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Leather chastity belts in Armenia

Up north in the forested country Sweden, in northern Europe, the winters is very long and harsh—especially in the northern part of the country that lies in the border between the Sub-Artic boreal forests and the Arctic tundra. But even down in Stockholm, were I live, the climate is harsh enough to give me good opportunities to study when the snow is poring down outside the window and I love to read history and geography. One of my ancestors was an explorer and adventure who explored the Ahaggar-, Aïr- (Agbine) and Tibesti Mountains in the Sahara Desert in the 50's but he also traveled thro the Middle East and Central Asia. A bite southeast of the Black Sea, in Armenia, he came to live among a band of the Caucasians that had run away from the Soviet Union during the "red terror" of dictator Stalin in the 30's. The was nomads, just like the plain Indians in North America used to be, and they lived on sheep herding in this harsh, dry and mountainous country. It was the girls who were the sheepherders and they were often away from camp for many days, sometimes together with boys to protect them from hostile mountain tribes. But the girl's virginity was also protected in a different and cruller way... Before puberty, around the age of twelve, they were force to were a chastity belt of crude rawhide leather. It was made of a girdle and a wide stripe that's goes between the legs and covered the genitals. The stripe had a lot of small holes to allow the passage of urine and the menstrual blood. In the rear, it was a hearth shaped opening for defection. This device was laid in water for a day and when sewn on the girl with wet rawhide thread. Then the whole device shrink up when it dried and fit likes a panzer around the girl. All sexual stimulation was impossible—even masturbation. But the prize for the protection of the girl's virginity was high—the inside of the belt was soon soiled down as the girl was urination and menstruating (the flood of urine had to split up on leather to came out thro the tiny holes). Rests of urine and menstrual blood dried in on the leather of the chastity belt and irritated the skin and starting smelling bad and all personal hygiene was impossible as long as the chastity belt was in place and it was NEVER removed before the girls wedding night! Even rests of faeces could soil down the belt if the girl wasn't defecting carefully. Rest products of the girl's own skin and her sweat also gave the belt a bad smell after a while. It no wonders what they in these parts say they could smell a virgin! The smell of dried in urine and menstrual blood was a proof of virginity. Virginity or not; I think that the girl's are glade that they not have to smell so today and that these leather chastity belts just is a part of history. The chastity belt was not only unhygienic—it was also painful as the girl was growing. Even if the leather expand so had the pubic bones hard to grow to a normal since. He girl's who wearied these devices had extremely small pubic bones and sometimes this part of the body became deformed. When these parts grow during puberty it sometimes became extremely painful. The girl's had to wear this device from around twelve to seventeen, and then they used to marry, without release. It was on the wedding night the husband cut of the chastity belt with his dagger—an often for the girl dangerous custom. By then, the leather chastity belt was ragged, soiled and often so wearied out that it was a wonder that it hadn't torn in paces by it self—a thing that would mean death for the girl as her father would kill her if the chastity belt wasn't intact. The husband had to lay whit a wife, on the wedding night, that had genitals that's smell bad, was soiled and often was irritated so that intercourse was painful—but she was guaranteed a virgin and that was all that mattered in this culture back when. Today, this cruel customs is just a part of the Caucasians history. The custom died out in the 60's thanks to better education in hygiene. It was the hygiene aspects that finally finished off these chastity belts. But even today some old fashioned parents fitting their daughters with chastity belts in this part—but now they are I more hygienic steel with high secreted locks so the can be removed now and then so the girl can clean her genitals. It was not just the Caucasians who used chastity belts on their girl's—also many other peoples have done it; especially in the United States among some Dutch pioneer in Pennsylvania and the Cheyenne Indians on western plains but it's another story...


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 30 Oct. 2001
in Ritual

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