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A pulling is something that has interested me and I told myself that I would do a few before I actually did a suspension. Although I don't really know how I can compare the two. In the following I will discuss the two pullings I have completed and the highlights of the two. If you are reading this and are considering doing a pulling and want to know specific details feel free to contact me. It's really hard to describe the sensation I get but I will try to the best of my ability. My first pulling was performed in the beginning of February. I showed up late the ihung crew(CHECK OUT IHUNG) had already hooked up and pulled. Jon pierced me and I pulled against Andy it really wasn't a big deal pain wise. The piercing wasn't painful at all and then going out to actually pull I got a little burning sensation and then it was over and I eased my way into leaning. Andy just pretty much stood there because I didn't know how much I could handle. After about 10 or 15 minutes we hooked up into a ring. There were 5 people it was a little more intense but not really. I really wasn't forceful just trying to hold my ground.

But my first pulling experience was good everything went smoothly. I kind of wished I pushed myself to be more aggressive and maybe thrust my hips a little more but I'm glad I didn't over do it. The only down side to it was the rice crispy like things that were on my right side of my back (thanks Jason). The rice crispy things are air pockets that are trapped in a persons back. They develop when all the air isn't worked out after the pulling. I had Andy work on my back but they went away in about three days or so. It was nothing horrible but it defiantly wasn't pleasant.

Now two months later I have completed my second pulling. This was a lot different than the other one by far. The piercing was about the same. There really was no pain but I think for some reason I have gotten over piercing pain. So be warned it might hurt for you everyone is different dealing with pain. Lori and I were the first to be pierced and to pull. Lori and I pulled for a total of maybe ten minutes if that. It felt a lot like my first time basically just standing there but I was in Andy's place this time trying to hold Loris weight. But it was okay and it wasn't really a struggle. Then everyone else got hooked and started pulling. Lori was cold so we didn't pull I pretty much just stood back and watched everyone and watched how they positioned their body (arms and legs). It makes it a lot better if a person thrusts their hips forward. At first I really wasn't doing that but doing it made me feel the pull a lot more. But after waiting about an hour or more I finally got my chance to pull with Jason aka Grazer. I was a little worried a first because he was so aggressive but it turned out okay. I asked him to let me warm up a little bit so I didn't go into it full force. At first it felt like crap but once my muscles loosened up I was leaning like crazy. Jason was so surprised. After that we pulled maybe a 10 or 15 minutes dragging each other around the room. It was so awesome. Pulling is such a release. After we were finished the feeling I had was indescribable my body felt like it was in heaven! My hooks were taking out and then the air bubbles were re ally worked out. I think I had four different people working on them (not at once mind you). But right now my back is a little sore more than the last time but I think it is just because I was a lot more aggressive this time.

I think a suspension is my next goal. I might do another pull but I'm not for sure. But I recommend pulling it's such an outlet for getting out a lot of anger. Well at least it is for me. The feeling I had afterwards can't be described I felt like everything had been lifted off my chest. Although I believe it's not for someone that hasn't been pierced a good amount of times or has a few tattoos. It is a pretty intense experience depending on how much people push themselves. If you are considering a pulling read read read! Check out the pictures or try to get your hands on a video. It's not something that should be done because it's the cool thing to do at the moment or if you are trying to impress someone it's intense and you need to know what's going on or your going to get a nice kick in the rear end. If you have any questions feel free to contact me.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 26 March 2002
in Ritual

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