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Finially, I got to suspend.

I did my first suspension on the 22nd of December. The entire week before I went up when ever I would think about the coming experience I would begin to tear up. I had been waiting to suspend since about 4-5 grade when I first learned of it. I don't think I was totally aware of power of suspension at that time but I certainly am now. I chose to go up in the suicide style, vertically from the back. I chose 4 hooks just because it seemed like a good number. I weigh about 170 pounds so it worked out to be 42.5 pounds per hook. Which is way with in the weight limit, since I have personally seen people suspend from one hook longer than I suspended from 4 hooks.

As I watched the person before me start getting pierced I began to tear up and cry. I was so emotional. Just being around the loving environment was so powerful. Once I actually got in the room to be pierced I just began to bawl. Alva, the owner of Needle Fetish, who suspended me just hugged me and let me relax. Just feeling the pure acceptance and love coming from everyone involved made the whole thing easier and better. I lay down and Alva and Steve began to prep my back. Bryan,, held my skin as they pierced me at the same time. The hooks were definitely felt as they went in, but compared to 6 gauge scrotal piercings they were not that bad. One of the strangest parts of it was that I could not see the marks or even really see the hooks when they were in. I am still waiting for my film to be developed to see what it looks like. I laid th ere for a few minutes and began to move my shoulders, just feeling the weight of the hooks. It felt so natural, so right. I stood up, hugged my girlfriend and Alva and started to walk outside. I grabbed a sip off my water bottle and stepped beneath the rigging. That's when I finally realized I was actually about to go up. My cheeks hurt from smiling so much. They attached me and pulled the rig to tension. Alva began talking to me explaining what to expect and to just let it happen. He asked me to let him know when I was ready. I moved and pulled on the rig a bit then said "Okay."

They quickly pulled me up my jaw seemed to wish to stay on the ground. It dropped in slight shock. It was such an intense feeling, one that I had never felt before. I looked down and saw that I was not touching and began to smile. I started to shake my legs, causing me to twist a bit. Alva then offered to spin me, I accepted. I was looking around and just seeing things a bit different. I saw the grass growing in the alley area, the smiles on faces, and the clouds above in a new light. Everything just seemed so right. I mean I was slowly spinning and just watching, I made eye contact with some of the people around and they just were there. They were not expecting anything of me or wanting anything. They just existed in peace.

As my body got tired, I became stiff and sore. I began to talk a bit more. I don't remember saying anything worth repeating. I did begin to burp a bit. I doubt that was from the suspension though. I was at least polite and asked everyone to forgive me. My low back began to hurt, I am not sure why the low back though. I guess it had something to do with the angle I was hanging. Asking to come down was harder to me than asking to go up. I did not want to be on the ground again, but I had to. As I touched down my legs did not want to work and my eyes dried. I just kind of collapsed onto Alva. As I started breathing normal and relaxing I could stand easier. I walked over to my girl and hugged her. Then I laid down on a table outside and they began to remove the hooks and clean me up. A few of the hook spots bleed a bit and so they had to clean my back. I did not have many bubbles in my skin, which I was glad about. Alva stayed with us for a bit and talked to me about what I may feel and about what he felt when he first went up. He was a wonderful guide through out this whole thing.
I did not experience a vision, I do not think I went into a trance; all I can say is that I experienced life. I went up not sure what to expect and came down not really sure of what happened but I am still smiling. I just felt such love, peace, and a connection with everything that I was filled with joy.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Jan. 2002
in Ritual

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