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Your soul is you. Your mind sees. Your body feels.

It all started when I was about 9. I was watching this documentary with my dad on Sundances. I understood why they were doing it. I told my dad I wanted to do it. He said I must be crazy. I never spoke of it again for many years. Just in thought.

My friend Joe and I went on a trip to Salt Lake City to do a tattoo party. Then to head to Denver to do a convention. It all fell apart terribly. The party turned bad, my power unit blew, couldn't afford the trip to Denver I already paid for. It was looking bad. We had a choice. We could go back home or get a ride to Phoenix with my good friend Jane. My friend and her weren't getting along the greatest. So we flipped a coin. On to Phoenix we went.

Jane told Steve of my dream to do a suspension. She introduced us at a Opiat For The Masses show. We set up a date, but it was stormy out. It got posponed till the next weekend after a church meeting.

My friend Joe understood why I wanted to go up. But not to fullest understanding. So explained my reasons. I told him I wanted to know why I feel the way I do. My mind, body, and soul that would feel so whole to myself. A better understanding of life itself. It was something he wanted to experience as well. So he decided he wanted to do it too. I called Steve and asked if there was a chance Joe could go up to. He said no problem.

All went as planned. 13 years of waiting. This was probably the most meaningful day of my life.

The hooks go in. Not as bad as I was thinking. Actually felt pretty good. I stood around for about 30 minutes preparing for was to come. All strapped up and ready for my go. I laid there for a few moments thinking of about a million things I was going to expect. Then I thought "I should be thinking of these things after I'm done". Go.

Going up was such a pure feeling. It hurt, ya. But not in a bad way. It was like all the emotions I have ever felt ran through me and waited for me to come back to them. I was in a world I had never seen but knew. The pain slowly passed. About 10-15 minutes I think. Time was not really in existence at the moment.

At times I didn't know if I was upside down or off to side or what. I kind of flew around. I was in reality doing a 12 point, horizontal suspension from the back, legs, and elbows. They started spinning me around and swinging me. I just kinda left my body on one of those spins. My mind was taking my brain out and letting me see a part of life I needed to see. Back and forth it went like this for a while. Hearing flames Gyn, I think it was Gyn, was spinning around.

Steve stopped me and looked in my eyes. He said for me to feel myself, to let loose, to hang completly relaxed. I kinda sank. It felt like my skin stretched until my soul popped out. Then thats when it got more beautiful that I can really explain. I'll try though. I flew around looking at peoples souls. There was no material things anymore. Only things that were alive. Trees, people. I could tell what kinda people were what. I seen people laugh with sputers of sparks coming off there aura. Some people were sad. Some overly happy. Then there was Jane. Looking right into me. Her soul so long and swarming. I ran up her. Spiraling around her, caressing her soul. I didn't know things like that could happen quite like that. The sky, or atmosphere, was all lit up. Even though it was dark. I came back to my body and chilled there for a while. I was told I was up for an hour and a half. I came down to let Joe go up. I didn't really want to come down. I felt like I could live there. Scarred that the feeling might pass. It never has. I can't wait to go back up. To get to the feeling I had in its purest form.

I can't thank Steve enough for what he gave to me. Doing it in such a spiritual matter. Getting rid of the people that didn't really understand who wanted to watch that would put a piece of a block on the situation. His soul is pure.

Joe thinks of life so differently know too. He done a good job. He didn't have as long to prepare himself. Only about a week with the idea that he did want to do it. But thats long enough to feel something so pure. We got on the bus and headed back to Indiana that next day. Im glad we had time to sit and think about things for a couple days.


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on: 31 Jan. 2002
in Ritual

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