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Hooked at Auscon

What an experience I have just had!! My very first suspension and everything went so smoothly. It took place on the usually sunny Gold Coast and I could not imagine a better place for it. Although rain was the forecast, it managed to stay away for the best part of the weekend.

The day started with the drive from Brisbane to the Gold Coast. It took way too long if you ask me but i think that's because i could not stop thinking about what was going to happen to me later on that day. After all it's not every day you have four hooks in your back and then get lifted off the ground.

So we finally get there and make our way to the Crown Apartments where we are met by Rowan who owns the apartment we all met in. There were a few people there already but a lot more showed up after us. Everybody there was absolutely great.Truly the best bunch of people you could ask for. There was also some amazing artwork on just about everyone in attendance as well as a few split tongues.

An agonizing wait was the next thing on the list as we watched a branding and waited to see who else would turn up. After a few hours wait, Kasper came over to me and asked me when i wanted to get started with my suspension. "About two hours ago" I eagerly reply. He laughs and calls Karl over and we head down to the beach to check out a place for Kasper to set the rig up in one of the nearby trees.

More waiting as we wait for everyone from the apartment to make their way down to the beach. After an almost painful wait, everyone is there and ready to see a suspension.Kasper calls me over to the table and the fun begins.

They started by cleaning my back and laying out the hooks and things they needed. When the holes were marked it was, breathe in, breathe out and the hooks were in two at a time.There wasn't any pain at all but i don't feel pain much.

Over we go to the rig and Kasper hooks me up so im ready to go up. He tells me to bend my knees to get used to the pulling on my back. What a feeling!! Feels bloody great though!! Before i know it I am off the ground and slowly spinning around on the rig. All I notice is the pulling on my back, Kaspers smile, and the cheers of everyone around as most people there were witnessing their first suspension in the flesh.

The reaction of the locals who go past is priceless. There was even a curious old lady who came over to ask me how i felt. As for me, I was having the time of my life up there. I didn't feel any pain at all, just the stretching of my skin as i hang there from four hooks in my back.

So after what seemed like about 5 minutes I give Karl the nod to start bringing me down and before my feet come in contact with the ground again, I'm already talking to him about my my next suspension. I definately have a few more suspensions to do.

Then it was back to the table for me so Kasper and Karl could take out the hooks and massage the air out of my back. It was something else hearing and feeling the bubbles of air pop out of your back and mine was quite messy as well.

So after my first suspension I would highly recommend it to anyone thinking of giving it a go. It's an experience you won't forget or regret. Just make sure the people doing it are as professional as Kasper and Karl who did mine. I have nothing but the best to say about these guys and everyone else there felt the same. They even gave me a package of clothes and things afterwards and i got to keep the hooks they used.

I wasn't the only suspension on the day though. Along with the two guys that done a pulling, Kasper who suspended me also done his own six hook knee suspension. He put all six hooks in himself then walked over to the rig, tied himself on and pulled himself up. That was pretty amazing to watch.

So now it's the day after my suspension and my back is a little bit sore and i can still feel a few bubbles of air floating around under my skin but it's not that uncomfortable and Kasper says it will go away in the next few days. I'll be keeping in contact with Karl as we have discussed him splitting my tongue and a few more suspensions.




submitted by: Anonymous
on: 08 May 2003
in Ritual

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Artist: Kasper+and+Karl+%28Puncture%29
Studio: along+the+beach+on+the+Gold+Coast
Location: Gold+Coast%2C+Australia

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