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One left arm, six needles.

I have been getting pierced for a few months now. I enjoy getting pierced a lot but having a new piercing every other month no longer seemed enough. I had heard about play piercing and was curious. I wanted to try it for myself. I wanted to command some control over the needle like piercers do. I wanted to feel like I do when I get pierced but there and then. I always wanted to try it for myself, to see if I had what it takes to put a needle in myself. I must say I was a bit on edge about the whole thing.

I decided to pierce myself in my bedroom. It seemed like a logical choice. I feel relaxed there. I had already acquired some needles some time ago and I could hear them calling me from the bottom of my closet. As I never pierced myself before I was somewhat apprehensive. I thought it might be prudent to get some plasters, kitchen roll and other things just incase I bleed a lot. As this was my first time piercing myself I had no idea what to expect.

I went to the bathroom and cleaned my hands and arm where I was going to pierce myself. I'd rather have clean hands than dirty ones. I had just eaten pizza so the concept of getting tomato sauce in my arm wasn't appealing to me.

I gathered up all the necessary items I would require for pushing needles in to my arm. I sat there for a while somewhat bemused by what I was about to do. I took the first needle out of its little plastic case. Somehow I had bought the wrong gauge needles, they were now ten times larger than when I first saw them. Aside from my mind playing tricks on me, I was ready to do the deed.

I picked up the needle and looked at my arm. I was baffled as to where the needle should go. I rotated my arm a bit looking for an area I thought would be good. I ruled out the inside of my arm as a possibility because I didn't want to hit any veins or cause myself serious injury. So the out side of my arm it was. This brought me to my second problem. I had no free hands to hold the area as I pierced it. Well nothing ventured, nothing gained. I'd come to the decision I'd just push the needle in to me and see where I get too.

I took the needle in between my index and middle finger and placed my thumb on the plastic end. I out the tip of the needle against my arm, I felt the serration almost cut though my arm as I started to push the needle in. The tip of the needle went in and as I pushed harder the flesh started to move back. This continued until the needle popped under my skin. As the needle went in a felt a slight sting but nothing major. I pushed the needle under the surface of my skin until the point I wanted it to exit. As I did this I could see the skin raise. This was completely painless although there was a curious but nice sensation.

I then reached the point where I wanted the needle to exit. I pushed the back of the needle down so it pushed up on the inside of the skin. As I did this a white bump formed. I proceeded to push the needle up and out. As it broke the skin there was a stinging sensation. I encountered a fair bit of resistance as where before the needle glided though under the skin.

That was the first one done. I felt invigorated and inspired to do more. I picked up another needle and did it again, and again until I ran out of needles. I looked at my arm and felt proud. I had done something I never thought I would or could do. I ran my finger down the piercings and could feel all the needles under my skin. I kept them in until it was the time to take them out.

I took hold of the first needle and painlessly removed it from me. I then took the rest of them out in turn. I watched dots of blood form where the entry and exit marks were. It didn't bleed as much as I expected it would. I started to feel good. I got a sudden endorphin rush and just relaxed and sat back in my chair. I felt somewhat justified when the last needle went in to White Zombie's 'More human than human'.

I now have the task of disposing of my needles. I'm sure any piercer or doctor will be able to dispose of them for me, as it would be irresponsible to just throw them in the rubbish.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 June 2002
in Ritual

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Artist: Self+Inflicted
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Location: Brighton

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