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My Cheek Spearing- Indeed, Profound AND Meaningful

I apologize if anything seems strange about this experience, it occurred in February of 2001, and I am just now in a place that I can write about it.

I was attending college in New Hampshire for a semester to get out of my house, and while I was there, a piercer from the West Coast came to the shop in town. This guy was supposed to be a master, and I believed him (and still do) for the quality of his portfolio, and the piercings I had seen on people which were done during previous visits.

He did my vertical labrets, scalpelled my ears to ½", and stretched my septum to 8 ga. I hung out at the shop while he was there every day that week, and towards the end of the week, I gave him a ride back to where he was staying. It was then he asked me if we (me, my roommate Gregg, and my girlfriend Trisha) would like to do a cheek skewering on the last night he was in town. Gregg and Trisha were right into it, but I was a little leery. I said I would go but not do it, and he looked at me in a sort of hurt way. "Isn't this what you were looking for, Bob?" he says. "A ticket to the next level?"

And you know, he was right. So I agreed to it.

Fast forward to Tuesday, the night before he was scheduled to leave. After the shop closed, we hung around, about 25 people in total, and waited for the shop owner to finish grinding the skewers.

Then, the lights were dimmed, the windows covered, and some light music with a heavy bassline was put on. We sat in a circle, and the only rule for the night was that you had to bring something personal and leave it in a spot near the center, and you couldn't sit next to someone you knew.

He asked us who wanted to go first, and someone chose to. I was kind of apprehensive, so I hung back until after Gregg had gotten his. When it came time that I thought I had steeled myself enough to get up and do it, I nervously motioned to him that it should be my turn.

"Sheesh Bob", he said, "I thought you wouldn't do it."

So, I went to the middle of the circle of skewered and unskewered people, all eyes watching me... He marked both of my cheeks, and then placed the skewer on my cheek. I felt the sharpness of the metal, it was cold, slick with some kind of lubricant, most likely triple anti-biotic though I have no idea. He asked if I was ready. Of course I was!

And with that, he pushed the skewer through one cheek, a space of ten thousand heartbeats, the world ended, and then the skewer went through my other cheek.

The pain was pretty intense, actually, and that was before he pulled on my cheeks to get them back into a natural position. It kind of burnt, and I needed to keep my mouth open a little because they were pierced a bit high for my jaw structure, but there was a strange feeling of energy. I went back to my spot and sat again, sort of reeling in a lot of ways from this energy that was coursing through me. Both of the people next to me had been skewered, and there was a real feeling of camaraderie between us, or at least to me. We sat for around five more minutes until everyone had been skewered, then we all got up and wandered around to look in the mirror or talk to the people we had came with. I went to Trisha and we touched foreheads, and the energy there was really sort of powerful.

This energy remained circling the room for a good half hour, when people started leaving and the "ceremony" was winding down. We started taking out our skewers or having him do it for us. I chose to take my own out, and slowly pulled it from the side he had pierced it originally. I chose slow to maximize the discomfort, for if I had pulled it faster, it would have hurt for only a second, and I wanted a defined end of this moment.

I went to my piercer when I had gotten my skewer out. He had also taken his skewer out, and we locked eyes for a moment. He asked me a pretty simple question then.

"Was it what you thought it would be?"

It was nothing at all like I thought it would be. More powerful spiritually and emotionally than anything I had ever encountered. I apologize for being a little light on the technical details of this experience, but that's not what mattered to me at the time, and still not what matters to me. That experience was perhaps the single most spiritual thing I have ever done, and the energy in that room has never come back to me in any way. I've moved on from that area, haven't talked to my piercer since last June, but the memory of my cheek spearing will stay with me forever, even if everything else changes.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 01 June 2002
in Ritual

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