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My frist flesh pull

I didn't plan on pulling that day. It had just kind of happen; well some of it was planed. I was at the Labor Day social in Maryland. Two others had just finished their back pull. A friend of mine that was there with me wanted to pull. He asked me if I would pull with him. I desire to pull. I did, and still do, want to suspend. My friend told me try to pull first, it will help with my decide on suspension. So I said, "Yes I'll pull with you." 

He got sick later on that day. He didn't think he would enjoy it as much the way he felt. Yes he backed out on me, but that was all right. We were going to do a back pull. Someone there wanted to do a chest pull, but she had no one too pull with. After, not too much thought at all, I said, " I'll pull with you instead." 

After a little wile it was time. The first thing we had to do was get the hooks inserted. I went to the back room, where all the mods were taking place. I had watched other people get "hooked", sewn, and other things that day. I knew that every thing was sterol. I took off my shirt and handed it to one of my friends. Asked some one there, who had a camera, if they would take pictures of every thing for me. They said they would. I stood in the middle of the room, while the two doing the hook insertion, prepared me. They found a good area to put the hooks in. Then they cleaned the area that was to be "hooked". Using some odd tool one of them measured the hooks out. Then transferred that measurement onto my chest. He did the same for the second one, and placed so there would be even pull across my chest.   

Now with every thing cleaned, and the marks placed, it was time to lay down on the table. They were going to do both at once, but their hands would have been in the way of each other. So the hooks were done one at a time. A quick massage of the area to get the tension out, once plenty of flesh could be pulled up, every thing a go. He told me,"Take a deep breath, and on the count of three exhale." 

    At that point I had a lot of questions in my head. What is this going to feel like? Will it hurt? What if twitch? To late for that now.  Inhale one, two, and three. I exhaled as the needle went into my chest. Only there for a second, then the hook followed. That was it, no pain of any kind. "Are you ok?" he asked me. "Do you need a rest, or do you want to do the other one?" I told he, "I'm doing great. Lets do the other one." Same as the last one, every thing was ready. Inhale one, two, and three. In it went as easy as the first one did. 

    "Hell yes!" I said as he finished. I sat up on the table, to make sure I was ok. I didn't feel dizzy, and there was no discomforted. Then I left the room to wait for my pull partner too get her hooks put in.  

    Some time had passed. Her hooks were in, and she had to get use too them being there. Both of us were ready, so it was time for the pull. We stood there as the ropes were attached to our hooks. We stepped backward till all the tension was out of the ropes. With some one behind both of us, to keep us from falling. On three we leaned back.  

    All there was, was a slight burning at first. It lasted only a second. Then back a little more, and more. The feeling I got from the pull was intense. A feeling that is hard to explain. It was like a feeling of total pleasure. It brought with it a state of understanding, almost as if it were some type of closure. All I knew is that is was something I didn't want too loose.  

    At some point I lost touch with every thing going on around me. The only thing I knew was me, and the person I was pulling with. Every now and then I would hear," Are you all right? Do you want to keep going?" I would tell them yes as the pull continued. The next thing I remember some one saying was, "Oh my god, he is stretched out like four inches."  

    The pull had gone on until I lost my balance. I moved forward to keep from falling back. Oh course that had stopped everything. As long as it took to prepare, it was over that quick. Not saying the pull was short. It went on for a good wile. Others were waiting to pull, and we had plans for a three-way pull later on. So we took off the ropes, and had a rest. 

    The pull had put me over, I want to suspend. I have not yet. Any one, who has been thinking about suspension, or flesh pulling, I recommend trying it. That might have been the first time I pulled, but it was not the last.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 07 Nov. 2001
in Ritual

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