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Play piercing, what could be more fun?

I've wanted to play pierce for quite a while. I had tried off and on with stuff like safety pins and sewing needles, but found they were way too dull to get a good grip on and ram through. So, one day my friend found a really old bee sting kit at her house. We shot the adrenaline out of the syringe and needle and flushed peroxide through it (I did not want to have any adrenaline left in the needle!). We sat in a park and I prepared to pierce a few parts of my hand, to "warm up", but a family came and I realized it looked very bad. So I capped it, put it in my pocket and went back to my car. I prepped my skin with alcohol wipes and pierced between my knuckles, with my friend "clamping" my skin for me. The needle was 29ga and 1/2" long. Neat. I pulled it out and it bled a few drops. I then pierced my handweb and the surface of my finger, under a scar, which actually hurt a bit, and bled. I wiped the blood off onto my sweater, bent the needle into an unrecognizable form and we threw it out. That was my first time using a beveled needle. I was hooked. I wanted to play pierce! I hate ordering off the internet and figured my parents would think oddly of a box of needles arriving in the mail (I didn't want to take that chance) so I discovered that pharmacies will sell you needles! I got a friend to buy me 10 29ga 1/2" insulin needles, with syringes. They didn't detatch, which sucks, but it looks rather neat and adds weight if you leave it in for a while. I pierced through my handweb, left it, then did my knuckles, and my wrist a few times. It was great. I pulled on the needles, bringing the skin away from my body, and spun them around. I pierced under them, and over them. I used the needle more than once. I admit to not paying as much attention to sterility as I should of. However, it was just me using the needles, even though I had friends watching, and we carefully disposed of them after destroying the needle part of the syringe. I pulled each out one by one. I had to back them out, which made them bleed a bit more and stung a bit. If I broke the needle off, it usually tore and hurt. It was great. I let the blood drip out and scab over. Then I went to my legs and pierced my thighs and calves. Some parts bruised. Four large bruises on my thigh, awesome. A few bruises on my arm, I guessed from not going deep enough. I was careful to not hit any veins. I was a bit scared, even though bleeding amuses me. However, I don't want to be piercing alone at home, and bleeding severely. I tried to get bigger needles, without the syringes. One place was selling 29ga 1/2" long, without syringes, but were overpriced. So I got a pack of 28ga 1/2" long. I pierced my handweb in my scar just to see if there was a difference. Not a noticable one, but it did hurt due to me piercing my handweb constantly, and it being sore and bruised. Play piercing alone is fun. I want to try bigger gauges and I want someone to play pierce me. The friend I usually do it around has "this thing with textures" and said it would gross her out to pierce me, but she doesn't mind holding my skin or watching me do it. The skin heals up in days with no noticable scarring and occasional bruising when I haven't pierced very deep, or went too deep. Its funny how some parts of your body hurt very little and others hurt like hell. Even in almost the same spot, there can be a huge pain difference. I noticed that a lot in my legs. I buy my needles already sterilized and destroy them immediately I'm done with them. The needles are small and easy to bend. I wreck the bevel, cut them off the syringe and smash all of it to tiny pieces. Play piercing is a lot of fun and a good release of pent up energy. I like to find small sewing needles or safety pins, lube them, put them in the bevel and follow them through when I take the needle out. When removed, you bleed more and its pretty neat to do. So, its all fun. And if you purchase needles the same way I do (its about $3.00 for 10 28ga 1/2" ones with syringes) make sure not to constantly go back to the same place! They may think you're a heroin addict. :)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 15 Oct. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: Myself
Studio: Various
Location: Canada

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