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Nightime Of Elevated Bliss

This is the "second part" of my suspension day stories, the first part was called "Picture Perfect Knee Suspension" so check that out for that story. Earlier in the day I had done a 4-hook knee suspension and at night I was planning on partaking in a small and intimate suspension show for about 30 people. This group of people had never seen a suspension in person before and they wanted a good show. Marty had come up for the week and we were going to show these people from Peterborough a few good suspensions. I decided to go up 4-hook suicide suspension as I'd already damaged myself that morning pretty effectively. Marty again pierced my back, but because of conditions and circumstances beyond our control, we had to pierce me dry, no lube, not an experience I'd like to go through again, not that bad, just uncomfortable. We waited around for almost forty-five minutes before the rest of the group got there, waiting with 4 hooks in my back, unfortunately allowing them to settle nicely. I constantly had other people that were there waiting with me give some good tugs on the h ooks so that I didn't get used to them too much.
The other group finally showed up around eleven at night and we were ready to go. The tree that we had chosen to hang from was a much larger tree than the morning and gave me much more room to work with. It was also on a slight hill overlooking the water at Gwen's house. To get off of the ground I had them take some slack off of the rope as I walked up the small incline, then simply took a few running steps forwards and was instantly swinging through the air, more slack was taken up and I was very quickly about fifteen feet in the air, quite nice. I swung around for a while getting used to the feeling again and getting comfortable with it, by this time I'd had the hooks in for almost an hour and my back was a little sore, we ended up using a non-scented sex lube to help the hooks move around a little easier.
Once I was in the air I proceeded to play around and give these people a show. I did everything from having a drink of water in the air, to taking pictures to Marty getting me somewhat naked again. I swung around for a bit and decided that I wanted to pick up my girlfriend for a little while. The first time I'd suspended I'd lifted a little girl weighing about 100 lbs, and Marty, weighing substantially more then that. My girlfriend is not a big girl weighing in at under 120 lbs. I initially lifted her up by the backs of my knees as she hung on around them and my waist, it was awkward and felt funny. I held her for a minute or two and then decided I needed to move around a little more, it was getting rather chilly with no shirt on. After moving around and getting some feeling back, I decided it was time for round two of picking her up. She bear hugged me, careful not to hit any hooks, and when I was ready, she simply lifted her feet off of the ground. I'd never touched down, as I didn't want the pressure on the hooks to be released. Once up in the air we went right back up to about 15 feet and swung around for a while. It was absolutely amazing and something I'll never forget. I hung on to her for a few minutes and then decided that it was time to come down. She was a little weary of being lifted to begin with and I was getting cold and sore, by this time I'd been up for around 15 minutes, hooks had been in well over an hour and my body was taking a beating. We decided to have me lowered down and her drop off with me being slowly lowered the rest of the way to the ground. Once I reached the ground I was very weak and needed help standing, my body was exhausted from the day's events.
My mind was running in circles, I felt more powerful then ever before and all I wanted to do was go back up, but my body and girlfriend said no, so it was time to quit. I can't even begin to describe what happened in my mind or what was going on during those 15 minutes of being in the air. My memory is a blank and my sense of time was off, but I felt incredible and indestructible. I was never going to forget the feeling of holding my girlfriend in the air while hanging from hooks, something I would never want to trade for another feeling in the world.
The crowd that was there was astounded and had never seen anything like that before, it opened up their minds to things that are not the usual or the normal, and they accepted and appreciated it. Everyone had positive things to say, and in some cases, these people were speechless. After me my boss went up 6-hook suicide for his first time ever in the air. He was uncomfortable and didn't like the sensations very much, but he hung in there for around five minutes.
At the end of the day I'd been hooked and suspended twice, and I knew that I never wanted to forget the feelings or people that were there. I'm beginning to get that need to suspend again and will assume that it will take place this summer. Hopefully things are as spectacular as this last time, and that any one who ever suspends is luck enough to experience the euphoria and bliss that I encountered.


submitted by: StarJester
on: 12 April 2003
in Ritual

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Artist: Marty+and+I
Studio: Gwen%27s+Cottage
Location: Peterborough%2C+Ontario

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