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Two hooks and a cock ring - my first pull

Background Info
I don't like being afraid or feeling like I'm not capable. So, I always go out and do what scares me in order to prove to myself that I am a strong person without limits. I had been interested in pulls for a while, but I never thought I'd get up the courage to do one myself. Even when the hooks were in, I still didn't think I could do it. Through IAM I met some wonderful people who I started talking to about pulls and suspensions. I asked them about their experiences and learned that one of them was in a group called Try This at Home, a new suspension group located in Philadelphia. I decided that after knowing this person on IAM for about 6 months, I felt comfortable with them and would take the train down to Philly for a visit and a pull. Deciding this weeks in advance gave me a lot of time to prepare, but also a lot of time to become increasingly nervous.

Pull Day
I woke up in Philadelphia feeling both relieved and nervous. Rory was even nicer than I'd anticipated and we were getting along quite well, but I couldn't get the pull off my mind. I was worried about the piercing and the possibility of having air trapped in my back. I've had my back play pierced with 18 gauge needles, but in my head there was a huge difference between that and being pierced for a pull with 10 gauge needles. Rory reassured me that I'd be fine as we drove over to Dave's house. Once there, I requested that we make a stop at 7-11. I have poor circulation and a tendency to get very lightheaded and pass out, so I usually bring along lemonade and cookies when I get pierced. Back at Dave's house, I stalled for a bit, had some cookies, then finally decided I was ready to begin.

The Pull
Dave set up all the supplies and, of course, I looked even though Rory said "Don't look!" I saw the gloves, sterile lube, technicare, hooks and needles. I thought "to hell with my tank top!" And was soon topless and saying "I'm ready" in an unsteady voice. My back was then marked with the aid of a ruler and pen. After some pinching, I was given a choice between higher and lower. Higher was sore when pinched, so I went with the lower option. My back was clean, the marks had been made, and it was time for the piercing. I sat in a chair with Rory behind me and Dave in front. Rory held the skin and at Dave's direction, adjusted it a few times. Eventually, both my skin and I were ready to be pierced. I'd already started my deep breathing, but there were still 2 more breaths before the one on which I'd be pierced. It wasn't that bad! It hurt less than getting my lobes pierced. The feeling was interesting, more like pressure or tugging, not the usual sharpness. I got a little head rush and had some lemonade and a cookie before the second hook. It was basically the same as the first - not bad at all.

I needed to be in control of this first experience, so I'd asked to do the pull alone.
I took some time to adjust to the feeling of the hooks in my back while the boys figured out how to rig someone for a solo pull. It was decided that I'd be attached to one of the doors. One rope was tied around the door with a cock ring threaded onto it to distribute my weight evenly between the two hooks. Another rope ran from the carabineer attached to one hook, through the cock ring, and to the other carabineer. I walked forward, nervous that I would start to pull on the ropes. I walked till they were taught, and then held Rory's hands, closed my eyes, and took deep breaths. I listened to the music and slowly started to lean forward. I felt my skin stretch up and away from my back. It burned a little, but didn't really hurt. I just wasn't focused on pain at that point. I leaned some more and smiled at Rory. It was more intense than I had thought it would be.

It was a strange feeling that spread across my whole back. I didn't get dizzy, but I did get very warm and actually dripped sweat [very unusual for me since I'm always freezing]. It was mind blowing to feel the skin stretch and be confident that it wouldn't rip. It stretched and tingled and my shoulders and neck felt "lighter" than usual. I'd been stressed out all morning, but that tension disappeared. Dave "plucked" the ropes like the strings of a guitar, which caused me to giggle endlessly. It felt like I was being tickled under my skin. I could feel the vibrations from the cord through the hooks, through my entire back. When I stopped for a moment to blow my nose, I felt my skin go back together. It was like my back was floating. The feeling spread to my entire body and soon I felt like I was floating. I went back to pulling and this time moved my feet back further and pushed my stomach forward a bit. It was a good thing I was wearing new sneakers, they practi cally glued me to the floor and allowed me to lean to my hearts content. I leaned more and more and soon I stopped feeling the burning/stretching. I started feeling everything else more intensely. It was floating, tingly, pseudo-numbness. My head was clear, I was calm. I closed my eyes and just felt. There are no words for that sensation. Leaning really far forward with my feet far back - letting the hooks hold me up - I realized that one day I'd like to do a suspension. It doesn't feel like skin should be able to do these things, but it does.

I made a 35-minute cd thinking that it would surely be long enough. The play button was hit 3 times. I pulled for an hour and a half. I leaned over to press "play" the last time and felt the sensation of pulling more on one hook. When I went back to where I had been standing, I moved my shoulders back and forth, trying to feel different things. Shortly after I said "ow", rather abruptly. My left knee had cramped up. I had been leaning a lot, so my legs had gotten fairly sore. After a while, they cramped up enough that I was ready to stop. I gave one last good pull, and Dave took some more pictures.

After being detached from the door I yelled "COOKIE!" And had another. I went in the bathroom so I could see the hooks. Looking in the mirror, I saw them standing straight out of my back. They were truly beautiful. They looked so natural. I was reluctant to take them out, but knew that it was time. Rory removed the hooks and got the little bit of air that was there out. I got cleaned up and bandaged and couldn't believe it was over. I thanked both guys, had another cookie, hugged Dave, and then it was time to go.

After All the stress of the school year was gone. I felt the limits I thought I had disappear. I learned that my mind and body are stronger than I ever thought possible. I felt inner bliss. I smiled like I'd had 50 orgasms. I felt happiness that wasn't due to an object, a person, or anything that can be purchased. I pushed myself.

At the train station, about to leave Philadelphia, I was holding back tears. I hadn't even left and already I missed my new friends. On the train, I kept wiping my eyes, only to have them well up again. I walked most of the way home from Penn Station dry eyed. Then I got home and cried. For hours. I had millions of emotions trying to come out at once. I was completely overwhelmed by the experience. I listened to the cd I'd made for the pull and wept some more. At the end, I felt purged of everything I'd been holding onto. I felt cleansed of all negativity.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 27 Jan. 2003
in Ritual

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Artist: RoryJ.+and+Monstar+%5Biam+names%5D
Studio: Dave%27s+house
Location: Philadelphia%2C+PA

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