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A union of souls

It was going to be a beautiful day and everyone in the car could feel it! I couldn't help but get emotional just absorbing all the sunshine and the beauty of the outdoors on the drive over to the spot. It was the barbeque meet we'd all been waiting for. Waiting ever so anxiously, excited as kids on Christmas morning. My first pull and it was to be outdoors, on one of the most beautiful days of the year.

I'm sure it wasn't a very long drive but when you've been waiting for something for so long it feels like every minute lasts and eternity. Finally Bern said we're almost there. I almost felt like my heart was going to jump out of my chest. Mike got working on the suspension rig, which was to be used later in the day. The ladies all gathered under the shade, as the sun was getting really strong at around noon.

Sometime midday the rest of the people started to pour in. All gathered to share in the experience would change me forever! The grill was fired up and Sam and I ate a quick bite so we didn't pass out on an empty stomach. This was it! I was going to do a pull with this wonderful person.

It was anxiety multiplied by ten. We thought we'd take a little walk away from the crowd and get our thoughts in order. I remember asking her if she was nervous and while she replied looking down at my hands, which were already starting to shake. If we didn't do it now I would end up freezing over and allowing my fear to take over me and rule my life yet again! Determined we got up and walked back to the group.

Sam went first. Thinking back on this I'm glad she did. I asked her if it hurt badly and she shook her head. She was smiling to the point where I thought oh this is isn't so bad. I lie down and felt someone cleaning my back. Mike asked if I was ready and I remember thinking "ready as I'll ever be". The skin was pinched and in went the needle. Just as I started thinking that wasn't so bad I hear him say, "It's only halfway. You have some tough ass alligator skin girl". Soon as he uttered those words I felt him push it all the way through. I could feel every movement of the hook. Time for number two, I can easily say this didn't hurt at all but the pain for the first piercing was getting rather intense. I asked him to stop for a minute and someone handed me a drink. A few jokes later he finished me off and I was walking down the stairs listening to Sam thanking me for letting her go first so she didn't have to watch me get done.

We got roped and were positioned so my back was to the sun. We took some steps forward to stretch out the rope. With ever step I could feel the hooks slowly slipping into the position they were meant to be in. Bern was holding my hands and slowly I could feel Sam moving forward and the rope starting to tighten up. The hooks now horizontal and both of us leaning forward enough for our backs to closely resemble elastic. Almost seemed like time had stopped. I could hear the birds and feel the sun on my shoulders yet I couldn't hear the crowd of people. I was only aware of my hands in Bern hands, the hooks in my back and the rope by which Sam and I were joined.

To this day I can't put a time frame on our pull. I can only remember the smile I wore for the rest of the day. The hooks were taken out of our backs as soon as we said we were done. We were both cleaned and bandaged. I couldn't wait very long before I ran to hug her. We had done it and it felt greater than I ever imagined it would.

I was told the experience would have a major impact on my life. Just after it was over I could feel the high. I rode that high for a good two weeks, if not longer. To this day august 3rd goes down in my history book as one of the greatest days of my life. I made a serious bond with not only Sam but Mike and Bern as well. They're more like family than my blood relatives.

My holes healed rather quickly. I couldn't help but try and pick the scabs while they were healing just to ensure that I would have the 8 marks forever. More than just blue dots to me, they represent the union of 4 souls.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 Dec. 2002
in Ritual

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Artist: wolfmoon
Studio: outdoors
Location: oswego%2C+ny

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