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new years eve fun

We got there around 9:30am. I was going to suspend, and my friend Jason was there to watch and help out. All the other people who were suspending were there, and most of the team was there. We went inside, it was very cold outside. The studio itself was kind of cold as well so I kept my coat on. Phil and Orbax looked at the ceiling to decide how they were going to set up the rig. there was only one spot in front of the door to hang from the ceiling beam. The beam was huge, so it looked very sturdy. I was nervous as hell. The realization of what I was doing finally struck me. They finished up setting everything up, and everyone was there. Four people were going to do suicide suspensions, two people were going to do superman suspensions, my guest, the iwascured team, Steve, and Clive were there.

Phil asked who wanted to go first, and everyone got silent. we were grinning nervously, and Mal volunteered. Mal was going to do a superman suspension, and his piercing was going to take longer, so they wanted a suicide volunteer. I volunteered partially because I thought it would be easier if I didn't have to see it first. I've seen suspensions before at a barbecue, but seeing it then might have frightened me. I got my juice, took off my coat and sat in the chair. Rachel and Marty pierced my back. It was two tandem piercings. I noticed the chilliness of the room more, and felt even more nervous. I did trust everyone there, and there was a warm open atmosphere. I had a spaghetti strap tank top on (the other girl there had a leather halter top) which stayed easily out of the way. My hair was tied back, and Rachel and Marty marked me up. They were joking around a little, and that eased the tension a bit. I was sitting on a stool, and leaning against another. I re laxed as much as possible, and they drove the two hooks in on the second breath. I felt the needles going through for a good second. It was a fairly intense piercing. To top that off, I was very nervous so I waited just a moment before the second piercing. They made some jokes about my skin being very tough, like leather.

I got up, drank some more juice, and walked over to the rig. Now everything felt like it was moving very fast. Phil and Orbax laced me up, and Jason put on some music. Orbax pulled the rope tight to adjust all the hooks. I started to realize what I was in for. I know it hurt, but now i have a difficult time remembering pain. Orbax pulled the rope a little more to bring up my skin, and Phil took my hands. It was feeling very intense, and my vision started to fade and darken. I was a little afraid, but at the same time I knew I would be so let it come. I stayed fairly relaxed, and told Phil that i couldn't see very well. It was fairly gradual, and i knew it would pass. He said it was ok, and told me to start walking forward and backwards. I followed his instructions. I was gently rocking as orbax tightened the rope. The pain was intense, and the fact that my vision kept fading made it more difficult to keep going, but I did. I stopped paying attention to the fac t that I couldn't see. Phil told me to squeeze his hands. My hands felt very week, and it took effort just to get them to move slightly. My mind was very clear, and intense. I realized I had traveled very far to do this, but something inside of me was afraid and wanted to back out. This was big, and I let the fear come and go. Its very difficult to describe this moment, it was by far the most intense part of the suspension. I let go and didn't try to stop it. I kept going, kept walking. A moment later I felt the ground give, and my vision started to return. I looked down to see my feet starting to dangle. The pain started to fade, and everything started to kick in, the endorphins, the music. That was probably one of the most intense moments of my life. I looked down at everyone feeling like they actually saw me. The song was not even halfway through. I was surprised how quickly they got me up. Everything felt very real and alive. My walls were down, and I f elt my human side show through.

They swung me, and orbax held the rope attached to his harness. Everyone in the room was wonderful and we were all so alive. I've never felt so real around other people, and at the same time allowed to be on my own completely. I swung, we made jokes and just had fun. I listened to three more songs, one was a 13 minute long song, and the other was about 10 minutes, so I'm guessing I was up there for about half an hour or so. We did some silly stuff. I tried to call my friend back in Ohio, and her grandmother answered the phone. Phil grabbed a chair so I could hold it like I was sitting in it to get a picture. I listened and once in a while would sing along with the music. I didn't notice the room was chilly while I was up there. I watched Mal get pierced, and when he was finished they asked me if i was ready to come back down. I agreed, knowing it was going to be more of a pain to remove the hooks if the blood was dried. I could have suspended longer, but I didn't actually need to.

Coming back down was a slightly odd feeling, but not really that bad. They told me I would feel a heavy weight as the skin came back into place, like I was being sat on, but it wasn't nearly that bad. They had a chair ready, but I could stand at that point. I had a lot of air under my skin. I sat down in the chair to have the hooks removed. That wasn't too bad, I was a bit nervous because the piercing was a little more intense than I expected. I was given a hook to keep. Steve and Jason then proceeded to massage the air out. That was mildly relaxing, and sort of interesting. blood and air kept gurgling out of the holes. I was shivering cold now, but still very relaxed. I was bandaged up with Tegaderms, and set lose.

I wandered around the rest of the day feeling very good and open. I felt close in a strange way to all these people, and once in a while I would just sit and bask in the feeling. While others suspended I took pictures or talked. Throughout the entire day I felt very liberated and brave. We left around 3:00pm to go back to the hotel room and get ready for Modprom. This was definitely a wonderful new years eve.


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on: 07 Jan. 2002
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