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It is Not about the Pig

Let me tell you about my day. I spent my Sunday afternoon at the very first Dallas BME BBQ. I thought I was going to be hanging out, meeting people, eating some pig, and hopefully checking out some suspensions. What my experience at the BBQ became was so much more than I could have ever expected.

I think it is important to point out that I am from North Carolina and I am positive that if I had not moved to Dallas I would never have had the opportunity to go to a BME BBQ.

My partner Angel IAM:fighting_camel keeps me updated on what is going on with BME. And he would have hated me for the rest of his life if I did not take him to the BBQ. So the day is finally here. I have been waiting all summer. We get up go to church with some people we have met on IAM. We make a trip to Obscurities to get our invitations and then off to the BBQ we go. At the BBQ we did what was expected. I met so many awesome people. It is truly an amazing thing to be in a place where you can walk up to people and say, "let me see your mods," and then drill them with every possible question that comes to your mind. I think the vast amount of knowledge and experience that is exchanged at the BBQ is extraordinary.

So after a few hours I realize that I want to sit outside on the patio. The next thing I know Allen is out by the tree across the street setting up for a suspension. My heart starts racing. I was getting ready to witness my first suspension. The rig is ready and connected to a rope. The hanging is ready to commence and there are a handful of guys trying to lift IAM:Jethro. Eager to help I run over and grab the rope and start pulling. After a few minutes the rope breaks. But, no fear, Allen nonchalantly says, " I have a chain hoist in the truck." They get the chain hoist rigged up and we are at it again. As if one was not enough I got to witness three suicide suspensions. Seeing them in person is so much better than on TV. Even the cars passing by had to stop and witness this amazing event.

For some time I have been pondering and researching suspensions. I first became intrigued when I saw a mobile suspension done on TV quite a few years ago. I remember standing in the tattoo shop I was working in at the time. Watching the TV absolutely mesmerized. I was giddy trying to imagine what it would feel like. I told the tattooists how much fun I thought it would be to hang by my skin. They all laughed at me and said I was crazy for even thinking about trying it.

After the suspensions were finished they start trying to put together a 12-man pull. Angel and I are among the first to volunteer. It took some time but eventually we had enough people. So with about 20-50 people standing around a minivan in the parking lot, across from the BBQ we begin prepping for the pull. There were so many people that had to be prepped and pierced they called out for some helpers. The piercer in me had to volunteer. I think that helping with the experience is just as fulfilling as actually being a part of it. I put on gloves and help prep. I got to mark two people. I did not actually get to throw any hooks but I know I will some day. As I am helping to get everyone ready I look around and see people warming up with more experienced pullers.

I was so into getting everyone else ready that I was one of the last people to get pierced. I walked over to where they were doing the procedure. I held my head down like I was praying. I relaxed my shoulders, took a deep breath in and exhaled. I was done. I can not believe that the part I was most afraid of was no worse than a mild sunburn. My other piercings hurt so much more.

I wanted to warm up as well and who better could have walked over than Allen Faulkner with a hook in his right elbow. He held my cords and I leaned forward. I just knew that he could not hold me up, but he did. I was so afraid of how painful it would be to pull on my skin. And even though I felt a sample of what the pull was going to feel like. I did not feel like I pushed myself as far as some of the other people did during their warm up. I was mostly afraid of Allen not being able to hold me up. But as everyone was ready and it was time to begin I had to take my place.

Beside Angel I stood waiting. I did not have a spotter yet so I called out for someone and IAM:"BIG"Mike came to my rescue. The order came to begin and so it was. I pulled with everything that I had, taking small steps forward. I reached for Mike's hands to keep me from falling on my face. We stopped several times for various reasons. During the pull a few people decided to stand or lay across the HUB. In the end I was one of the last four people still connected. After about 10-15 minutes of pulling my hooks bent open and I fell free to my knees. The pull was over when I came free.

My hooks were returned to me and my holes were burped free of air. I went home and slept like a baby. I felt like I moved 10 refrigerators all by myself. The experience was definitely exhausting to the body. Today I am sore. And I can not seem to stop telling everyone, even those that do not want to listen, all about what I did last night.

I can think of so many words to say how I feel about the BBQ. The best thing I can say is if I did not have so much adrenaline pumping through me I would have cried. My pulling and BBQ experience is simply put as beautiful. I will be forever connected to the people that were there with me that night. I will carry them and this memory in my heart for the rest of my life. The first ever Dallas BME BBQ was a triumphant success.


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on: 29 Aug. 2002
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