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I'm Flying High!

I thought about writing about my first suspension at the ritesofpassage bbq on September 21st 2002. I felt it was time to finally suspend and to try and understand this unique experience. Those that I have talked to about their first time just tend to smile and start saying wow what an experience. Most just say that can't really explain it in words. I'm hoping to try to recreate my experience and hopefully allow others to
Understand what it feels like.

I saw my first live suspension at the Toronto BME BBQ's when the Iwascured group was still using the little portable rig that allowed someone to be about a foot of the ground. At that point I was thinking wow intense! I don't think I could let myself ever do that. Over time I realized that the experience could actually allow me to free myself from the things going on in my life.

I decided on a 4-point suicide suspension and after seeing previous pictures of the ritesofpassage events I knew this was the perfect environment to have my first experience. To be able to be encompassed by nature and to be enveloped by the beautiful surroundings was definitely one of my key motivations to begin my experience on this day!

I want to first thank everyone who was a part of my experience. You all know who you are. Your positive energy gave me the courage I needed.

I especially want to thank Phil and Nikki for being there every step of the way. You made my dreams come true and your love made me soar higher than I have ever gone before.

Both Phil and Nikki placed the hooks in my back. I was nervous at first but then I decided to just listen to what was being said about the procedure and how they would be throwing the hooks.

For me it actually helps to be able to visualize what is about to happen. It makes me more comfortable because I feel like I'm in control of the process.

It was one of Nikki first times putting in hooks and she did an awesome job I barely noticed they were there. I think she was more nervous then I was. Having the energy and love of friends made the hooks just glide through and I barely felt a thing.

While waiting for the rigging to be in place and the tension set and tested on the strings I felt a little dizzy. It was more like an intense rush of adrenalin that shot straight to my head. I enjoyed the rush and the anticipation it kept the nervousness away. Shaking my hands and moving my feet helped keep the anxiety at bay while I waited for the experts to finalize everything.

With the ropes tied and the rigging set-up it took me a while to finally gain the courage to lift off! I walked back and forth getting used to the tension of the hooks and the searing pain that engulfed me. I kept pulling on the hooks to get used to the feeling but when it became too much I would back away and start getting scared that I wouldn't be able to handle all my weight on 4 hooks.

With each step the tension increased and so did my anxiety. I was looking around hoping that someone would just say "that's it, no more, you're done, you don't have to go up anymore"

I almost considered giving up until I heard nikki in her calm voice say 'just let go, everything will be ok'

I looked up smiled and knew that I was safe and ready to be lifted off!

The flight was smooth thanks to Jon and Sam

I was reminded to breathe and to relax. Once I found my zone I was able to enjoy myself, having some fun playing around, swinging back and forth and trying to do some Marty'esque kicks. I realized those are not as easy as they look. Oh well I guess I'll have to practice for the next time.

As I spun around all I could see were the loving faces of everyone who helped me get there. Without all of your help and encouragement I would still be stuck on the ground

At times I leaned back let the sun and the air engulf me and realized that at this very moment nothing in the world really matters and no matter what happens to me I will survive.

When I finally touched the ground I was smiling because I was once again with loving friends.

Thanks to everyone who was there. You will always be in my heart.

Many have asked if I will do it again and all I can say is hell yah!

I would love to try to do a pulling and another 4-point suicide. But for now I must let the back rest and heal knowing that one of my dreams has finally come true!

We're flying high We're watching the world pass us by Never want to come down Never want to put my feet back down On the ground



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 2002
in Ritual

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Artist: Philip+Barbosa+and+Friends
Studio: Ritesofpassage+BBQ
Location: Massachusetts

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