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No Regrets, All Joy

Though the pictures of my First Energy Flesh Pull are already on BME, I decided to go ahead and submit my experience. Since my Energy Pull was extremely important and personal, I want to
start off, with how I came to my decision. My first memory of discovering what an Energy Pull, was when my friend, William expressed a desire to do the Pull. I, had never heard of it, and had asked what it was. It was described to me as, "Human tug-of-war".

I was horrified. Like so many others would react, I could not
understand why he
wanted to do such a thing to his body. I did not want him to do it, but
it was
his body and I had no rights to it. I was more interested in his well
being and
making sure he was going to be okay. I was going to be supportive of
decision, no matter my feelings.

So, his girlfriend, his piercer, and I went with him to Baltimore. I
watched as
he was prepped, pierced and rigged. I became more and more comfortable
with what
was happening with him. He didn't appear to be in any horrible amounts
of pain,
he was in good spirits and very excited.

I was amazed by the whole experience. The expressions of people's
faces, the
energy I felt in the atmosphere and most of all the extremes which the
body can withstand.

It wasn't the horrible scene, I had imagined. It was beautiful. I wanted to do it. I wanted to feel what those strong beautiful people

So I thought about it, researched it, and waited for the chance to do
it. Things
fell in to place, and I made plans to do it while I was visiting family
I got in touch, with the Rev.
Steve Truitt of Needle
Fetish. He
was very patient and any questions I had, he answered. Any doubts I
had, he

Somewhere along the line, I came in contact with the beautiful Jessica. She
agreed to
be my Pull partner, after my friend Jason decided against it. I was
all set.

I arrived in Jacksonville, a week before the event, and decided to
check out
Needle Fetish. I wanted to check out the layout, the people and the
before I actually did the Pull. I am glad I did. It gave me the
chance to
spend quality time with Rev. Steve and Rev. Alva Richcreek. I watched
work, and how they socialized with their clients and their friends. I
felt at ease with them. I was impressed with their Piercing studio,
which is
without a doubt, one of the best I had ever been in.

The day of the Social arrived. I wasn't very nervous about the Pull; I
was just
very excited. I enjoyed meeting even more beautiful modified people,
sharing in their experiences.

Then I spent some time with Jessica, and she shared that she really
wanted to do
a Suspension. I was fully supportive of her choice and I was not upset
if she
decided against the Energy Pull.

So, I spoke with Alva. He agreed to pull with me and I was overjoyed.
I knew
he would not intentionally cause me harm and he would look out for me.
He knew
how very important it was to me.

I became nervous as things finally began to wind down, and the only
people, who
were left, were the friends I had made during the last week.

Finally, Alva was on the table and his hooks were set vertical. Then
was my
turn. Steve and Alva had decided that a chest pull would be best, and
that my
hooks would be horizontal. Chris Rosenberg was on my right and Steve
was on my
left. Tim
assisted and
held my skin as I took a deep breath, and a few seconds later, I had
two 6g
hooks in my chest. I laid there for a few minutes, getting used to
hooks and
sat up. I was light headed at first, but my excitement took over and I
ready to Pull.

I followed Alva out into the Suspension area, and we were hooked
together. We
held hands for a few moments, and Alva allowed me to set the pace.
Slowly we
separated, until the rope was taught. Then I began leaning, back until
I was
staring at the stars. It was incredible, no pain, no worries. I felt
only the
tension of the ropes, and my skin slowly stretching out. I became
oblivious to
what was around me, until I was leaning so far back that I began to
lose my

As soon as I said I was unsure of my footing, my Angels were with me.
was on my right and Steve was on my left. They really didn't hold me
up; they
just held onto my arm gently and talked to me.

Again, I relaxed and the only sounds I heard were Kasper and Steve. I
know think I consciously knew what they were saying or doing, I just
know they
were gentle and reassuring.

Most of what I remember is how clear the sky was, how warm (it had
actually been
a cold day) safe and comfortable I felt. There was no pain, and my
fear of
falling quickly faded.

Off and on, I was conscious of the people around me. I saw so many
smiles, and
I laughed some. I don't remember hearing Alva. I do remember that he
smiled a
lot, and at some point that he finally started to lean back, because
Chris was
behind him.

At some point, Steve switched with Tim. That was about the time, I got
what I
needed out of my Pull. It was about that time, when I felt the release
of years
of negative energy. I was satisfied; I was happy and content.

Finally, I told Alva I was tired, and slowly Kasper and Tim guided me
to a
standing position. The ropes removed, I couldn't help embracing Alva.
We were
instructed to kneel, and a blanket was wrapped around us. I held onto
Alva for
the longest time, and I did cry.

I didn't cry because of pain or loss. It was a mixture of relief and
joy. I
was relieved that I had accomplished my goal and that I was still in
one piece.
I was full of joy, of knowing that my experience was shared with people
barely knew me, but cared about me.

Strangely, I am glad that Jessica decided on her Suspension. That was
her path
and I am very proud of her. I am thankful that she gave me the
experience with
Alva. He had already earned my affection and respect before the Pull,
but now I
feel bonded to him. He is my friend, my hero, and my spiritual guide.

I have been home several weeks now. I have kept in contact with my new
at Needle Fetish, and I miss them very much. I have decided that when
I do my
first Suspension, it will be with them. I can not imagine doing it any
place, with different people.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 10 Jan. 2002
in Ritual

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Artist: Chris+Rosenberg%2C+Tim%2C+Steve+Truitt
Studio: Needle+Fetish
Location: Jacksonville%2C+Florida

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