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My first pull!

I decided to sleep in as much as possible thinking that I would need the rest for when I was to pull later on that evening. At about 5 p.m. I started getting ready because I knew that I needed to pick up film and get my stuff ready for later.

I talked to Resa and we went to wake Iota's lazy ass up. Afterwards, we went to CVS to buy some film. I wanted to take pictures of the pull later. About an hour later talked to Iota and found out that we might not be pulling because our piercing friend said he was feeling under the weather. Iota was determined to pull that night, especially since Stretchface and him had called off work specifically for that night to do it. So Iota quickly got his car and went to go see our friend at the shop pleading with him to work things out. After much begging he talked him into letting us come over to his house after he was off at work and do it there. Later Iota could pierce Stretchface to complete the pull. When leaving the shop Iota picked Tanzutskitten and I up to go to the piercer's house. We went to the grocery first because Tanzutskitten wanted to get some oranges in case of low blood sugar. We had some time before meeting the piercer, so I got some gum to chew so that I could get my mind of the pull.

We got to the piercer's house and it was really cold outside. I knew we were going to freeze after getting hooked up. I was the last person to get pierced. Iota went first and then Tanzutskitten after him. I was slightly nervous because it isn't an everyday thing that you get your back pierced with hooks in it to pull at the flesh against another person's body weight.

Tanzutskitten described it as being more painful that she thought it would be. I am not sure if she was doing that for my benefit or because it really hurt, but her telling me that made me have high expectations. For when it was my turn I took it like a champ. I thought it wasn't that bad considering how much I was thinking about it before hand. I didn't even flinch, I was so proud of myself. It wasn't any worse than the rest of my piercings. I have never really had a problem with piercing pain, so it was pretty easy. So we had the hooks in and got on as much clothing as possible and went for the car. Mind you that this whole experience can only be more traumatic when you have to pee really really bad.

When we finally got situated in the car, not being able to lean back and it being freezing we were off to Stretchface's. I wasn't able to wear a seat belt because of the hooks so I told Iota not to get into a wreck. Unfortunately I wasn't too smart when mentioning the possibility of a wreck while we were in the car and being hooked to the wreckage. I don't think that put good images into people's minds.

When we got to Stretchface's we had to get things ready to pierce him. Iota watched the piercer do it closely and he showed him a few tips. We drew on Stretchface's back for a while and got the correct markings. I held up his skin in a roll as Iota pierced it. Iota did a surprisingly good job considering it was his first time. However, being new to the whole pulling concept, I would still feel more comfortable being pierced by an actual piercer. That is just my paranoia acting up again.

So Stretchface was all ready to go. We all enjoyed some delicious glucose tablets before starting. We took them in case someone was feeling lightheaded or didn't have enough body sugar. Nothing like pure sugar to get your going.

Iota and Stretchface made sure that Deanna and I got a good start before they began to pull, so they gave us some tips. They said to start pulling slowly and then put your body weight into it. Also, to put your pelvis forward to lean your body, putting more weight to the center of the hook.

Tanzutskitten and I slowly got into it. The feeling is so weird to describe and you are always afraid you are going to lose your footing. Also, it just feels as if your skin is coming together in the middle of your back with a slight tingly feeling. It is really hard to keep your balance based on the other person's weight. You can never be sure if the slightest movement that they make could cause you to fall. You really have to trust the people you pull with.

Things seemed a little off, Tanzutskitten was having trouble getting used to it. I honestly think she was having a hard time being on 5 hours of sleep and expresso beans to keep her awake. Her body couldn't handle it for very long. I am just glad that she attempted it despite feeling a little odd.

Tanzutskitten took her hooks out first after about an hour. Stretchface and Iota seemed slightly bored with the concept now that they have done it. Their giddy selves only want to reach more heights of body torture while they are still young, hehe.

Stretchface, Iota and I all attempted a thee-way pull in the kitchen. We used Stretchface's 00ga septum piece to hook the ropes together. However, I think everyone was getting some weird pull sensations and it just doesn't feel as good without direct pulling from another person. I know the pulling was unbalanced because you have people of different body weights pulling at separate hooks. So I told Stretchface and Iota that they could pull while I took a small break and listened to the music. Also it gave me a chance to rest while talk to Malliekat and Tanzutskitten while they were in the other room not watching.

After they were done pulling we decided to order some Papa John's pizza. So after ordering Iota and I hooked up because we had nothing better to do while waiting for the pizza to come. I found it to be a lot easier with him than Tanzutskitten. I wasn't sure about how she was taking it before since she was describing odd sensations so I was afraid to lean down far on her. But with Iota I knew he had leaned hard before and that helped me to feel comfortable with him. So we pulled in the kitchen and it worked out really well.

Iota and I only have about a 10 to 15 pound difference in weight since he is twig boy. I got to get some good pulling in and even went down at a really good angle leaning on the kitchen sink. The pressure just flows into your body and it feels so good. An amazing feeling that I had never gotten before with piercings because that pain is only temporary. When we were done pulling I could still feel the pressure of the hooks in me. The coolest thing was that for some reason the way that I was pulling my back seemed to make an A. A for Alexis is what I said. I know I am retarded. Besides that fact, it was awesome.

After Iota and I stopped we all took out our hooks and waited on the pizza to arrive. The only thing that really creeps me out about the pulling thing is the aftermath where people have to get out the air bubbles. Everyone else was either having none or very little, so I was optimistic about getting very little as well. Boy was I wrong. I had so many air bubbles in me it wasn't even funny. It was really freaking me out hearing the noises of the air coming out that I had to plug my ears. They couldn't even get out all the air bubbles because there were so many. They were going down my side and into my arm pit. Basically everyone there attempted to get them all out and knew in a little while that it was hopeless. It was only on my right side too. I think the fact that my hook was so close to my shoulder blade and that I have very little fat in my back made it easier for the air to get in. Plus I could feel the right one pulling a little more than the left one. I still had a g ood time and when we were done with hooks the pizza guy arrived. We got to eat pizza, watch Simpsons and just channel surf while coming down from adrenaline highs.  

I loved pulling, it was a great release. I wasn't sure exactly how it was going to feel, but once I knew it was something I could really get into. I have joined the suspension and flesh pull group ihung at ihung.org. Hopefully we are going to be performing for

bands or at shows. Also, although I have only pulled once, I am planing on doing it a lot more in the future. Maybe I'll fit a suspension in later in life too.

One last thing, I have several body modifications already. Sixteen piercings in all and I have done a few sessions of play piercing. I chose to write to BME about this experience over all the rest. I have been looking on BME for a while now and I noticed that a lot of the stories were basic stuff that I had and I felt my story wouldn't make a difference in that category. I decided I wanted to contribute to a part of BME that I felt would help, so people could use my story as advice on how to do their first pull.

I am also going to submit some pictures with the pull if you would like to check those out. Just look for ones labeled Stretchface, Iota, Tanzutskitten and me (Alexis). Anyone who does read this and looks at the pictures, you are welcome to email me about any questions.


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on: 08 March 2002
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