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My experience-lips stitched

It all started when I volunteered to be in The Bizarre Ball; a fetish show put on by The Barbie Shop. The owner didn't specify what I would be doing at the show. I was only told that it was being held at a local gay bar, Detours. A friend of mine was also in the show and knew that she would be getting her lips sewn shut. We went to the pre-show together and it was there that I was informed that I too was getting my lips sewn shut.

At first I had doubts about the show. It seemed like such a big, huge, scary ordeal. I was excited that I was going to be able to be involved in a fetish show but the thought of not being able to speak one word for hours on end and of having that many holes pierced in my mouth all at once, seemed all so overwhelming. I was afraid I would faint or not be able to handle the pain or maybe even panic at not being able to speak. I didnt really know what I should think. I still wanted to go through with it but I was scared. That thought soon passed, and the excitment set it. I couldnt wait. Not only were we getting our lips sewn shut but we were also going to be putting on an 'act'. We were to wear school girls' outfits with big boots. There was also a man in the show, Jake, our peircer. Our role was to be the 'bad school girls' and his role was to be the mean teacher, that has had enough of our bullshit. Now, what I thought was totally different from when I was told, no w I thought it would be fun, different, and a good experience to have.

So, obviously it was too dangerous to do the piercings on stage, it would be too dark. A couple of hours before we went on, we walked down to the peircing studio (Bushido) and when we got there I insisted that I go first. I didnt want to watch my friend get it done then maybe freak out because it looked painful or scary. So, I jumped up on the tabel, eager to get the sewing part over with. The first few holes were nothing. I felt ok. The rest weren't painful, but intense. I ended up with my hands in Jake's pockets and my legs wrapped around him. He insisted that I "give myself to him.". Thats exactly what he said. I swear it. I was kind of confused but then I suddenly understood what he meant. I can not put it into words, it wouldnt make sense to anyone else. It may seem weird to other people but it was a beautiful thing to me. I sat there wrapped around him. I 'gave myself to him', as he put it. He was satisfied with the way i took it. He said he was "so pr oud of me". It made me feel good, I felt like i could do anything after that. Soon after, he sewed up my friends lips, and we headed back to Detours.

Just before we went on, we all went to the bathroom to add the 'full effect'. Earlier on we had taken blood from our arms and had it saved in our pockets. We must have looked like druggies. We poored our blood on and around our lips to add the 'abused' effect. When we actually did the show, it was great. We wore masks onstage to hide that our lips had already been sewn, and we sat and 'giggled' and 'played' like bad school girls. I have to laugh when I think about it. It sounds so ridiculous, and when Jake entered the stage he grabbed my friend and strapped her to a chair, then me. Then he removed our masks, only part of the way, to 'sew' our bad little mouths shut. Then he completely removed the masks and threw us onto the floor and we crawled around with horrified looks on our faces. Because our lips were sewn shut he exited the stage, satisfied with his 'work'. Following, we slowly exited the stage 'in pain'.

After the show we left the stitches in for a few more hours. All in all, I wasnt able to speak, only mumble, for 7 hours or so. It didnt seem that long. The experience was beautiful. Not being able to talk made me so vulnerable, moreso than i already am. It left me so much time to just be calm. It was almost like mediating. I don't know what word to describe how i felt. Not being able to talk for so long made me think alot about myself and my surroundings. That night, I kept thinking of so many things I could have said, but couldnt. I thought I would be so releived to be able to talk when he finally cut the stitches, but i felt disapointed. Being able to talk is so overrated.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 Jan. 2003
in Ritual

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Artist: Jake
Studio: Bushido
Location: Calgary%2C+Alberta+Canada

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