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Cross Cultural Body Decoration: A Literature Review

ral Body Decoration: A Literature Review

Cross Cultural Body Decoration A Literature Review

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Preface Introduction

Ableman, Paul Beyond Nakedness Berns, Marla C. Ga`anda Scarification: A Model for Art and Identity. Bianchi, Robert S. Tattoo in Ancient Egypt. Bilmes, J. and Howard, A. Pain as a Cultural Drama Bohannan, Paul Beauty and Scarification Amongst the Tiv Bolin, A. Vandalized Vanity: Feminine Physiques Betrayed and Portrayed Brain, Robert The Decorated Body Levi-Strauss, Claude The Raw and the Cooked Mascia-Lees, Frances E. and Sharpe, Patricia The Marked and the Un[re]Marked: Tattoo and Gender McCallum, Donald Historical and Cultural Dimensions of the Tattoo in Japan Melzack, R. and Wall, P. The Challenge of Pain Mills, Rebecca The Influence of Well-made Stays of Heath and Beauty of Women Myers, James Nonmainstream Body Modification: Genital Piercing, Branding, Burning and Cutting Newberry, Frederick. A Red-Hot A and A Lusting Divine: Sources for the Scarlet Letter Polhemus, Ted Body Styles Quarcoopome E. Nii Self-Decoration and Religious Power in Dangme Culture Roberts, Allen F. Tabwa Tegumentary Inscription Rubin, Arnold. Tattoo Trends in Gujarat Sanders, Clinton R. Customizing the Body: The Art and Culture of Tattooing Sangl, Harry The Blue Privilege: The Last Tattooed Maori Women Simmons, D.R. Ta Moko: The Art of Maori Tattoo Strathern, Andrew and Marilyn. Self-Decoration in Mount Hagen Thevoz, Michel The Painted Body Teilhet-Fisk, Jehanne. The Spiritual Significance of Newar Tattoos Torgovnick, Marianna Skin and Bolts Turner, Bryan S. Recent Developments in the Theory of the Body Turner, Terence S. Cosmetics: The language of bodily adornment Turner, Victor W. Colour Classification in Ndembu Ritual Van Gennep, Arnold. The Rites of Passage Vogel, Susan Baule Scarification: The Mark of Civilization Willis, Liz Uli Painting and the Igbo World View Zahan, Dominique. Colors and Body Painting in Black Africa: The Problem of the half-man

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