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Pulling for the first time.

Whoa, where to begin. Two days before the September 2nd BME BBQ my friend Chris and I talked about how cool it would be to try pulling. So I messaged The Great Orbax, and asked him about it, he told me to message Phil, and talk to him, and that he'd also talk to him for me as well. And so it started. After Chris and I arrived at the BBQ, We hung out at the suspension rig to watch them set up. I was also looking for Phil, as he said find him at the BBQ so we could talk about it. After we watched them for a couple of minutes, someone said hey Phil or something like that, Byjango!, I found him J so I waited for him to not be as busy, and I approached him. I introduced myself, and asked him if we could do it. He said that we probably could, just find him later. At first the only worry I had about the whole thing, was what would happen to our back tattoos'. He asked to see them, and said that it wouldn't be a problem to avoid them. So we agreed to do it. After that conversation, we went off to find some people to chat it up with for a bit. I got my BME shirt. Found some of the people I talk to on IAM, and then a group of us went to McDonalds for something to eat. We came back, and Orbax came up to us, and asked if we were ready to go. I just looked at Chris, and well, I started to get nervous. It was gonna happen!! YAY! Man, you can want to do something, but when it comes down to crunch time, whoa, and your nerves kick in, that makes it hard. But I sucked in my balls, and we went to the house to get set up. We had to wait for a couple of mins, before we could go in the living room to get the hooks placed in our backs. Standing there in the kitchen with Shannon, Mil0 was just cool. I look at most of these people as celebrities. And wow, I felt really good to know that they knew I existed! YAY! I managed to work up the nerve to thank Shannon for the opportunity to this. I had to say something to him. I'd of kicked my ass if I didn't. I just wish I would have been able to say something a little more intelligent to him. In we went We met aesthete and someone else, I'm sorry, But I can't remember her name. But she was really really kewl. As was Aesthete. Chris went first. After he had the first hook in his back, I said "hmm.. Ok, I'm gonna chicken out now, see ya later" (I was joking, I just wanted to see what he would have said. He didn't like it to much, but oh well. Its all good. To be honest with you all. I'll admit that I HATE GETTING PIERCED. Well, not the whole process, but I just get really really nervous. I love the end product, and how the needle feels after it exits the skin. But the few moments leading up to it, scare the hell out of me. I'm really glad I had a choice on how it was going to be done. So I took my two breaths, and Boom, the first one was in. the same for the second one. This was just getting intense. While I was getting this done, I had the chance to talk to Mil0 for a couple of mins. Which was awesome. We left. As we walked over to get tied up, as we were getting tied up, I felt so nervous, just like I do when I get pierced. All I could think about was this intense amount of pain that I'll be feeling in a few seconds. We walked away from each other. And it began. I got this really bad burning feeling bubt it was bearable. And we actually started the pulling. Oh My God. After the pain went away it was awesome, I couldn't believe that it really didn't hurt all that much. It was just this really intense feeling. Indescribable Unfortunately tho, All of a sudden Chris's weight shifted, and it felt like all of the pressure was on my right side. So I asked for it to be corrected, but in that few seconds, it felt that my skin was going to rip (I was told that it wouldn't have) but just that feeling scared the hell out of me, and I had to stop it. The next time, whoa, I so can't wait for the opportunity to get to do this again. It was so incredible. Thank you everyone who was involved for helping to make this such a wonderful experience. I love you all Jason VanDerveer (iam name:jasonvandervee)


submitted by: Anonymous
on: 04 Sept. 2001
in Ritual

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