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Hooks of Pleasure

My first pulling experience happened just last week. A couple of very good friends of mine work together at a piercing shop in Salt Lake City, Utah. They had done several other pullings, at which I was present. And it made me really jealous watching them have the experience and not being able to feel it myself. At the end of one of the pullings, I asked my good friend Jesse "When is it my turn?" and he said whenever I wanted. 
I talked it out with him and we decided the following Sunday would be the slowest day for them doing work and that's when it would be the easiest to fit me in. It was only a few days away anyway, so I was pretty excited. 
So I waited a couple of days and went back on Sunday. Dustin was there working but Jesse is a slow little bitch so we had to call him and tell him to come down to the shop. That's when I found out that he was working out at the gym and I knew I'd have to wait forever. 
I sat at the shop for about an hour before he finally showed up. He took his sweet ass time taking a shower and shaving and getting all pretty boy. But at least he was there, so I didn't really care. He told me to take off my shirt and I cracked a few jokes saying I'm a stripper. He put the marks on there in some new fangled way so that my skin would pull out evenly when there was a lot of pressure, which in the end, didn't even work. But hey, it seemed like a good idea at the time. Buy anywho, they got me all marked up and cleaned and ready to go.  
That's when I got on the table. The hooks were 8 gauge and the needles were 10 gauge, so I knew stretching them would be fun. The first piercing, done by Dustin, hurt pretty good, but it wasn't hell or anything. It seemed like it took forever to do the insertion of the hook. The second one went in really easy and smooth and really didn't hurt much. The third one was fucking hell! It took about 6 seconds for the needle to go all the way through because it was on some really tough skin in the center of my back. The last one was pretty easy too, and that was the end of the whole piercing ordeal. 
Then they started lacing the ropes through, which felt really strange. It didn't really hurt bad because the pain was masked by this really strange feeling of hooks in my back... go figure? So they got me all laced up and pulled me up off the table. We then went out of the piercing room into a little waiting room which was pretty big. 
In the waiting room, we started with someone holding the ropes and I'd just lean away from them, and they'd hold my weight. I did that for just a few minutes until I got used to the feel of things. After that, I lay down on the ground and had someone stand over me with the ropes and pick me up. My toes were the only thing on the ground and my body was at about a 45 degree angle. They held me in that position for a minute or so until they were tired of holding me up. Then Dustin grabbed the ropes and stood in the same position, and he pulled my body up the same way until I stood totally upright, which felt really crazy. Then I had Jesse hold the ropes and stand as firm as he could, and I tried to pull him around the room, which wasn't the easiest thing because I'm a really small guy. After my legs got too fucking tired from pulling him, they decided to use me for a tug-of-war. Jesse had the ropes to my back still, and Dustin grabbed my arms. They both pulled as hard as they  could. Dustin was kicking Jesse's ass in the tug-of-war, so Jesse braced his foot in the door frame. Then Dustin just pulled as hard as he could, and Dustin is a pretty huge guy. He stands about 6' and weighs well over 200 lbs., so it felt like Dustin just pulling me with my back attached to a wall. 
Everyone wanted their turn, so there were about 6 people there, just trading off with tug-of-wars. Then we started doing two people of both sides of me, which was really fun. there were 2 people pulling the ropes and 2 people pulling my arms. Then random people would come in the shop and we'd convince them to give me a pull, which you could tell they loved once they did it. It seemed like when anyone got a hold of the ropes, they just wanted to make it hurt, which I actually really enjoyed. Even all of the hot girls that worked in the other side of the store where they sell all of the adult toys and clothes and other stuff came in to have a pull. And then some kids that came in to get pierced had a few tugs at me.  
Then after about an hour of getting pulled, I was finally ready for them to take the hooks out. I had a ton of air in the piercings and it was funny to hear all of the noises it made when they squeezed all of the air out. It sounded like a bunch of little assholes all farting at once. Then they wiped up all the blood that had squirted out, cleaned me up again, and sent me packing. I'm going to be doing a pulling and suspension on my chest in the next few weeks here, so hopefully that will prove to be just as fun.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 02 Jan. 2002
in Ritual

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Artist: jesse+%26+dustin
Studio: blue+boutique
Location: Salt+Lake+City%2C+UT

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