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My First Pull...And In Japan!

I'm a Canadian living in South Korea, teaching little kids English. I've been here for almost a year, so my time is up and I'm heading home in about 4 weeks. Well, about a month ago I got a great idea to look up BME events that may be happening when I get home. There didn't seem to be anything when I was due home, but I came across an event that was set to take place in Fukuoka, Japan. After messaging dita and reikon too many times to count over the next few weeks, I hopped on a plane for Japan.

I arrived in Fukuoka on Saturday, and the next day everybody got together to do some suspensions on the beach. zoisite was set to suspend, but the weather was against us. It was raining like crazy and after several hours of rain and 6 suspensions, she didn't feel up to it. We were all freezing, and we all knew that cold and rain were not ideal conditions for a suspension. She decided that it would be better just to do a pull back at dita's house that night. It just so happened that everybody else had suspended, and I was about the only person left for her to pull against. That is how I ended up doing my pull.

We got back to dita's house that night after a great dinner and I was still unsure as to whether or not I wanted to pull. I didn't want to disappoint Sarah (zoisite), I didn't want to be the only person at F-Meat that didn't do something, but I was also really scared. It had been a year since my last piercing, and I hadn't put myself through any of the physical or mental preparation that I thought that I would need to pull. As it ended up, that night everybody fell asleep and I thought that I was out of the woods. Not quite...

The next day was spent sight seeing, and enjoying Japan. The whole time I had the thought of the pull in my head. Part of me was really relieved that it didn't happen, but another - much larger - part of me was really disappointed. I had wanted to see if I could do it. Everyone has told me that it's nothing, and I wanted to prove it to myself. Just the day before I watched one of the girls do her first suspension, and she has had nothing but a tongue piercing and an industrial. Surely if she could suspend like a pro (and she did), I could do a pull.

About half way through the day, reikon got a message from dita and informed me that the pull was going to happen that night. Momentary panic set in, but I just smiled and said that that was great. Couldn't wait. We eventually went back to dita's house where we all sat down for a great dinner that Sarah cooked up for us. There were about 8 of us there. After everybody had had their fill, and we had watched some great BME videos, it was time for the pull.

dita had everything pre-packaged and sterilized before hand. We had been anticipating the pull the night before. She placed everything out on the table and proceeded to prod my back. I had known from previously getting a cleavage bar, and trying to pinch my own skin, that my skin is very tight. After dita sighed and groaned a few times, I knew that my skin was going to pose a problem. There was nothing to grip. Every time she tried to pinch it together, it would just slip out of her fingers. She called over Sarah and they both took a look. We all realized that the only possible way to pierce was for me to slightly arch by back, which was quite uncomfortable. It was decided that I should be pierced first, as there was no point in piercing Sarah if I could not be pierced to pull.

dita, Sarah, namiki, and nobcatz all put on gloves and dita marked my back. After the marking, she cleaned my back very thoroughly, and pinched several times to make sure the placement was right. As we were piercing both 8ga hooks at the same time, Sarah and nobcatz both held the skin for dita and namiki to pierce. dita was to pierce my left side, and namiki, my right. Several minutes of pinching and prodding to get a good grip and it was time to pierce.

dita asked if "one, two, three" pierce was ok. They had been using Japanese the whole time. I said that English or Japanese was fine. Any language at that point didn't matter. I was standing up for the piercing, since I had to arch my back slightly, and with 4 people pushing lightly against me I was feeling a little off balance. I staggered my feet and doing so realized how much I was shaking. I was suddenly more worried about my knees giving out than the actual piercing. I felt a little pressure as the 4 leaned against me a bit more, nodded that I was ok after being asked, then heard the "one, two, three" and heald my breath.

It was like slow motion in a movie. I don't remember how the left side felt, but I don't think I'll ever forget the feeling of the right needle piercing my skin. I felt a poke and then I felt it break the skin. It seemed to slowly slide through the tissue underneath, and then I felt it poking at the other side. I could see the tip of the needle in my head as I felt it raise the skin and the break through. It was like a bubble bursting. It was one of the greatest and weirdest feelings ever. The hooks were transferred through and the piercing process finished. They hit their marks like pros!

After settling my nerves and laughing at myself for being so nervous, I went outside for a cigarette while Sarah was being pierced. I came back in a few minutes later to find that Sarah hadn't been pierced yet, so I waited for that to happen. It was the same process for her, only much easier as her skin isn't nearly as tight as mine - perfect for piercing! We posed for some pictures and then were hooked up to the ropes.

I asked Sarah to go easy on me, as she has pulled several times before, and it was my first time. She told me that it was all in my hands and that she would stay stationary as I pulled. We walked apart until there was tension on the ropes and I felt the pull on my skin. It was a little uncomfortable at first because the hooks has become accustomed to their placement laying fairly flat against my skin and were moved around to pull outward. I slowly moved forward and felt a harder pull on my skin. Very slowly it felt as if Sarah was moving backward because I was getting used to the pull. dita came over to my side and pulled lightly on my arms. It was slow, but being in control was nice. After a few minutes, Sarah said that one side of her back was not feeling too great, and we stopped. She decided to take a rest while dita took hold of the rope and pulled me.

As I got used to it, I pulled harder and seemed to feel my skin separating and pulling together in the middle of my back. Similar to the feeling of pushing your shoulder blades together. After pulling dita for several minutes, reikon grabbed hold of her waist and I had the pull of both of them behind me. It was an amazing feeling moving forward and pulling two women behind me. Next, nobcatzpulled, and soon after namiki pulled. The start of each new pull was a bit uncomfortable after resting for even a really short time, but I was quickly used to it again.

Sarah then decided her back was feeling better and felt ready to pull again. We were hooked up and slowly started to pull. Just as we were getting to some harder pulling, we both felt some movement on the rope. I felt it on my left, and she on her right. I thought I heard the sound of metal clanging together lightly, but mostly it was somewhat like the feeling you get when a piece of your clothing gets caught on something and then released. Or like somebody had just "twanged" the rope. We both immediately stopped pulling. After trying to figure out what happened and not really coming up with a concrete conclusion, we were both shaken up about it enough to decide we were finished.

Gloves were put back on and a spray applied to our backs to loosen the dried skin before removing the hooks. The hooks were removed and our backs cleaned. All of the air was removed from our backs and the blood wiped off. After one more good wipe-down we were all finished.

And that, Ladies and Gentlemen, was my pull. I have to say that it was one of the most spectacular experiences of my life. It lasted about half an hour (off and on), and was incredible. As hesitant and nervous as I was, there was little need for it. To top it all off, not only was it my first pull, but it was also in Japan! Thank you to everyone who was there and assisted. You were all really calming .

Side bar: Having someone do a naked dance in front of you when you are really nervous before a pull is a real ice breaker. Thank you Nobu-San!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 19 July 2003
in Ritual

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Artist: dita+and+namiki
Studio: F-MEAT
Location: Fukuoka%2C+Japan

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