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piercings as relaxation

For the past year I have wanted to do play piercings, but for one reason or another have never really had the opportunity to do it until last week. The past two months have been pretty stressful and I wanted a way to relax. My Friend Lindsey is a piercer and has done play piercings on himself and others so I trust him with a needle. After about 2 weeks of trying to find a good time to get pierced it finally happened.

The other night I was hanging out with Lindsey and a couple other friends of ours, and I just came out and asked if he wanted to pierce me and he said sure. We get back to his house and hung out for a little while, and then he starts getting things ready. Since we weren't in a studio, having things truly sterile was a bit hard, but we did make sure that everything was very clean.

Lindsey got a sheet and laid it on the floor for me to lay on, put on some drum & bass, and then got out all of his supplies, which included pre-sterilized and packaged 20ga needles he had gotten from BME Shop. After everything is set up he gets me to lie down and then marks my back. We decided to do two rows of four piercings each since it was my first time doing this. The whole time all of this is going on we had one of our other friends video tapping us, which made me more nervous than the actual piercings.

After he has my back completely marked on both sides he tells me to take a deep breath in and to let it out slowly, as im exhaling I feel the tiniest pinch. He asks me if im ok, and is surprised when I tell him that I could barely feel anything. After that first one though I could feel each one a little more intensely than the last. None of the piercings really hurt, but as he got to the last couple, you could definitely feel them.

After all eight piercings were finished Lindsey asks me if im ok, and if I want to leave tem in for a little while or take them out right then. I told him that I wanted to leave them in for a little while, and that I also wanted to warm up some since his apartment was freezing. After helping me stand up so that I didn't put any pressure on the piercings he showed me were a mirror was so that I could look at the piercings. It was one of the most incredible feelings to see metal in my back. I loved how it looked. After looking in the mirror I went and sat in front of the heater for about 10 minutes, every now and then moving my shoulders just so I could feel the needles.

Lindsey then had me lie back down so he could take out the needles. He told me that removing the needles was actually more painful than the piercings. That worried me, but at the same time it didn't. He had me go through the breathing exercises again and on my exhales he slowly pulled the needles out. If anything the removal of the needles almost tickled. It didn't hurt at all. Lindsey also put pressure on each of the piercings as he removed them to keep them from bleeding. After he had all eight needles out he put pressure on all of the wounds for a few minutes. After a few minutes of that he used Stop-Bleed to stop what little bleeding was still happening.

The whole experience took less than an hour, but it was the most relaxing hour that I have had in a long time. Most of my friends think I have completely lost my mind now, but I haven't. I just explain to them that every time I am pierced I can concentrate on the microsecond of pain and release my stress with the pain. Although these piercings never really hurt, it was enough to release stress.

I am now left with 16 small dots on my back to remind me of that night. I hope that they scar, but am expecting them not too. I have already come up with plans to do more play piercings, and possibly some surface bars in the near future. Maybe after finals week since I wont have to carry a book bag for a month or get in a swimming pool.

I guess all I have left to say is that if you are thinking about doing play piercings for any reason, it is totally worth it. If you don't have friends that pierce, start talking to piercers at shops. Just make sure that whoever does it knows what they are doing, and that you trust them to use their best judgment.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2001
in Ritual

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