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first time flesh pull

Well, it all started after I met this girl, you may know her as Sabrina or Oriana. How many stories begin with that? She is heavily interested in pulling/suspension and had just started when I met her.  This was October of last year (2002). I was finally convinced by March (2003).   
I have 5 piercing (lobes, septum, nipples) and had watched her and her fellow hook-fiends do there thing, and  I figured I could handle it. About a week before we had planned to do it, I felt really anxious and worried about what was I getting myself into.  I had questions like Who was I doing this for? Myself or her? Was it really beneficial to my life? I had talked myself out of it, until I got some useful  advice from surrogate older brother  narcissist .  He explained the difference in the reasons he suspends from the reasons my friend-girl uses.  His attitude is that suspending is fun, that the feeling he gets from being pierced and hung was just great and simply felt good. As compared to the "filled with love", neo-spiritual, modern primitive bullshit I was getting from the others involved.  He gave me some confidence in the fact that I am just beginning and that if I don't like it I can stop.  I prided myself on my m otto of "I'll try anything twice" so I went ahead with the idea that this is going to be a good time. 
There were 4 people involved: Myself, Friend-girl, Karin (the pro-piercer), and The Reverend (I just met him that night, and it turns out he is a "christian infiltrator" , involving himself in youth culture and trying to convert them. Fortunately, he never mentioned God).  So Sabrina, my friend, and Karin threw hooks, which meant they had to get them one at a time.  Sabrina unfortunately had a tendency to coddle people she knows when piercing, so she was slow and that hurt! Karin, having done it a million times was quick, and I didn't even feel it, mainly because I was focused on the slowness of Sabrina's side. After that rope was attached, and I began to pull. 
Quite honestly, it is a hard feeling to describe.  My back was very warm, and the feeling of my skin being stretched and separated from the muscle was beyond words.  Then I felt the rush of the adrenaline and endorphins.  I was filled with energy and got very excited, not in that way, you perv.  There was no pain.  Just a feeling of warmth that spread throughout my body, and it was good! I pulled for about an hour. 
The hooks came out with no feeling whatsoever.  There was little blood, although there can be.  An hour later I crashed and was dead tired, I slept well that night.  Afterward, my wounds healed very nicely, with no bruising.  Sabrina was heavily bruised, as she pulled very aggressively.  Being my first time, I didn't pull very hard, but enough to feel it, obviously. 
All in all, it was a good decision to participate in pulling. I would like to work up to a suspension, but since that pull, I haven't been able to do it again.  My next goal is to pull a car. I have made the right friends, just dont have the time. 
    In July, I am attending the Chicago BBQ, since I am friends with the people throwing it. I also am friends with the cats in ihung.org, so hopefully, if I play my cards right, i will get "hooked up". I apologize for the bad pun. It was to hard to resist. 
    Although I mention modern primitivism as bullshit, I do not really mean it. It is just not for me.  I mean no disrespect to those who had dedicated their lives to the ideas and culture of modern primitivism. But when the rhetoric is coming from a woman

who had just done several lines of cocaine, it is hard to take seriously. Fortunately, these were 2 different situations, and hooks and drugs were not mixed, something that is dangerous and potentially deadly. Always know who is doing the piercing, and whether or not they are sober or not. Well, in conclusion, I guess the moral to this story is do what makes you feel good. No matter what it is or the reasons behind it. There is a place for everyone and every idea in this space we inhabit, and you got to be respectful of others. And if you say you are going to do something of this nature, don't feel bad about wussing out, it is common, and others will understand. They will try and talk you into to doing it, and while they may be right sometimes, in the end, the final decision belongs to you.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 May 2003
in Ritual

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