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Short but Sweet

So, this is the story of the day I suspended with Ihung. This was not my first suspension, as I have known the feeling on being lifted off the ground with flesh hooks previously six different times on three occasions with two great suspension groups. Though it's still very fresh in mind, this experience would be no less important then the others. The last time I suspended was on my birthday in September with the Industrial Primitives Group outside of Saint Louis. I went up Crucified that time and truthfully the experience took a lot out of me physically and mentally. I realized now, that I was not ready for that experience and because I was stubborn, probably did not get what I needed out of the experience.
I won't say that I lost interest in Suspension, but I had decided that I would take a step back from it. I still attended Suspension and Flesh Pull Gatherings, especially since the formation of the FreeD.O.M suspension group included some of my best friends. I still enjoyed Flesh Pulls; I even flew out to New Mexico to do a Pull during a Suspension show with the Ascension Suspension Group.
Anyway, I pretty much decided that I wasn't going to do a Suspension just to do it, and that I would decide the when and where when my body told me it was time.
I don't remember who told me about Ihung doing a gathering, but I had previously met Kyle and started asking him questions about the event. He pointed me towards the right people and I decided I was going.
I was also having issues with my back that seemed to be escalating. I had been experiencing quite a bit of tension, and a lot of lower back pain. I had difficult sleeping, and was always asking people to pop my back. I chalked most of it up that I have way too many pillows on my bed, and not enough support. I knew the tension was due to stress, and I had previously discovered that hooks were the greatest stress reliever. So I decided that I was going to Suspend at the Ihung event and sent in my information to register.
I told very few people that I was going to actually suspend, so that if I decided not to do it, it would not be any big deal. I decided that I was going to go up Suicide, and then promptly put the thought of me suspending in the back of mind. Yes, I thought about the event, and what I was going to see. But I did not want to mentally brow beat or work myself up over me doing it.
Day of the event arrived, and with directions in hand, I met Leslyee at Skin Deep and we headed to Ohio. We arrived just after 4pm, and our friend had already arrived Matt was helping setting up the rigging. We said hellos to the folks we are already knew and made some introductions, and then promptly claimed seats. The day went by very quickly, and even though the overcast sky threatened to pour down on us, there were some very successful and beautiful suspensions. Finally, it was my turn and went inside to be hooked. I had previously discussed with Matt and Kyle that I wanted them to throw my hooks. It was no disrespect to anyone else that was throwing hooks that day, but I am very picky about who throws my hooks. Very importantly, I feel the need to be comfortable and familiar with whoever is setting the hooks. I consider Matt a very good friends, he has previously thrown hooks on me at my last two suspensions and I knew he would take care of me. I barely know Kyle but I previously watched him assist at Free.D.O.M's gatherings and I knew he was capable and competent.
I was marked for a vertical placement, 4-point Suicide and got comfortable. I knew I was going to have problems taking the hooks this time. I don't have very stretchy skin and knew that scar tissue was going to be hit regardless of where I was being pierced from previous hook settings, the first set of hooks went through quick and painless. The second set however, was pretty brutal on me. Both guys had difficulty getting the needle through. Tears came to my eyes, and I had to take a minute to relax. Tears and the burning pain gone, I made my way out to the rigging. Greg volunteered to hold my ropes, Leslyee had her camera, Matt attached the rigging to my back, and Bob was given camcorder duties. I got comfortable with the feeling of the hooks in my back, walking forward and stepping back, trying to get the courage to signal that I wanted up. I had to kick off my shoes, because the damn things just felt like a ton of bricks suddenly.
At the point when I had the most momentum going, but was about to chicken out, Jason went over to give a little helping hand to Greg, and I was up. The surprise of being pulled up without warning quickly disappeared as I felt like I was soaring. It was great! I did not have any of that sudden panic, or fear build up that I was accustomed to. I totally let go, laughed and kicked. I was pulled up higher then I am tall, and loudly protested going any higher.
Did I mention it felt great? I don't remember any pain, but there was pressure. I couldn't lift my arms any higher then chest level, but that did not stop me from throwing the almighty goat horns.
I swung back and forth on my own a bit, and then Matt smacked my ass and gave me a few good pushes. I giggled, cussed and kicked. It was absolutely the most fun I have ever had Suspending.
I got a little dizzy. I haven't been on a swing set in years, and the motion made me light-headed. I decided that I had accomplished what I had intended, and asked to be lowered. Minutes later I was walking back in as people were coming out, and they were surprised to know that I was already done. I replied that it was short and very sweet.
Matt and Leslyee took care of the task of removing my hooks and bleeding out my bubbly back. It was far more raised up and full of air then I have previously encountered, but I did not mind the bleeding out process. I actually enjoyed it; it was like a full knuckle back massage. A few minutes later I was cleaned up, enjoying a piece of Bob's birthday cake and enjoying the company of my new crush, Bob and Jess's baby, Ben.
It's only the day after, but I have to admit that I felt that this suspension was my first truly successful suspension. The reason being is that my entire mission was accomplished this time, and that was to go up without fighting it, fearing it, and to laugh and kick and enjoy the experience. All of that happen and more.
I am totally appreciative of Ihung for putting the event together and thanks to Adrian, Greg, Grazer, Kyle and everyone else that made it well worth the drive to hang out with awesome people and providing the place for me to accomplish my goal.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 May 2003
in Ritual

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