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And all things sharp are my friends.

I have known for a long time now that I was a little sick in the head. I always wanted to share this with someone, but I could never find that one person who totally understood what the true meaning of body play was all about. I spent a lot of time just doing weird things to myself, untill I found play piercing and a place to buy needles. Both of these things I found on BME. Thank you BME... Anyway, I was haning out the other night just waiting for some friendss to show up for a little get together. It was supposed to be a relaxed evening of alcohol and music. Never in a million years did i expect it to turn out the way it did. My roomate and his girlfriend showed up at around 7pm and we made the decision to drink a bit of the captain morgan that was purchased the night before. Being the studius little guy that he is, kevin, my roomate and best friend since I was five, decided to get some work done. He went to his room and left me with his girlfriend Lisa to drink and talk. Somehow, everytime Lisa and I are talking we always end up on the subjec of body modification and or pain of some sort. Tonight was no exception.
A few drinks later I was craving a bit of blood. Often when I drink alcohol I get the urge to tap a vein and drink a little blood. Untill tonight this was a very private experience. I ususlly stumble into my room and get my things ready. A bit of rubbing alcohol, a few gauze, some betadine, a sterile 19ga hypodermic needle purchased from BME and a wine glass. (dramatic effect). This time was different. I really wanted to show Lisa because I think that she would get a thrill out of it and I know that she understands the reasons why I do these things. The show begins: Because I'm right handed the left arm is the victim as always. I swab a few times with the alcohol in order to romove oil and dirt. letting it air dry for a few minutes gives me time to do reality check. I love this part. I sit and think to myself, " dude, you are gonna stick that needle in your arm and drain the very fluid that keeps you alive. even more intense is the fact that you're going to dr ink it when you're done."
By now the alcohol is dry and It's time for betadine... you can never be too carefull when it comes to inserting sharp objects into your bloodstream. I let the betadie dry for a few minutes and then wipe off the excess because it just looks gross. And now the moment we've all been waiting for. I remove the needle from it's sterile package making sure not to touch anything but the hub. By now I've selected a particularly small vein that runs straight down the middle of my forearm. Luckily for me I have very prominant veins. (thanks mom and dad for the genes) :)
Flexing my arm a few times causes the little blue blood super highway to swell. You have to understand at this point that it doesn't matter where I am or what's going on around me. I can't hear or see anything except my arm, the vein and the needle. Slowly the needle slips under the skin. the bevel is totaly submerged in flesh. usually at this time little droplettes of dark red blood come flowing from the hub of the needle. Looking more closly I realize that somehow I just missed the little sucker. Well not totally. the skin near the vein begins to swell which means that I cut the little bastard but it wasn't a direct hit.... that's gonna leave a mark. Can we say hematoma??? I thought you could. Applying pressure and removing the needle will help to minimize the bruising. I hope.
At this point I decide that the blood letting should be put off for another day. But that doesn't mean that I still can't have some fun. I grab a few more needles to show Lisa the play that she's heard all about. I slowly insert one needle into my arm and have it exit again about a centimeter away. The second needle goes a bit farther and feels so much better. I can tell that lisa has an intrest in the experience. So of course like a gentleman i ask if she'd like to have a go. "yea" she replied with a very excited sound in her voice. I grab another needle and of course a pair of gloves. Safety first children. I clean her arm as I did for myself. Then pinching a bit of flech with my thumb and index finger pierced through, into her arm. I used the needle to burrow under her skin kinda deep to minimize pain for her first play piercing, finally exiting her flesh about an inch away from the entrance. This i could tell, was somthing that she liked. sheplayed with th e needle for a little while before removing it herself. Nothing but smiles from lisa. :):):):):):) I could tell now that she had an adreniline high. Smiling and all euphoric she got up and walked around the house for a little while. I cleaned up all my stuff and sat down for another drink. Soon enough Lisa was back and asking where she could get some needles for herself. At this point we went to BME and and ordered a few hundred more needles. I expect that we'll be doing this again soon.
Sounds like fun. don't you think?


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 23 Nov. 2001
in Ritual

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