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Torture Garden Fetish Ball

OH MY GOD! Saturday, April 26 2003, was by far the best suspension show I think I have ever done. OK here's the full story. Masuimi
and I were hired to do the San Francisco Fetish Ball. This event was a Torture
Garden event that was hosted by Mister and
Madame S. TG is actually a club from the UK, but when they come to the US, we normally perform with them. I'm sure it's much cheaper to hire local talent then to try and fly people in from the UK. Well, since San Francisco has seen so many suspensions, I had to concoct something different and super spectacular. What I ended up doing was an all country set. I figured it would be great change and probably a bit shocking for a crowd of gothic, industrial, fetish and SM folk.

The whole show was built around a foot beam that was connected to a chain hoist. I started by locking the climbing harness I was wearing into a 2 foot long sling that was connected to the eyebolt positioned in the center of the beam and used the hoist to lift myself up about 4 feet. When I was set, the music started with Johnny Cash's rendition of "Hurt." During the 3 minute and 33 second long song, I managed to get 2 hooks pierced into both knees, lift the whole rig up another 5 or 6 feet and connect them to a rig that I attached to one side of the beam. From there I attached a long rope to the other side of the beam and lifted myself so I could disconnect the sling from the harness and lower my body until all of my weight was being supported by my knees. That part was simple and fairly straightforward.

The rest of the show was incredibly hard and to be be quite honest I didn't know if it was going to work. Prior to coming on stage, Masuimi had already inserted 4 hooks in my upper back. While I hung upside down, Masuimi connected a second rig to my back that I flipped over my head and connected to the front of my harness. From there, I then had to climb about 8 feet up the rope so I could grab the beam with one hand and lock the rig in with the other. On my first try up the rope, I realized that the rope was WAY to slippery plus the fact that my knees were holding down the beam like a huge lever and I just didn't seem to have the strength. I honestly wasn't sure if I was going to make it or not. Luckily Masuimi was there to help and she yanked down on the rope hard enough to help pivot my knees up and gave my enough leverage to make it to the top. You would not believe how bad my muscles were burning while holding the end of the beam with one hand abd trying to work the carabineer with the other. Finally I managed to disconnect the rig from my harness and lock it into the beam.

With my entire body weight distributed evenly over the beam I was finally able to relax which was perfect since the next song, the Handsome Family's "Weightless Again", had begun. With only my knees and back connected I think it looked like I was hanging in a hammock. Masuimi rocked me and spun the beam around. From what I understand, it looked it looked a bit like I was riding a bull. Honestly, I could have hung like that indefinitely but the next song started to I had to start working towards the next position.

I started thrashing around a bit to the Charlie Daniel's Band's "Devil went down to Georgia." When the song hit it's high point I cut the rope holding up my knees and I fell about 5 feet onto the hooks in my back. Because the beam pivoted down to the one side, I fell extremely hard and to be quite honest, I wasn't sure if i was going to just fall right off my hooks. Luckily everything worked perfectly and everything held. It was a bit frightening making the cut but when I hit and it all held it was such and extreme rush. I spent the last part of the song spinning like crazy and picking up Masuimi. When the song ended, I cut the last rope and dropped the couple of feet to the ground and the crowd went crazy. It was such an amazing experience.

Hopefully I will have pictures soon BUT I'm not sure if they will even do justice. The suspension felt so "RIGHT" and the crowd went so nuts and I was sooooo high for the next few hours that it made it all worthwhile!


submitted by: obscurities
on: 08 May 2003
in Ritual

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Artist: TSD
Studio: Obscurities
Location: Dallas%2C+Texas

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