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Myth vs Fact and Education

I was born and raised in California. The only things I knew about anything was what my parents forced down my throat mentally, verbally, and physically. I was very sheltered in that the only things I knew about tattoo shops is that tattoos were satanic, and that only biker gangs (anybody with a Harley was in a biker gang), drug addicts, and cult members hung out and went to those kinds of places. I had always wondered how the people with facial and odd ear piercing' got the backing on the stud. There were a lot of people around with body piercing, spiked hair, leather clothing, (the 80's) and such. Unfortunately I was never able to approach these people for fear that something would happen to me by them or by my parents if they found out I had talked to some one like that.

Now before you get offended and start sending me hate mail, please take a few more minutes to read on and hear me out.

This article is being written to try to bring people to realize that those stereotypes still exist today, and that the government and many people still seem to share the point of view of that biased little community I grew up in.

You may asking yourself why I wasn't able to think for myself and close my ears to that communitys' narrow mindedness. The answer is simple, I did not know I had a choice or that I could! There are a lot of children who were and still are being raised like this, who are growing into adults who, although they are on their own now, still have those belief's branded into them so strongly they don't know any different. Which brings me to why I wanted to right this. I am not speaking of people who are just to stupid or lazy to think for themselves, I am talking about intense programming.

There are people out there who don't know that most body mod shops are the best and really the only way people should be pierced. They don't realize that guns are very dangerous and unclean. You cannot sterilize a gun with alcohol, you cannot sterilize a gun at all. You can sterilize needles, needles are used only once, and they are safer than guns. The thought that there are cleaner and safer methods of piercing might not ever occur to them or be brought to their attention. Or maybe some people have heard of body piercing but are to afraid to venture into a shop and ask about it.

Yes, I know this sounds extreme or stupid but its there. There are people putting themselves in danger by being pierced by guns. People who are spreading their biased beliefs to other people. People who don't know to ask because they aren't aware it's there to ask about. My hope is that will be made aware of the truth, and that those of us who have body mods will help educate people. You could argue that going out and making the public aware of body modification beliefs is no different than people going around telling the public that body piercing is Satanism. It is very different, going out and giving people the medical facts on gun vs. needle piercings' is giving them facts and proof through education, telling people its satanic is forcing your fears and superstitions on them and telling them to believe this way or else.

Stereotyping is still very much alive when it comes to body piercing and tattoo shops. As far as the biker/gang reference, that is another stereotype that is still present. Just look at how the media has portrayed bikers and people with body mods on television and in movies. I for one, resent these narrow minded beliefs and dangerous practices (piercing gun) being forced on us. There is no excuse to label any style of living as wrong just because of one motorcycle gang in California or because of the way Hollywood, for the most part over the years, portrays the bad guys (bikers with body mods or people with body mods) vs. good guys (mostly clean cut).

This article is dedicated to those out there who are living in bondage due to the mental and emotional abuse of stupid and superstitious idiots forcing their way of thinking on the young and old.

I now have seven piercings, 3 lobe piercings in each ear, and 1 tongue piercing. Four tattoos and I am building a Harley myself (starting small with a sporty). It's just shameful what people are instilling in the minds of others and being successful. I look back and can't figure out why? What is there to gain? I can understand why people come up and ask stupid questions or make thoughtless remarks and can also understand why these people's words are returned by anger from the person being addressed. Where and when did all this stupidity and superstition start?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 06 Feb. 2002
in Ritual

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