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Me and My Bright Ideas! A Providence Suscon Experience Part 1

I almost forgot about it. I almost didn't go. Bad weather, work and there is lots of shit to do in my house because I may have to move in a few months. All reasons that I almost didn't go to the Providence Suscon whether they were good reasons or not is not the point. I would have missed out on a great event. I did decide though to go in late January. I did however, as usual for me, procrastinated in registering until almost mid February. The question now became what type of suspension to do. This was to be my 4th suspension of the last few years. Each suspension was different from the others and I knew what I wanted to do but for the last several months I've been battling a skin infection in my nip. I've been taking all sorts of antibiotics over this time period with very little result. Finally, just before starting the last cycle my doctor suggested that I remove the nip ring. Up to that point he thought we could deal with the infection with it in. I removed t he ring and only now is the infection finally clearing. I mention this because the type of suspension I want to do is a 2 point chest. Since I couldn't do that this time, why go? I was thinking that quite a bit while I was driving to Providence. What I then decided to do then was to do another Superman suspension. It was the first type that I did and I really enjoyed it. With that firmly in mind I was set.

After arriving at the motel about 3pm, I took a short rest as it was a long drive from Virginia. About an hour I then left for the venue. It wasn't that far but it became the rush hour and traffic was terrible and I forgot how lousy the streets are in New England. When I did get to the venue, it turned out to be a magnificent old mill factory that had been converted into other uses. After gaining entrance to the floor I registered and met many old friends from Dallas and met new friends as well. I was made quite at home however the first questions out of many was 'What are you going to do this time?' or something similar. The answer was just about the same after my infection explanation---a 'Superman'. I was sounding to me at like a broken record. As I watched the people that were going up, I wasn't sure what I wanted to do so when I signed myself up for the next day I had them put a "?" not that you committed to do what you signed up for. Then I was reading the lis t I saw a number of knee suspensions. I've seen them before and I saw one performed that evening. I never really considered doing that type of suspension before; don't know why really, they just didn't interest me. When I got back to the motel later that night and after I ate, an idea popped into my head. When that happens it churns and churns in my head and I never sleep well. The thought process went something like this; need to something different; need to extend my suspension experience; interesting idea to be hung upside down; lots of knee suspensions being done; let's try being suspended by the calves! That was it. The thoughts and images kept swirling in my head, spinning, rotating and all the blood rushing to my head. Put it this way I didn't sleep much as those images persisted all night.

The following morning I kind of woke up from something close to sleep, that area between dreaming and thinking. When I got to the venue there was my name again on the suspend list with a big "?" mark. Blah! I sought out Allen Falkner to get his opinion about doing that type of suspension. His first comment was that they could be just as painful as doing a chest suspension and that one of the other team members of TSD tried a 2 pt calf suspension. They got him off the ground and then he came right back down. I told him I was thinking more in the line of a 4 pt. as I thought that the extra hook support would be less stressful for me. He agreed. Allen then very promptly scratched out the "?" and replaced it with '4 point calf '. Now I started getting a pit in my stomach. I started to pace and become even quieter than I normally am. I walked from room to room kind of watching the other great suspensions going on, pacing the long hallway in this huge part of this mil l. That is how I found the other great room with all sorts of neat shit to use as a backdrop for photos. I digress. I did this for probably 2 or more hours until I decided I was ready. By this time there was quite a bit of activity going on between people going up and coming down. It was somewhat difficult to get anyone's attention. No big deal. I did ask Allen if he could help me out with all this as he was the one I've known the longest and he did the first suspension with me back in 2000. Well he got me prepped and he pierced my calves. It was not nearly a painful as I remembered. I will say this, the day I loose all my apprehensions and fear for being suspended is the day I will stop. A good healthy fear will keep you focused. When you loose fear, you become complaisant and sloppy and that's when some really bad shit can happen and someone can get seriously hurt.

After getting hooked, it was time to put my bright idea to the test. One of the great things about this venue was that there were a couple of rooms for different uses. There was the piercing and hook removal room which also had a single station for more private or quiet suspensions and then there was the room where multiple suspensions were performed. I chose the more quiet area because not only was it quieter but there were less distractions and it was more of a controlled space. Now there I am flat on my back as the crew got me rigged. All I was thinking and mumbling was "Me and my bright ideas!"; "Me and my FUCKING bright ideas!" We were ready. There were a couple of people to help lift me off my back. A couple of deep breaths and a few choice words then........HOIST! OHHHHH SHIIIIIIIT! OH FUUUUUUCK! As I was released by the handlers the pain went shooting everywhere and my blood went rushing to my head. So fucking very intense. Then quite as suddenly as the pa in started it stopped and a blissful peace fell over me. I zoned out, blocked out the camera flashes, the camera shutter noises and the people who had gathered to watch. I was in that place where you can heal yourself; releases you're pent up stress and where you ignore your daily existence. My calves didn't hurt. I did feel much pressure from the hooks but no real pain. My arms when extended downward could still touch the floor so I was able to do gentle spins and rotations, nothing to get me too dizzy. The whole experience was gentle, elegant but more important for me blissful and calming.

There is a time to come down even though I could have stayed up longer. I try to make my practice to come down on my terms. It's a form of control. If this means coming down to some may be premature then so be it. I know for the next time I can stay up longer and do more things. I signaled to Allen and down I came. I laid flat on my back getting the blood flow more equalized and basking in the euphoria I was still experiencing. Up to this point there was not much bleeding going on until the hooks were removed. Then the set of wounds on the inside right calf just would not stop. I have no idea how long it took to stop but I was never concerned as I new I was in good hands. I also know my body fairly well. It was a great experience but most important is that it was so much fun. I'm so glad I listened to 'my bright idea'. End of Part 1.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 Feb. 2003
in Ritual

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Artist: Various
Studio: Rights+of+Passage+Suscon+Convention
Location: Providence+RI

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