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my bed of nails -3 inch spacing!! with 350 lbs on top of me!

I am the Princess of Pain with the Cut Throat Freak Show. I perform several torture acts -human pincushion, cheek skewering, flesh hook suspensions/ tug of wars, eye socket weight lifting. fire torture, gavage (I am, by the way the only woman alive to perform the gavage stomach pumping act or eye socket weight lifting).

I also perform the classic bed of nails routine.

-Only I do it with a few major twists. First of all my bed has a tenth (if not less, much less) of the nails that most other performers use. They are spaced three inches apart, and are long enough (four inch, solid stainless steel, 60 penny nails) to run me through if I push my limits too far. No hardware store crap either, these nails are sharp!

I lay on the bed of nails and adjust to it. Nails team up with gravity and try desperately to skewer me. As a part of my routine I regularly allow a member of the audience walk across my stomach. I had decided before coming on stage that night that I was going to put it all on the line and find my limits. I was going to put as much weght as I could possibly bear on top of me. That is what the Cut throat Freak Show is all about, pushing the limits of sideshow acts. Side show classics with extreme twists.

Our show on this night was at a well known club in Poenix AZ. There were alot of our friends and peers in the crowd, which made up a lot of the reason for my determination and ambition. I had to live up to Cut Throat tradition and be as bad ass as humanly possible. I had to for the shows sake, and to find my own limits as well. Hell if I'm gonna go all out there had better be witnesses!

I layed down carefully on the bed of nails. Each nail pressing, digging and stabbing into my flesh. I layed there, balanced delicately over less than fifty nails. This is an extreme bed of nails, but it gets better...

I called one person to stand on me. Any one who's been on a bed of nails before knows that this hurts. Multiply the pain by ten. (because I have only one tenth the nails). I can feel the nails seperating the muscles in by back. It hurts the skin but absolutely forces the muscles into relaxation. This is my favorite part. The relaxing mix of pain and pleasure. No adrenalin. No excitement. Just forced, total relaxation. One deep breath and I motioned for number two. (that makes twenty times the pain!)

As the second guy climbed on I felt three of the nails poking into my ass, pierce through my skin! I had actually been penetrated by the nails! A combined total of about two hundred and fifty pounds stood on my stomach waiting to see "what she is gonna do next?".

I called a third person from the crowd (thirty times the pain) and asked her to climb onto my chest. She had one foot on my upper chest just below my throat. She was working on putting her other foot just between my tits and the foot of the first guy, when I felt another nail pushing through the flesh dead center in the middle of my upper back. This scared the shit out of me. I was deathly afraid of some sort of spinal injury. -too late now...

She put her full weight on top of me and, nothing. I relaxed and allowed my weight (and the weidght of the three people on top of me) to be spread evenly over the nails. Three hundred and fifty pounds. Three hundred and fifty pounds!!

Folks, this is Freak show science, human willpower, and self control in action!

I waited a few seconds and Cut Throat (our shows MC and namesake) ushered them off of me and then off of the stage.

As I stood up and slowly turned and showed the crowd my back, they all gasped. I had shocked them. They all gasped at the sight of the blood that had started to tricke out of my three lower wounds. Applause. The crowd went nuts, screaming and clappping. People are sick. They love to watch others in pain. I love them watching me put myself through pain.

Is this a record? I hereby challenge anyone to break it. -Don't mangle yourself too horribly.

Photo evidence of this will be available in a week or two on cutthroatfreakshow.com

I think I can take more. Maybe a jump roping fat guy or something.

There you have it. I am thirty times more bad ass than most other bed of nails acts.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 14 March 2002
in Ritual

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Artist: myself
Studio: on+stage+at+the+Big+Fish+Pub
Location: Tempe+AZ

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