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The feeling of something better than life

Well, it all began on November 21. I walked in this body piercing shop named Quest. I talked to this man name J. C. He would have to be the best body piercer I have ever let to touch me. Well, on that day he pierced my cheeks and he was going to do two dermal punches to my conchs, but the equipment didn't come in until two weeks before my hanging. Ever since that day I have went to this body piercier.

Later that month, I went to Quest to talk to J. C. about doing some good old fashion fun (body suspension). He said that there was something coming up next month (December). Well, I asked him if maybe I could be apart of his show. At first I thought he was thinking that I was just talking though my ass. That I didn't know what I was getting into, but later on that month I showed him that I could take some pain by getting two dermal punches to my conchs.

So after all that I asked him if I could be in his show. Then finally he said I could if I wanted to feel something better than life itself. So I took the moment and went with it and I knew I would never forget it. So the big day was coming sooner than I thought. Then the day finally came into the feeling of something better than life, but before the show it was nothing but horror I swear.

I had to go to work first, because my boss wasn't going to let me off that day to rest!! I had to wake up around 7:00 in the morning. So that wasn't fun at all, but at I got off worked I rested for four hours though. So after I had rested I went up to the shop for the piercing and that wasn't fun!! I had to have eight piercing and then also two in the back of my legs. What fun!! After that J. C. put the hooks in me. I was so glad that was done.

Then after I was done he did a couple of other people who did the suspension as well. After the he was though with everyone we headed to the place where I would do my suspension. The ride there was very fun if you ever had ten hooks in your back before. After the ride we finally got there and about 100 people showed up there.

I talked to some of my friends that were there to see my suspension. Jason and his bother Dan went first while the band was playing. I have to say that it was very crazy because I have never seen that in my life. It looked like something you would have seen in that movie Strangeland. After the band had finish and Jason and Dan came down it would be my turn to do my suspenion.

So after a few minutes of waiting on Jason and the crew to get ready for my turn I doubted myself on if I could take all this pain, but I also thought to myself if I had already went though all this pain of getting hooks in me I could do this suspension and feel something better than this life.

So they finally got though with everything and it was my turn. So I walked over to the where I was going to be hanging and then laid down to be ready to be lifted up. J. C. asked my if I was ok and made sure I was ready for this and I knew in my heart it was my time to hang and I answer him with a big smile and there I was be lifted up in the air about 5 feet first off the ground.

Oh my god it was great I thought to myself as I was in the air. I couldn't feel anything, but this warm feeling going all over my body. Then after I was in the air for about 10 or 15 minutes they bought me down slowly. Whenever they let me down completely I screamed as loud as I could because I felt the worst pain of my life, but I didn't mind at all.

After my suspension because so tired and felt like I was going to past off but I ate something and was fine. After everyone was though and all we all went to the shop to get the hooks out and that wasn't any fun. I didn't think the piercing hurt at all, but getting the hooks taking out of me really hurt.

After that was though I just thanked J. C. for letting me get to do the suspension. He also thanked me for being in the show. So after that I went home to have the best sleep in my life as well and the weirdest dreams too. So if you ever get the chance to do a suspension of any kind take that chance and run with it. Trust me, it will be something better than life itself.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 11 Feb. 2002
in Ritual

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Artist: Jesus+Christ
Studio: Quest+Body+Piercing+and+Tattoos
Location: Nashville%2CTN

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