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O-Kee-Pa Suspension

Yesterday I did an O-Kee-Pa suspension at the private pulling/suspension gathering with IWasCured. I got there at around 3:30-4:00 and I just kinda sat with my friends and didn't really interact with anyone. Brett went up to do his Superman and I just sat back watching, knowing what it felt. He called me over and we just started talking about things, and I asked him if he wanted to lift me, he agreed and we figured a way for my to hold on to him. I put both my arms around his neck and he held onto me under my arms and around my back. They slowly lisft3d us together, I closed my eyes and had a really good moment with him. We've shared so much spiritually, and this added on to that. I slowly came down and thanked him for the great experience. As the night went on, my thoughts started to change for what I wanted to do. I originally was going to do a pulling with Matt, then a suicide suspension, but as time went on I wanted to do an O-Kee-Pa more and more. So I talked to Phil and we set everything up. I got Blair and Martini to pierce me at the same time on either side. It was such a different feeling getting pierced at the same time twice. I just closed my eyes and meditated and didn't really even feel it. I thought that I wouldn't be able to do a pulling with Matt, which was kinda disappointing, but as it turned out we used the hooks in my chest, and the hooks in his back to pull with each other. I used it as a kinda worming up for the even more pain that I was going to be experiencing. We pulled together for 20 some odd minutes. Matt and I took a bit of a break and he looked back at me and said, "you wanna go up, don't you?" I said yes, and thanked him for the great experience, which I feel brought us closer. It was time for me to go up. There was so much going through my head at this point, about life, and I knew that going up would clear it all, as well as all the other stuff that I've bottled up over the past month or so. Jon hooked me up to the rig, and I was ready, I tested it out a couple times and just pulled down a bit, and got them to pull up a bit, then I was ready. Brandon stood with me and held my hand. I closed my eyes and went into this trance like state, and told them to pull me up. I would feel my skin being pulled really far from my body, then I felt my feet clear. Brandon let go, and I was in my own world. I was so happy, and everything was so clear in my head. Breathing was hard, but I managed for however long I was up there for. I remember my breathing getting harder, so that how I knew it was time to come down. It was so hard for me to talk and tell them to get me down, and it took so much energy. Once I was down my eyes were kept shut, all I remember is someone getting me a chair to sit on, and Matt giving me some juice. While I was sitting there so much went on around me, I don't remember exactly what went on, but after a while I opened my eyes, and got up. Blair and Phil were both saying how the bottom holes tore a lot and they could suture it, but I wanted the scar to remember it. I got up with sweat all over my body, I went to go sit down over to the side and didn't say a word, I wanted to get away from everyone that was around me, I felt very small and secluded for some reason. I sat through that little bit of anxiety and laid down to get the air massaged out of me. as it turns out there wasn't anything in there, which was weird because of how my skin stretched. I got up, felt great, and cleared my head of all problems, and opened myself up to another level of consciousness. The form says that i am 55 words away from being at 800, so i guess i can say a couple more things. i would like to thank IWasCured for everything that they have done with suspensions, and making everything possible for me to do. i'd also like to thank Shannon for offering me so much informtaion about body modification to help me on my way to finding myself. i'd also like to thank my friends for being there every step of the way!


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Sept. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: IWasCured
Studio: Shannons+House
Location: Toronto

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