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2" Bed of nails extreme!

It all started when I decided to go to the BME BBQ last Sunday (September 2nd.) I always like these types of events. You get to hang out with friends, meet new friends, and see people that you met off the Internet. Of course it's always great to see suspensions, pulls and other like body play work. I got at the BBQ around 4:30 or so with my friend Kent. We drank a few beers and hung out with some friends. I eventually found my self getting my pictures taken naked by Phil in Shannon's basement. Eventually I progressed to cooking some vegan kabobs on the grill while watching CT and his I believe girlfriend rip their backs up doing a crazy pull. The day progressed even more. A bunch of suspensions took place, including an incredible inverted back suspension, and Monstar jumping from the tower. Of course, how I can't forget Shannon and Marty's forehead pull. Talk about blood! All of this was amazing to my eyes; I love to see rituals like this. Later on in the night, people started to leave because the cops said people had to leave by 12 or so. While trying to round up my friends, and trying to find a place to sleep that night, Blair brought down the 2-inch bed of nails. Instantly I wanted to lay on them. I originally I wanted to do a pulling or suspension that day, but due to lack of time, they weren't able to fill me in somewhere. As someone was laying down, I asked Blair if I would be able to lay on the bed of nails after a few people, he said "sure." I was incredibly happy about this. The first person that went on the spikes had someone step on him on his stomach to increase the pressure. Then after a while, he asked for someone else to be added. So my friend Ben from Oshawa attempted to stand on his chest, but because of too much weight, he had to get off. He asked for another person that was a less heavy to stand, but some rather drunk girl practically jumped on him, and quickly she got off. That was enough for him. The next few people laid on the nails for no more then a minute, then got up. Then my buddy Ben came along, and laid on the nails. He was on there I would say a good 20 minutes. It was great to know a friend of mine would be sharing this wonderful experience with me. He wound up cracking some jokes, and he was so happy. As time passed, he eventually got up. After one other person laying down on the bed, it was my time. As I was getting ready, I removed my shirt, and yelled for my friend Ben to stay there, as he was getting a picture of his back after the bed of nails he laid on. I had 2 people gently lower me down as I sat down on the nails. Slowly, but surely, I had my whole back on the nails. It hurt for almost a split second (though I loved it) then I started to feel the great feel of the bed of nails. It started to run through my blood, and the image of people around me started to get a little blurry, but I could hear everyone perfectly. After about 5 minutes, I ask for Ben, because I trust him to do so, to gently put some weight on my chest/stomach area. I loved the sensation, so after a few more minutes, I asked for half of his body weight to be added. The sensation, and the pain were getting incredable. I loved it. The feeling was like no other. Then I got enough courage to ask for all of his body weight to be added. So they slowly lifted him up on top of me, and all of his weight was on me. As I was concentrating on my breathing, my senses was increasing, I was able to hear the quietest bird, and able to feel anything around me. I slowly put my arms out to get a feel of how that would feel; it put more of a rush down my fingers. After about 5 minutes, I asked for Ben to be let down. I started to do some other things. I asked for my legs to be lifted up from the ground, and to release while I was holding them up. It was very hard to keep them up, so I let them down after 10 seconds. It seemed the next person to lay on the bed of nails wanted to go soon, so I asked to be lifted up. I think the most unpleasant part would be getting lifted up; cause it seemed that the nails wanted to be stuck on my skin, but it wasn't all the unpleasant. The feeling was still through my veins and it was incredible, I didn't want it to leave my body. I loved the feeling of the nails, even after I got up. As soon as I got up, I got some people to take pictures of my back. I then hugged Ben for standing on me. The night ended, and I was fulfilled with what had happened that night. I would like to thank Blair for making that beautiful bed of nails; I was cured for aiding in the bed of nails, and Shannon for making all this possible.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Sept. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: Blair
Studio: I+was+cured
Location: Toronto%2C+Ontario+at+Shannon%27s+backyard

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