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Fate Intervenes

superman suspension

It was August. Me and my best friend Oakie were to attend a tattoo convention in Dever. Our first stop was in Salt lake City to do a tat party so we could raise money for the trip.

We were in Utah for about two weeks. Unfotunately our plans really crashed hard. We didnt make enough money for booth rental and the day before we were set to leave Oakies power supply fried...things really werent going well at all! It seemed to be a bust.

We were spending time with an old friend of Oak's named Jane (a really cool and interesting woman). She invited us to stay with her family and then ride with her to Pheonix. The truth about me and Jane is that we got along for the most part, and when we didnt our personalities really clashed, which did cause some fights. Honestly we didnt get alonge to well in Provo. We were on the verge of skipping the whole thing and using our round trip tickets to just get the hell home (Indiana)! It came down to flipping a coin! Heads we went home, tails we stuck it out. It landed tails. So on to Pheonix we went!

I had never previously been to Pheonix but Oakie had. I heard good things but wasnt being to opptomistic. Probably because of the way every thing else had worked out. I did try to keep an open mind and really fell in love with the place.

Anayways Oak had always been interested, and wanting to try suspension. I honestly knew very little about it all. Through Jane Oak an I met Steve and company who agreed on Oakies first suspension. Steve was great. His intelligece and open mind made a really big impression on me. Since it was an outdoor suspension and the weather was bad Steve scheduled it for the following sunday, and invited us to a church meeting. The day we were supposed to catch our bus was the same day this was supposed to take place. Needless to say we payed extra and rescheduled our bus ride.

Through Oaks excitement and how comfortable Steve made me I was REALLY wanting to experience this for my self. Through another twist of fate another guy who was going up had to cancel, which opened the door for me.

We attended the church meeting, which was an awsome experience in itself! Grabbed a bite to eat and headed back to Steves house to begin.

Oak went first. I thought I was going to pass out just watching him get his hooks in! He took it well. He got connected to the rig am after a moments hesitation was in the air. He was up for over an hour! I was completely overwhelmed and proud of my friend who had just takin this step. Without him I dont know if I could have gone through with it. I think the only reason he came down was because it was getting late and he wanted to give me my chance.

Steve asked if I was ready. I was determined but pretty scared. I said yes (my brain was screaming NO!). The hooks werent near as bad as I expected. I was set to go. I was hooked to the rig and asked again "are you ready"..."yes" and up I went. At first I didnt know if I could take it. I was shaking and feeling a little ill, but I stayed with it. Then I seemed to reach a point were the pain was gone. I felt totally free, and at peace. I LOVED it, every moment. 45 minutes later I was ready to come down. As I was lowered it was kind of like the weight of the world being set back on my shoulders but now I have a new perspective and strenght. I saw my friend crying for me.

The next day we headed for home. Little words passed between us. We didnt need to talk. The most powerfull and empowering expereince of our lives had just happened...what need to be said!

I have always been into subculture. I have always had many peircings and tattoos. I have an open mind for new things and cultures. Since August I have really felt a strong connection between my Mind, Body and Soul. I want to learn about all things related. I have plans for my first branding, and would really like some implants, though I havent decided what at this point. I am alsoi trying to open my lovers mind to this world. I think it would be really good for her.

I am planning a suicide suspension in may and I want her to be there. hoping she will find something for her.

I dont care what general public or the average outsider may think of this. I love the people I met through this and everything I have gained since then. It was one of those beutifull perfect moments that most people hope for but never have.

That was my first, though far from last suspension. And to think I almost went home and missed it all! Joe


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 25 Jan. 2002
in Ritual

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Studio: Steves+back+yard
Location: Pheonix

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