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Pleasure in Play

 Shortly after my first piercings I began to understand what people meant by " The Addiction".  As one piercing turned into another and soon another it became clear to me that this was what life was all about. The persuit of the ultimate pleasure.  Piercings in general have always givin me a rush.  Adrenaline coursing through my body like a wave of pure intensity. This eventually became a problem.  I have a real job.  A snobby, preppy and at times downright anal job.  But it pays the bills.  You see where my problem is?  I want to be pierced but I can't where jewelry.  But where there is a problem there most certainly is a solution.   
 As part of my body modification obsession, I also have an apprenticeship at a local tattoo/piercing shop. One night while serving my time as "The Piercing Bitch", Sam, the piercing tech, asked me to sit in the piering chair and hold out my arm.  One thing you have to understand about Sam is that when he gets an idea in his head it usually involves making me bleed.  The night was slow and showed no signs of getting better, so I knew he had somthing interesting in mind and that he'd been thinking about it for a while.  Little did i know that he'd been planning this for a while.   
 Sitting there with my right arm extended out on a stainless steel medical tray stand, he began to prepare.  Gauze, alcohol, betadine, more gauze, sugical bandages, tape, gloves and an assortment of small hypodermic needles(23-19 ga).  At this point I became aware of what was going on.  I'd seen play piercing on a few videos as well as on BME.  I had long thought about it but never really had the urge to try it.   
 Oh why did I wait so long? 
 I won't bore you with the details of skin preparation as I'm sure you know the deal.  Sam asked if I was ready (trust me I'm always ready). He pushed the small 23 gague needle into my forearm and burrowed just below the surface about an inch before exiting again.  I'll admit that the first one caught me off guard.  I didn't know what to expect.  It hurt a bit, but trust me, it hurt in a good way.  The next five needles went in and out, over and under each other, adding pressure to an already tense area.  As each needle entered my body i got a rush of adreniline.  Holding my breath seemed to help.  I know everytime we pierce a client we tell them to keep breathing so that they don't pass out but it also gives them somthing to focus on.  I had no desire to focus on breathing.  I wanted t feel everything from the initial pinch as the needle entered my flesh, to the burrowing of the needle under my skin and finally the cut as it made its way out of my skin. It may be my mor bid sense of pleasure speaking but twisting my arm made the needles rub against each other and pinch just a little.:)  I found that if I focus real hard on each individual needle I could feel each one as it moved under my skin. I played with the needles for a while as Sam looked on.  Moving them from side to side, in and out rotating and twisting them in every direction.  Each one seemed to have it's own impact on my body.  Some were shallow and were more sensative while others were deeper and were just so fun to pull straight up on.   It's a good thing... 
 I marveled at the small design we created in my arm with the hypodermics needles. The pressure of the flesh being pulled upward was especially cool.   
 After making my rounds at the shop, showing anyone who would look, we removed the needles and cleaned up what little blood was present. My arm was bandaged like a fresh tattoo and I got back to work.   I was most definatly impressed, pleased and awfully energetic after the experience.  Once the high was gone I crashed like a...  (touchy subject as of late).  
 I've gotten more and more into play piercing since this first experience.  I've done some more complex designs as well as experimenting with different depths.  The shallower ones are definatly more painfull/pleasurable depending on your definition.  I've also found myself to be in a new search for somthing even more fun which seems to be leading me to some more extreme piercing directions.  I've begun to explore blood play and I'm beginning to show an intrest in suspension.  All that set aside I can see myself doing some bigger designs on my back soon.  This is a side of myself I thought I'd never see.  It seems now that it's this side that is going to run the rest of my life.  Definatly "Pleasure In Play"



submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Nov. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: SAM
Studio: shhhh+++it%27s+a+secret
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