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2" extreme nail bed at the bbq

Well for starters we showed up at the bbq late and missed a few suspensions

and the forehead pull, but that didn't stop us from having a good time. At the very end when everyone was asked to leave iwascured had brought down the 2" extreme nail bed, which Blair made. I saw someone do it first and was instantly interested. I asked Blair if I could try it next. To my heart's content he said yes. I had to wait for a couple more people to go before I got my turn but that's alright. The guy who went first had a girl stand on his stomache (balanced by two team members). He wanted a second and since I was light two tem members eased me onto his chest. This proved too much for him so I was quickly swept off his chest and on to the ground. Some drunk girl was supposed to go up on him next where I was. She jumped onto his chest not knowing any better. Unfortunately it was too much for the guy and he had to get up. I took my shirt off, I was the first to do it topless that night and am glad I didn't wear a shirt. I'm glad iwascured was there to help me ease into it. Someone helped me get comfortable sitting on the bed before I descended onto it. I had imagined it would hurt a lot on my ass when I sat down but surprisingly it felt like sitting on rocky ground. Philip Barbosa and someone else on the team who I didn't catch their name helped set me down onto the bed. Phil was on my left and the other guy was on my right, they each held one of my arms and lowered me on to the bed. I asked for something under my head and Phil had a towel under my head before I could ask again. For the first few minutes I adjusted a bit and let the nails sink into my back. It didn't feel like nails, but more like applied pressure on my whole back for the first bit, after a while though I could feel the individual points sinking into me. My head got uncomfortable so Phil moved the pillow and that allowed me to concentrate more on breathing techniques. I started with my hands on my stomach but then began to stretch them out and upwards moving them around and testing the difference in weight displacement with their different positions. I found that when I lifted my legs it took all the pressure off my back and back onto my ass even though I wasn't lifted form the bed. I didn't like that so I let my legs fall to the ground so I could fell my back digging into the nails. I was getting a total rush as a surge of energy started to flow through my body; it was warm and comforting like I should be doing this everyday. After a while I was comfortable to crack jokes and talk casually. I felt like I was floating and I really had no concept of time, at first it seemed like I was on there for hours and around the end it felt like I was only there for seconds. The mighty iwascured tower loomed over me casting its beacon of light down. It made everyone's faces who looked down really dark, Blair's lip disk showed up really brightly and his facial tattoos as well. When I was ready to come up, Phil and the other fellow from before hoisted me up very quickly. I walked into Shannon's kitchen for a picture of my back and Shannon told me to look in the mirror, I went into the washroom and saw my back. Little red dots and sunken in spots all spaced out 2 inches from each other. I still had my rush as I walked around, the endorphins still running through me and a warm glow all through my body. My friend Vegan Jonny was to go next. He had me put my foot on him and have some weight on his stomache. With a team member under my arm and another bracing me from across Jonny I gradually let all of the weight of my leg bear down on him. Jonny mustered up the courage to have me standing on his chest. I straddled Jonny and grabbed the shoulders of two team members. I hoisted myself into the air and touched my feet to his chest. I gradually let all my weight come down on his chest. Although I never let go of the team members for balance reasons, I had all my weight on him. I still had my rush flowing through me and it was really intense to be standing on him looking down. We planned to have me lift my legs up and a third member would catch them and they would all swing me down to the ground. When Jonny had enough, the operation went through without any mishaps. Jonny had three big brown combat boot prints on his once white wifebeater.


submitted by: 138
on: 04 Sept. 2001
in Ritual

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Artist: iwascured
Studio: shannon%27s+backyard
Location: toronto

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