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Biography of the Body Art Daredevils

                                                       Biography of the Body Art Daredevils 


It all started in the fall of 97'.I(Dan Stampfly) had already been hanging out in tattoo shops heavily since 94'.But by 97' my formal apprenticeship in body piercing had begun.I was hanging out with(master piercer) Jason Price and we had become the best of friends.Being so close with Price left me no choice but to begin a formal apprenticeship in body piercing.The man literally changed my life in so many ways, and made such an impression on my life that naturally my blood brother Jason Stampfly would soon enter an apprenticeship also. 

My brother saw how much my life had changed for all the better and was in need of a drastic lifestyle change as well.I was a chef and my brother a mechanic and both just fed up with the bullshit lifestyle we were forced to live.Long hours and intense labor is no way to live.We,being third generation artists were drawn to our calling as body modifiers. 

Jason Price being a piercer of more than ten years when we met was the most awesome piercer, salesman and overall person I've ever met.He changed our lives in so many ways that we will not even begin to tell you.I can tell you this though,he taught us how to not only beautify the world with stainless steel,but to beautify them with a sense of what our lifestyle is all about,"faith,truth and brotherhood".We have built our lives around these three words. 

Sometimes we may go our own ways but we always remain true to each other.We were trained to educate everyone we possibly can not only in Body Modification ,but also on how we live our lives.Because in doing this we set up the future for others to follow our footsteps and ensure REAL people keep our culture thriving. 

We put our heart and soul into every needle we push.We realize that we change lives every day and love every minute of it.we don't take our lives or the people that come into our lives for granted.Treat everyone like their real and with respect and they will learn to be real and respectful.Ignore them and they will never learn  what they need to grow.It is our responsibility as  artists in this industry to educate the ignorant masses about our world and include them.The lifestyle may be temporary or it may be permanent, but each person has to find themselves and we,as artists may be the key in that person's life. 

I believe the trust that the three of us have formed is really the core of our suspension crew.We started out just experimenting with body play.Simple stuff like forming designs with clothespins and mini cable clamps with rubberbands wrapped around them for extra tension, hanging weights off of genitalia, piercing body weights onto various parts of the body,playful piercing designs etc.Eventually we became so bored with the simple form of body play that we began experimenting with body suspension.We had this plan to document everything we were learning on film and thus became our first body play and suspension ritual. 

It was late september of 98' and only a month to go for our planned ritual date.We began preparing our ritual supply list and recruiting.The list and plan formed fairly easily.The location would be a spot in the country.The time,we assumed would be dusk.The recruiting would take some work.We had plenty of friends around us, but most of them thought we were nuts.The simple body play stuff was easily split up amongst the bunch of us.The finale would be our first suspension.We decided on what we call a coma suspension which would be a thirty two point suspension from chest to feet.We had the plan drawn up for our first rig and what we thought was our first suspendee.As the days grew nearer our suspendee would end up backing out. 

So here we are maybe a week away from ritual time and trying to decide who would be the first to go up.We tried talking to the kid who was so adamant about doing this suspension in the first place.The whole idea of this suspension was I guess being discouraged by his girlfriend and family so intensely that he was afraid that what he was attempting to do could be very harmful to himself and the people in his life.The discussion in the shop had gotten so escalated that my cousin Nathan Dukes who was a tattoo apprentice at the time said without hesitation that he would do it.He said that he had wanted to do it from the start and was very psyched to do it. 

That was what we needed.Someone to act and not think about what everyone else thought.This sort of thing is a personal decision not a group issue.You have to be who you are,not what everyone else wants you to be.If your body,mind and soul tells you to do something you have to follow through with it.Whether it be a simple navel or tongue piercing to a full blown suspension you have to follow through with your intuition.You only have this body once.I feel that the body and mind wants and needs to be pushed to its limits.If you hold back on life your only cheating yourself from experiences that can change your life forever. 

So we were set.Everything was in place and nothing to do but wait for the day.The anticipation was intense.These feelings of anticipation,anxiety and fear are an awesome thing to experience.These feelings are what  I assume pushed us into the addiction of body suspension.Like any drug,you're constantly searching for that ultimate high.Even if you're not the one going up on hooks.Everyone in the crew is connected spiritually and are feeling the same things,thinking the same thoughts and ultimately finding yourself in body,mind and soul. 

The ritual went off without a hitch.Everything just flowed like water.It was one of the most exhilarating things we'd ever experienced and it was only the beginning of what was to become The Body Art Daredevils, not to mention Hell Bent Productions and Full circle Suspension Crew.We've brought in a few other critical people into our circle including Richard Nunez (also apprenticed by Price) our Texas man who is just an awesome individual who just fit so well into our crew.Our heart seems to rub off on people who get involved with our family and it shows.We don't have the ego that a lot of other suspension crews have.And were probably the most intense crew of suspension artists you'll ever meet.We constantly push ourselves to the limit and will not cease until our bodies will not allow us to do it any longer.(hopefully never). 

Now,you'll have to see one of our shows to see just how far we've come since 97'.I can promise you, you'll enjoy it.Suspension shows are very intense and difficult.It's not like doing it in a controlled atmosphere where everything is ultra sterile and cautious.Your mind is racing from person to person.From tug of wars to chest suspensions.We try to be as sterile and cautious as we possibly can but when you enter the euphoria that's involved in a suspension performance, there's no telling what can happen.That's why we make sure that we're all super tight and in each others heads as deeply as possible.Because this is a dangerous business and someone could get hurt.I'm sorry,you can try as hard as you want to be sterile and safe,but you just can't be 100 percent.Things just start flowing and you have to stay on your toes and all you can do is hope everything goes smooth.That's all a part of the rush. 

We're wild,crazy old school punk rockers who really don't(pardon my french)give a fuck what anyone thinks.Were in this to go to the limit.You can love us or hate us but we won't go away.We are artists and we express ourselves fully.For those of you who don't understand the way we act at times,you don't know what it feels like to put on a suspension show.The feelings of euphoria take you to another level and it takes awhile to come back down.Just like any drug.Ours is all natural and let me tell you it's fucking intense. 

Now I'm coming to the end of our story for now so let me just tell you that without our kick ass sponsor"INDUSTRIAL STRENGTH" and the bad ass, sharp ass needles they provide us with we just couldn't be who and what we are today.They are the most supportive and caring business people we have ever dealt with in all our years of piercing.Their product surpasses the rest and we would never want to do a suspension without their needles by our side (or in or sides).Were not just saying this because they provide us with the necessary supplies to do what we do.We were already using their product long before they took us on.They supply a needle that makes not only our suspensions go smoothly but our everyday job a precise,smooth and professional operation.Thank you Industrial Strength for your needles and your support.We'll love ya forever.

The Body Art Daredevils - Hellbent Productions- Full Circle Suspension Crew

Jason Price   Jason Stampfly   Dan Stampfly   Richard Nunez


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