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Trust in close friends

The weekend of April 21, 2002 was a very defining moment in my life with people I now feel closer to than I ever have with anyone, but on a different level of trust and closeness. Once of the best piercers I have encountered ever since I started being stabbed 6 years ago, Alex from Comes A Time, was able to make a pulling happen for me. Which, I wanted to experience for quite some time now. The atmosphere was wonderful with some frankincense and myrrh burning along with some music all to ease the mind. I was being pulled with a friend, Ringo Suicide, in which I trust so dearly. I was the first to be pierced with using eight gage needles and then having the flesh hooks put in. Alex was oh so kind to relax my muscles by massaging the area before he proceeded with the piercing. The sensation of piercing through the chest area was a surprise; I figured it would be little more of a stronger sensation than having anything else pierced (eyebrow, labret, nipples and ear stretching,  just so you know what I am comparing to, that is what I have so far.) In all truth, I really enjoyed it. The first time I didn't want to look as it was being done only so I didn't psyche myself out too much. Getting the second one done, I was so fascinated so I had to watch.

Ringo had his hooks put in him and we were then tied together. Now I am a skinny girl and I am pulling with Mr. Suicide, in which he happens to be a bit bigger than I am. I had no worries; Alex was behind me holding my shoulders just in case I started to lean forward. Ringo was kind to allow me to pull back first without having him worry about me falling forward. I leaned back and closed my eyes. The more I leaned back the better I felt. The endorphins rage through my body and it was one of the greatest sensations I have felt in a long time. It is a unique sensation in which there is no way to really explain how it actually feels. For everyone it comes differently. You know in you mind that there is no pain, but you feel and see it go through your skin and you see your skin being pulled two inches away from you body. Then it was Ringo's turn to lay back and enjoy, but the whole time Ringo was worried that he was going to hurt me. I kept telling him that he would be the firs t to know if I was in pain and I also had the choice to move forward or speak up. So he pulled away, a few times Alex had to hold onto me but I was fine. I had people in the room commenting on how I can hold on while he leaned back. I started to pull with him so we would get a good angle for the both of us to pull on. It worked for a while, but the truth was that he was a little too heavy for my weight.

We had cameras going all over and I sure did love the pictures that came out. Ringo was saying that I looked demented. I find it very funny that during this process I can look demented. But I felt so great throughout the whole thing. But like all good things, at some point it had to end. I was getting a little tired, and boy that can take a load of energy out of you. Ringo wasn't done though and was itching for more. So Alex had an eye screw up into the ceiling and he was tied up to that. Ringo then felt more relaxed to lean back farther without the thought going though his head about hurting another person. I sat back and relaxed for the moment for there was more exciting things to happen later. I am sure there are pictures posted on Alex's part of the website, but he had the funniest and greatest idea to have some fun with skewing. We all took a trip on up to Krispy Kreams. I think there were about ten of us going up there. All of us walk in and Alex orders some cake doug hnuts and a few glazed for later eating. The funny part of the ordering was that Alex, Ringo and I all had skews through our cheeks. And ordering was quite interesting. We got our doughnuts and ventured into the parking lot. There we added our doughnuts to the skews. This was so hard to do for laughing wasn't pleasant. I was trying so hard not to laugh at the situation, but everyone was laughing at us and it was really funny to begin with. We eventually relaxed and did the picture thing in front of the brightly lit Krispy Kream sign. The pictures are wonderful and quite funny. I will say it is hard to eat a doughnut with an eighteen-inch skew through your cheeks. But doing the skewing, it made me think of a few things. The cultures that actually do this for their tribal reasons. They leave them in for hours and it takes a lot of mind power to keep those in. Americans laugh and talk so much and for an American to do things like skewing, it's very difficult to keep them in fo r long periods of time. So after having a skewing done, I hold high re

spect to those who have it apart of their lives since they can remember.

I had so much fun doing all of this and of course I will do it again. Maybe not a chest pulling but I would love to do a suspension. You learn a lot about yourself when you have someone stick a large hook though your body and you learn a lot more about how much your mind and body can take and work together. But it will have to be a while before I decide to suspend. It's like another level in life, another level your mind must be ready for.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 May 2002
in Ritual

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Artist: Alex
Studio: Comes+A+Time
Location: Fairfax%2C+VA

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