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All Sewn Up (A Chastity Experiment)

My Wife Bethany and I have been Interested in Chastity ever since I came across some websites on it a few years ago. At first we tried out some homemade devices on myself. None of them worked very well. We even tried ordering some by catalog. Most of them did the trick, but they weren't exactly what we were looking for. We wanted something that was durable, clean, unnoticable, and long-lasting.

Our goal by the end of 2002 was for each of us to be chastisized by each other. I would have her key, and she would have mine. We wanted something that felt natural. Nothing too bulky. It was about 3 months ago, while standing in the shower, I realized that, by piercing certain parts of our genitals, we could completely cover up any erogenous zones. I began searching the internet for any similar procedures that had already been performed. I found an interesting site on how to conceal the penis completely using the scrotum and only a little tape. It seemed to me, it was possible to substitute this tape with something more durable. Flesh Sewing was the answer.

I also found a similar, easier procedure that my wife could have done. The procedures are as follows:

[Male] The penis is placed in the center of the scrotum. The edges of the scrotum are wrapped around the penis, covering it completely. Working from the top (closest to the body) and working downward, sewing the scrotum together would completely chastisize any man. A small opening at the tip would easily allow urine to pass through. As an added bonus, most participants will find that the sewing procedure drastically reduces the size of their "bulge." (If you are completely confused at this point, I might be able to draw some pictures and send them in later)

[Female] A much simpler approach. The labia and skin surrounding the clitoris is sewn together in the same way the male scrotum is, with a small opening for the menstrual process.

I went to see an aquaintence of mine (Mike) who has a piercing studio in Boston. I asked him about these two teqniques. He told me that, while he was vaguely familiar them, he had never actually performed such a "surgery". I asked him if he would like us to be his first. He agreed, and the date was set for September 10th (a week before my wife's birthday).

When Bethany and I arrived, we decided she should go first, so I could be there with her by the table. Mike started by applying some sort of anti-bacterial gel and a local anesthetic. He also "put her on ice" so there would be less blood-loss. (there would turn out to be 12 piercings on each side of her labia!) We waited a couple minutes for the pain-killer to kick in, and then began. As he inserted the needle into her skin, she told me it hurt, but not near as badly as she thought it would. He pierced her 24 times in all, with a small gauge needle (I'm not sure what gauge exactly. It was a little bigger than a sewing needle), each time pulling a thin piece of wire through the newly made hole. It was a hell of a turn on seeing my wife sewn up like a doll. When he was done with the piercing, he put a small metal tube around the two ends of thread and, with our final permission, he clamped and soldered them together. Another anti-bacterial fluid was applied to the area, and it was my turn.

The details of mine were basically the same as hers. I didn't actually watch Mike do it, because he and his assistant were leaning over me, but it hurt like fucking hell! It hurt even worse afterwords, and my wife and I had to wear swimming trunks for about a week. For that whole week, we both spent much of our time cleaning and dis-infecting our piercings. I had to admit, though, they turned out very well. It took a little while longer for us to completely heal. We are both extremely happy with the results, and we haven't had sex for about 2 weeks (plus our healing period. A new record!). Unless it becomes a problem, we don't plan to take the threads out until our anniversary in 2005. Until then we have replaced sex with sensual massage and candle-lit baths. We are both very happy with our decision.

(Note, this is a mildly dangerous procedure, even in the hands of a professional like Mike. NEVER do anything like this by yourself, I've heard horror stories of infection and amputation as a result of ignorance. Make sure this is something you really want to do, and then take it to a professional piercing studio.)

Thanks BMEzine for letting me share my experience. I'll really try to come up with some drawings of the procedure. It's becoming more and more popular with underground BSDM Doms. If readers of this story have had this procedure performed, or know someone who has, I'd love to see some photos.

      Snow Man


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 22 Oct. 2002
in Ritual

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Artist: A+friend+of+mine%2C+Mike
Studio: BSDM+Fetish+Studio+%28asked+to+remain+anonymous%29
Location: Boston

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