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Lips Caged in Vain

    Lip sewing became an interest to me a couple of years ago when I saw images both here on BME and a few other places. I began to wonder what it stood for and why someone would do it. I decided there were a few different reasons for me. One was to show myself that I was strong enough to live without words. I find lips to be one the most expressive and passionate parts of the body, and being a singer, lips are one thing I couldn't live without. I wanted to push myself into experiencing life without words. The other reason was  purely for my own vanity I think this is also a valid reason in itself. I'm living this life for me and I think it's worth the pain to look beautiful and catch people's attention.

It was Halloween of 2002, I was seventeen and heavily pierced already. I was at a friends house, he had been piercing for around four years now. He had been piercing my for around three, he pierced my septum, madison, pubic-surface, nipples and inner labia. I trusted him well. He had done some things crooked but as far as safety goes, he's a good artist.

There were two people there to watch and take pictures of the events to come. We made common-place chat and discussed how this was going to be done. I had a labret and side lip piercing and needed only one more hole on the bottom right side. I was getting my medusa pierced at the same time so we had to discuss how to put surgical string and a barbell in the same hole without ripping the healing piercing. The other two holes on the top would just have string in them. We talked about the possible permanent scaring and the possible ripping of the string.  

We prepped up, me in my naughty nurse outfit ready for the club, I looked quite amusing I'm sure. As I mentioned I have been pierced quite a few times before. A few times I had used an inject able freezing agent called Xylocaine. I recommend using this if you really can't handle the piercing process, but a warning to you, since you do inject it, you have to have someone who knows how to do it for you, there are many risks (air bubbles in the liquid which could cause death, unsterile needles which could cause serious infections and diseases such as HIV). For this procedure, I decided to go for the Xylocaine because I didn't think I could handle the pain of four piercings in a row, I am not one of those people who enjoys needles very much. I don't do well with pain. 

I was lying on the bed, prepping myself so I could start this procedure, because contrary to popular belief, Xylocaine does hurt to inject. I chose to listen to some "mood" music, tool's lateralus, song choice "parabola" the line "pain is an illusion" helps me through. When I was ready, I sat up and got the placing marked and walked to the mirror. They looked to be in the right place for what I wanted, three on the top and bottom, they lined up. I took a deep breath, walked back into the room, and gave Matthew the go ahead. 

Matthew carefully measured the Xylocaine I was going to need and fed it into the new, sterile needle. "carefully and slowly" were the words I said before every needle of Xylocaine he put in. It is a burning sensation followed but not being able to feel anything at all. Numbness kicked in after around five minutes. Matthew injected with Xylocaine three times around each future hole. In all, twelve counts of burning and numbness. In all actuality, Xylocaine actually hurt about as much as getting a piercing done, but it's defiantly a different kind of pain.  

We waited a while and chilled out while my lips blew up like a super models. Flicking them everyonce and a while making sure they were frozen, Matthew reached for the twelve gauge needles. Starting with the bottom right side, we were ready to pierce.  

I was sitting up for the piercings with a camera near my face. I was a bit nervous but there was no going back. Matthew put lube on the needles and changed gloves again. Before every needle Matthew stuck me with we did a poke test (sticking the needle in a very little bit to see if I could feel it with the Xylocaine). When I was ready he counted down for my new holes (a four count, breathe in breathe out breathe in and out with the push).

The three semi permanent holes were pierced first and surgical stitching was treaded inside the needles and through the sides of my mouth, loosely and not tied so he could still pierce and tie the middle hole. Matthew then lined up to pierce my medusa. Piercing the unconventional way (downward) so as to put the thread the right direction in the hole. Piercing downwards he ended up piercing crooked, it also sat around mid-range between a medusa and a jestrum. He then pulled the thread through all of the holes and pulled them tighter. He tied them on each bottom piercing.

The finishing touches were made, leaving blood on my face and on my shirt. The stitches were left hanging down below my chin so I could pull them tighter on command. We took some finished pictures while the swelling in my lips grew. I was also swollen in my cheeks and tongue.

I went out that night, as it was Halloween, to shock the world and show off my prize lips. I got many reactions about them being fake and I had to tug the strings a little bit to show everyone that these were real holes. The freezing sensation wore off more and more as the night went on and the real pain kicked in more. A dull throbbing pain was not very fun at that point. By twelve in the morning, not twelve hours after having the sewing done, I took it out. Taking it out was more painful than the procedure. The thread cut my skin and started it bleeding again. That was the worst part of the whole ordeal. Other hard things to do were drinking (I used a straw) and talking (though I didn't talk much other than yes or no, I didn't want to talk).

Emotionally it was very interesting to have the sewing in. I am a very dramatic and charismatic person and I learned to use facial expression and body movement more. I found more people wanted to look and touch my lips. I love when people touch my face and welcomed the attention. People could pull a little on the strings because they were elastic, it didn't hurt very much to have them pulled. I would do this again, it is an interesting experience having people react to me this way.

It has been about three months since I've taken the sewing out. There are very little scars on the three holes (left and right top, and right bottom). As I look at the holes now, they are not even really. My medusa was healed and looked great from the top but really wasn't straight on the inside, leaning to the right. I took it out just a few days ago so I could get it redone by Ted at Divine in Saskatoon. My lips were huge and swollen for around a week after wards and it was hard to heal the medusa.

I'm happy I had this done, it was an interesting experience and I may one day do it again. To anyone wanting to do it, this is the one thing I recommend. If your body has trouble healing don't do this (it's hard to heal any where from four to six piercings at the same time). I still show people pictures of the lip sewing and people always ask me why. I say it's my body, it looks beautiful and if I can conquer over speech, It's worth the pain and spitting blood for a week.


submitted by: your_cure
on: 05 Feb. 2003
in Ritual

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Artist: Matthew
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Location: Saskatoon%2C+sk%2C+canada

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