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Incredible Suicide Suspension: First Time

The act of a Human suspension has fascinated me since the very first time I heard of it's existence. From the very first time I heard of Fakir, I knew this was something that I had to do. I did not however think that I would receive my chance to do it so soon. I'm glad I was wrong. I have received all of my Body modifications up till this point from Neil of Marc's Tattooing in the Sinawa Plaza on Route 6 in Dickson City PA. I received my first Mod through Neil and trust Neil, as I do no other when it comes to piercing and modification. Through Neil I inquired as to where I might be able to perform the ritualistic act of Human suspension. He informed me of Whacks, suggesting them highly. If Neil trusted them, then I would trust them as I do Neil.

Whacks is a team consisting of Shane of Norristown Tattoo Co. (348 W. Main St. Norristown PA) Bob (owner of Philladelphia's own Mantis Acrylic) and Mark Pantelone (Owner of Brooklawn NJ's Inner Soul Body Piercing) who could not be with us that day. They tour the convention circuits performing play-piercing shows. Through Neil and Marc, an exemplary tattoo artist and owner of Marc's Tattooing, I was introduced to them at Ink in the Valley 2001 a yearly tattoo convention held the last weekend of August sponsored by Marc Fairchild and Frank Cossa. After a lot of discussion with the Whacks they agreed to suspend me that night. It was fortunate that they had all of the equipment with them, as they were to perform the following night at the convention themselves, and carried with them spare hooks. They however argued that my suspension should be done in private so as to relieve as much stress on me as possible. There reason being that if I should decide to back out at any moment, I would be able to do so without losing face. I agreed being both elated at the opportunity to suspend at all and scared to death with what I was about to go through with. I now thank them for having made that decision. OK. Enough talk here's the experience. After autoclaving the hooks and needles for about an hour they told me to meet them in one of the rooms of the hotel where the convention was held at 8:20PM. It was 8:00PM at the time. All right, that gave me Twenty minutes to ponder my fate, and my Girlfriend and Best friend had not yet arrived. I had told them to come an hour prior as I knew I would be suspending. Was I nervous? To say the least. I was about five minutes from going up to the hotel room, when they finally arrived. Not that it helped much at the time, but I knew that afterwards the memory would be that much grander with them having been there. As I entered the hotel room with a small entourage of would be onlookers; I saw them there. Eight beautiful shiny stainless steel 10g hooks lay in a uniformed line. Two opposite sides four strong each faced each other. These were to be my only support. Reality had been creeping up on me for some time now, but only at this moment did it announce its presence. All spectators claimed their viewing positions as Shane and Bob adjusted their black latex gloves and asked me if I was ready for the insertions. With a gasp I said yes. Shane positioned my shoulders very straight and told me to relax, easier said than done. Then drawing a straight line across my back 3 ½" below my nape being sure to go below the existing surface piercings already in place along my spine, he decided the position and length for each hook. I adamantly made sure that pictures were taken of the entire procedure. They will hopefully be posted on this site. I then took my position on my stomach with my head towards Shane and Bob. Shane took the sterile needle, while Bob was grabbing a tight grip on my flesh. Shane placed the tip of the needle on the first insertion point. Instructing me to breath in "1,2,3" exhale. A distinct but beautiful pain emanating a great sense of heat around one singular point, not unlike my other surface piercings had done was to follow. Pop, swiftly the needle was through. The hook itself followed shortly after, and the needle immediately found its way into the sharp's container. Bob released the grip on my skin allowing it to settle around the hook comfortably, and used sterile gauze to soak a small amount of trickling blood. The first was behind me, and there were many to follow. My perception of time was highly obstructed, but I do believe it took three minutes average for each one. The most powerful feeling of which were the two most interior hooks lining my spine. Their professionalism and skill was immeasurable. With the completion of the piercing, I insisted quickly on making my way to a mirror. There they were exquisite beyond the shear beauty of metal and flesh combined, but most importantly divine in how much they frightened me. I will make no false claims and say I was not afraid. I was terrified. What had I gotten myself into? And what was driving me to continue despite my petrified state. The Whacks saw my fear, and wisely suggested that I try to relax for a few minutes. I asked them, if it was OK to have a cigarette. They suggested that if it would do the trick, then I should. So I did. My Best friend Greg continued to reassure me, calling me "one crazy mother fucker". I sarcastically thanked him for his reassurance. He replied "Hey, I'm always here for ya man" just as sarcastically. My girlfriend Izabella simply said, "What am I going to do with you?" I had no response. Their jocularity however did help slightly in relaxing me. After I had completed my smoke, Shane and Bob asked me if I was ready. It was almost 9:00PM My response, "No, but I probably never will be, so lets do it anyway." With a reassuring nod they led the way. We went down the elevator through the Hotel lobby; whispers of the convention attendees' curiosity bestowed in me a sense of pride helping me onward. I felt like a man walking his last mile, both terrified and enthused to meet God. We made our way into the banquet hall where the rig was constructed. As I lay my eyes upon it that rig became a leviathan for which every particle in my body and mind had banded together to defeat. Though this did not abate my fears, it did solidify my will. I would make it up. If even for only five seconds, I would achieve. There were no two ways about it. I glared upon it for a few moments taking slow deep breaths through my nose and out my mouth as per instructions. Pondering there the totality of my commitment. I was ready, no matter what preconditioned fears dictated otherwise. I backed up towards the rig to where I was told. After a few quick re-sterilizing sprays on the clamps, lifted them until they were inline with the rings on my hooks. Methodically they attached each hook to its respective clamp. After double-checking the alignment they were ready. They gave me instructions to lift to the tips of my toes as I felt the pressure until I could go no further. There was no limit to the increasing fear that rushed through me in swelling waves. They awaited my nod of approval, then began to slowly pull the chain that was to lift me. As I felt the pressure increase in my back with each click of the chain, I continued to rise onto my toes. They assured me that this was the most petrifying moment. When I reached to the tips of my toes as far as I could go, they informed me that the hoist could not go any further as the ceiling was not high enough. Shane then took both my hands as Bob took both my feet. They instructed me to bend my knees. Shane and Bob both supported me as I did this. It was at this point that my terror reached its climax. Shane released my hands, and Bob told me that he was letting go of my feet slowly. The pressure was immense and the pain exquisite. Bob told me the instant that I was on my own. It was at this point that I realized I was not about to meet God, but rather for the time being I was God. No fear presided over me. Only the shear joy of pride, accomplishment and self-determination filled my heart. Never before in a single instant had I felt so undeniably wonderful. Did it hurt? Of course it did. It hurt incredibly, but none of that mattered. Pain was no longer pain. It was a defeated foe that I had blissfully risen above. Within the same instant I realized that there was no fear I could not overcome. Would I still fear? Of course I would, but that would not matter. For now I could master fear, it could not master me. Every moment after was a gleeful recycling of this feeling. And my happiness was outwardly expressed in the truest grin of my life. The experience was so emotionally and mentally changing that I noticed that the pain I felt was actually quite enjoyable now. It had become my toy. "How do you feel?" someone asked. "Unfucking believable" could be my only reply. Shane and Bob must have known I was in ecstasy, as Shane invited me to swing. I gladly accepted. After a few gentle pushes I started to pump legs like a cheerful child on a swing. Shortly after which he invited me to spin. I was up for anything as I was in the middle of the most incredible time of my life. He instructed me to close my eyes and then began to spin me around until the momentum was built up and I just kept going. Opening my eyes from time to time I watched the spinning world around me, a new domain which could not subside me in fear. It would have to conquer me out right. For I would not submit. And to cap it off I got the first picture of me and Izabella together as she kissed me in mid suspension. I was not on the top of the world. I was the top of the world as I hovered above it through conquering all the notions of the impossible it had bestow in me. They finally brought me down after they said I looked peaked. Though I did not feel anything but incredible I would trust the word of the professionals. When all was done and I was unhooked and cleaned up, they gave me the hooks. I gave one to Marc and one to Izabella, and I will be giving one to Neil. It's been a few days now since the experience and all I can think about is getting back up there. Now I want to try all of the different types of suspensions. The feeling has still not left me, and I feel like I could wrestle King-Kong. I only hope it's the same for everyone who dares to try it.


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 16 Sept. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: Whacks
Studio: Ink+in+the+Valley+2001
Location: Ramada+Inn+Wilkes+Barre+Pa+in+the+Square

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