually. Different than the pulls I had done previous. They asked how I wanted to go up and I decided to go taking one step forward and then back while they increased the tension on the rigging. After about four steps forward and back I had left the ground and was gently swinging in the breeze. I was very tense and it was an odd sensation. A dull burning spread through my upper back. It wasn't particularly painful, but it was uncomfortable. It felt strange and foreign, but I was glad to be doing it. I started feeling sick and cold at this point. My head felt light and I just generally didn't feel good. I told them and  we lowered me back down. My feet touched the ground and I felt like I weighed four times my weight. A chair was brought over and I sat in it while drinking some juice I started feeling better after a few minutes and they had told me that if I wanted to go up again that it probably wouldn't happen again. I had asked about why I felt like that and it was basically my body not being used to the sensation. So I went back up.

I felt weightless, and the whole world looked different floating up above it a few feet. It seemed as though I was not bound by gravity anymore. I swung around for a bit and then got a big push swinging back and forth through the air. The branch swaying under my weight made me a bit nervous and I slowly slowed down to a gentle arc. I closed my eyes and tried to relax and feel the experience fully. The whole world felt odd and different. The outside world changed from being loud so that I could hear everything and everyone talking. To a point of relaxation, and quietness. I felt alone and isolated from anything that was bad for that period. It was quiet and serene while I was floating in the air just hanging there, doing nothing. My mind was calm and at peace. I could see the light bouncing around through my eyelids from the torches. I could hear my heart beating slowly with my breath. I stayed like that for a bit. I have no idea how long as time seemed a bit odd from where  I was at. I asked to be let back down and the same feeling of being heavy came over me. My legs felt like they had never supported the weight of a body before and it felt foreign to me. The rope was cut and I was free.

The first few steps were odd and then I went to sit down again. After a bit the hooks were taken out and by back was "burped" Jesse did this part and I have to give him much praise as I didn't have the "rice crispies" that I had gotten from doing pulls. Most if not all of the air was gotten out. I staid for a bit and then put on a tank top. I had thought about doing another suspension but had changed my mind after experiencing this one. I wanted to give it time to soak in. For a bit longer I talked with people and then I headed back home.

All in all it was a good experience, I'm getting ready to do my second suspension here in about a week and am anxiously looking forward to experiencing it again. I would have to recommend this to anyone who believes that they are ready for it as it can be a really fun and fulfilling thing to do provided it's done out of self motivation and not peer pressure.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 18 Aug. 2003
in Ritual

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